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Diary Pick of the Day, AGAIN???

April 23rd 2009 6:42 am
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Wow, I'm so 'cited I can barely type!!! Momma just turned on the 'puter and there I was, me and my furry face on Diary Central!!
Thanks, Dogster and thanks to all my pup pals for making Dogster the nicest, bestest, funnest place to be. I wuf you guys!!


WOO-HOO!!! 1,001 views of my page!!!

April 24th 2009 11:12 am
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Dis unbelievable! I think dis calls for a Dentastik!... Momma?? I can has Dentastik??? Wuv dem...


Counting my Blessings - a haiku

April 26th 2009 7:07 pm
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I've got a great life;
walks, treats, snacks, food, cheese, toys, friends.
Best of all there's love.


What a busy day!!

April 27th 2009 6:36 pm
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Momma, Dadda and I took a road trip to Toronto today. Momma had a 'ppointment, so Dadda and I had a couple of hours to do guy stuff in the big city. We walked and people-watched and walked some more. There was SOOOO much to sniff, it was 'MAZING!!
A mean doggie barked at me and a bery confused lady asked Dadda if I'm a Wheaton Terrier!! BOL BOL!!!! We laffed and laffed 'bout that!! Do I look like a Wheaton Terrier to you?? No, I dint think so.
Then we came home and, though I was planning a quiet evening with my bones, Momma and Dadda had other plans. It starts with a B and it ends in ATH. Yes, you read that right - a bath. I hated every minute of it, 'cept for the treats, but I do feel much better. Momma said I was carrying the streets of Toronto in my fur. Can you say D-I-R-T-Y???


School again!

April 29th 2009 7:08 am
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Last night was my first night of grade 3 at the 'McCann School of being a Bery Good Doggie'. Yup, it says that on the sign outside. There was a lotta review from grade 2, but there was also new stuff and I did so well that the instructors came over to me and Dadda and said, " You and Zaidie should just go home. It's clear that he is the BESTEST DOG EBER and there's nothing more we can teach him!!" So home we went! BOL! BOL! BOL! I kidding!
Momma came wif us and watched from the sidelines. 'pparently, there's good entertainment value at that place. She's got too much 'xiety to handle me in class. We're tried last year. Not good.
Anyway, I'm the smallest clown...ooops...doggie in class. There's a Whippet, a coupla Labs, a coupla Border Collies, a bery big Neopolitan Mastiff and a HUGE Great Dane who is only 8 months old and STILL GROWING. I was bery interested in him. I wish we could have sniffed. Maybe next week!
Momma and I are heading out for our walk now. Hope I find something good 'n stinky to roll in! I mean sniff, Momma, just sniff!!



April 29th 2009 6:16 pm
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Momma keeps calling me " The Mayor of Clown Town." Why, Momma, why?? There was no 'lection. I not mayor of any place! Could someone 'splain this to me, please??? Momma's on othur 'puter, shopping at J. Crew. HALP!!


Haiku by Zaidie

May 1st 2009 10:08 am
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-Olfactory Awakenings-

I love to sniff stuff.
Momma does not like old poop.
Can you believe it?


We did it!!!!

May 3rd 2009 12:28 pm
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Dadda and I finally did it. We got Momma to wewax. Dadda said, "Zaidie and I go for walk. You go out on deck, lie on lounge with iPod and wewax." It worked! . Momma wewaxed!!
Now we're going on a road trip to Grandpa's house! I wuv him!! C'mon Momma and Dadda, let's go!!!


Lucky 500!!!

May 4th 2009 11:13 am
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Thank you!! Today I reached 500 pup pals!! WOW! Back in December when I finally talked Momma into signing up, she thot we'd have no friends. She was 'barrassed 'bout asking you guys to be pals. Look at us now! We wuv you, Dogster and every pup!!


Life lessons from a Westie

May 6th 2009 11:01 am
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Dis conbersation 'tween Momma and me tooked place dis morning.


Yes, Zaidie-pup?

Dat walkie we taked dis morning...'member dat?

Yes, my sweet?

Well, on 'Zaidie International Scale of Walkies', it rate 2 outa 10. Dat not gud, Momma.

Well, imagine that, Sir Clownalot. On the 'Momma International Scale of Doggie Behaviour While on a Walk', you rated a 1 out of 10.

(*gasp*) Momma, dat not bery nice!!!

Zaidie, is it absolutely IMPERATIVE that we stop and sniff every hydro pole, fire hydrant, street sign, garbage can, rock, weed AND blade of grass??

Well, 'a course, Momma! Ev'y day, you and Dadda get 2 papers throwed onto da front porch. Dat's your news. Doggies, well, we gotta go out onto da street to get our news. It bery hard werk, but we gotta do it, so we know all 'bout whut doggie did whut, when, why 'n stuff. I hafta do it when da news is fresh, wif you in morning. 'sides, Dadda won't let me stop 'n sniff all da time, like you do. And you're da nicest and prettiest and bestest and patientest Momma EBER ...so shank you and I wuv you.

(Momma pats soft, sweet, tiny, fluffy Zaidie head...) Oh, my good boy! How about a snack??

(little, carrot-shaped tail wags and wags..) Sure, Momma!"

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