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A haiku for my momma

March 24th 2009 8:21 am
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-Sorry, momma-
by Zaidie

I sorry momma
For keeping you up last night.
I still love chicken.


Momma must be a magician!

March 25th 2009 11:46 am
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I'm having a really difficult time sleeping by myself, even though I have been doing it for a year. Dadda falls asleep VERY fast. Momma does not, so she hears me crying a while after everyone goes to bed. She waits until she can no longer stand to hear my pitiful whimpering. Then she grabs her pillow and comes downstairs. We sleep together on the couch. It makes me very happy and the crying stops! It's a miracle! Momma has the magic touch. I wuf her forever.


I'm here for you, Momma!

March 27th 2009 8:57 am
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Momma's bery sad 'cause there's lots of sad stuff happening here on Dogster these days...lots of sickness and even some trips to the Rainbow Bridge. I dry her tears and stay close by. Besides squirrel patrol, taking care of Momma is my job when Dadda's at werk.
On a happier note, Momma and I found some crocuses and tulips peeking out from the soil in our gardens. Tulips are Momma's favourite flower and we've got thousands out there!
Take care of your people, everydoggie!


Oh, that's just great :(

March 28th 2009 12:32 pm
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There I was, having a fabulous day, playing out on the deck while momma and dadda cleaned the hardwood floors. I always offer to help with whatever they're doing, but for some reason they always decline my offer. Then I heard it...softly at first.."broomer....Yes, it's time.... broomer...I'll make an appt. next week with the Westie broomer...shaggy puppy...hasn't been professionally broomed since last November." OMD!!! Not the broomer!!!
If any doggie out there has any advice for me re: broomer avoidance, it would be appreciated.


Haikuing by Zaidie

March 29th 2009 11:05 am
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Take one white doggie.
Add the sights and smells of Spring.
Can you say "baff time"?


Party* Party*Party!!

March 31st 2009 9:08 am
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On the weekend some teenagers on our street were bery sad 'cause their momma and dadda went away overnight. To help themselves feel better, the teenagers decided to have a party... a BIG party. They even invited the police! Wasn't that nice of them?? And not just one or two police officers, but 6 or 7 cars of them!! A good time was had by all and the parents were sorry they missed out on the fun. Oh, well.
Momma loves parties and she used to be a teenager, too. Then she was a university student who loved parties so much, that's what her degree ended up being... a B.Sc in Partying! Anyway, Momma just doesn't like the fact that some bad teenagers threw bottles around. Now there's glass everywhere...on the sidewalks, the street and the grass, too. Now Momma has to figure out how to get it cleaned up before some unfortunate doggie cuts a paw! That would be pawful!


OMD I've been tagged! Now what?

April 1st 2009 11:11 am
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I've been tagged by everybody's favourite Scottish Terrier, Ernie George. He makes me BOL and he even makes momma LOL. Momma and I have never been tagged before so if we make a mistake please don't bark at us too much. Momma thinks we're 'spposed to "copy and paste" or something which she does not know how to do. Anyway,here are seven fascinating facts about me, Zaidie!

1) We have no kids with skin in our house, just me with my fur. It wasn't part of the plan, but Momma has been bery sick for lotta years. She's happy just to be here with me and Dadda.

2) I have 2 doggie cousins : Woody, a mixed breed, is 14 . Buddy is a Lab who is 1 1/2 and lives on a dairy farm near Ottawa, ON. It's not fair - he gets to be dirty and stinky ALL THE TIME!!

3)On April 28th I will begin grade 3 at the McCann School for Doggies. They love me there!

4) I got fixed on April 22nd of last year, but I don't bemember being broked!

5)Yes, I'm even cuter in real life.

6)My favourite place on Earth is the dog beach at Pinery Provincial Park on Lake Huron near Grand Bend, ON.

7) When Momma and I started on Dogster, back in December, we thought we would have NO pup pals! Silly us!!!

I will tag the following doggies : Hunter #152033

Magnusson #639013


Ella #710533

Willie #775550

Vinnie #971328

Gunnar #971112


I am bery upset.

April 3rd 2009 11:13 am
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So yesterday I was bery 'cited 'cause, 'pparently, we were GOING TO TIBET!!! Yup, that's what Momma said. To TIBET!! I packed some...okay, ALL of my food and every treat in the house, grabbed a Kong and my favourite Cuz ( I found where you hide them, Momma!), packed NO COATS, NO SHIRTS, NO BRUSHES, NO COMBS, NO NAIL-CLIPPING SCISSORS, NO EAR-CLEANING 'QUIPMENT, NO SOAP, my favourite stuffies : Fred the pheasant, squeaky squirrels 1 and 2, squeaky bunny, non-squeaky bunny, non-squeaky lamby, chirpy chickadee and honky Canada goose. Oh, and my 'cooby soccer ball, the BERY special bones that cousin Woody gave me, my HUGE fuzzy blue Wubba, my baby red Wubba, my yellow doggie beach Wubba - that's it!!
I was so 'cited I could hardly STAND IT!!! I could be a sherpa for Momma and Dadda in the Himalayan mountains; I could see where Tibetan Terriers come from; my unbearable cuteness and natural Terrier enthusiasm for EVERYTHING could help with the political problems in the area. I was sure of it.
I threw my stuff into the car and sat patiently (bery hard for me) while Dadda harnessed me into my car seat. Momma had my travelling H2O (which I'd forgotten-silly me!) It didn't occur to me that I was the only happy traveller with luggage. I was too busy with my maps!!
I settled in for a quick nap 'cause I had no idea how long it would take to get TO TIBET. You know me and the concept of time! What???seconds, decades, hours, weeks, minutes, years..WHAT??
Well, 'pparently, it only takes 10 MINUTES to get TO TIBET, especially when you go by way of THE VET. OMD. ANNUAL CHECK-UP. Finish the story yourselves, Pup Pals. Been there. Done that.


"Broomer" day

April 6th 2009 8:31 am
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Yes, it's broomer day, though I don't unnerstand why I hafta go. I neber touched a broom in my whole life. 'kay, yes, when Momma uses a broom I hafta try to eat it, but that's my job - to protect Momma. Who knows what the broom could do? 'sides, Momma, has all kinds of brooms...Swiffer this, Swiffer that, broom for hardwood, broom for deck, broom for after lawn is cut. Then there's that HUGE, NOISY broom for carpets. It doesn't scare me- not one bit!! NOPE! Not ME!!


Oh, dear....

April 6th 2009 3:12 pm
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"Broomer" cancelled. Momma is kind of upset. I asked," Momma, can't we go and look at brooms another day?" She just patted my soft, sweet, furry, little noggin' and gave me a Dentastik. Next to cheese, bacon, chicken, beef, salmon, eggs, sweet 'tatoes, watermelon and a few thousand other items, Dentastix are my favourite!!

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