~ Zaidie's Howse ob Haggis and Scotch ~

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~ Catchin' Up ~

April 14th 2014 12:35 pm
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Hi, pupses. Wong time no diawy entwy fwum me, Zaidie. Momma an' I come tu Dogster eberyday tu make shur we r nod missin' any speshul days fur anypup. Sumdays when we r here, it r SOOOOOO quiet, it r hard tu bewiebe it r da same pwace we hab knowned an' wuffed all dese yeers. *sob* We hope dat when da nu Dogster owners ged orgamized, we can ged back tu hangin' out an' habbin' fun wike we used tu.

In da meemtime, I hab beened witin' a bit on my bwog : zaidiepup.blogspot.ca . I wecentwy posted 'bout goin' fur walks in my 'hood. Dere r wotza pichurs ob me an' gess whut! I r still cute!

C'mon ober tu my bwog an' chek it out! Gwab sum bacon (BOL), sit back, wewax an' wet me, Zaidie, take yu on a adbenchur! I be waitin' fur yu ♥


~ It r my Gotcha Day ~

March 16th 2014 8:56 am
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♫ Habby Gotcha Day tu ME!
My name r ZAIDEEE!
My Momma an' Dadda
Dem WU-U-UFF ME!! ♬

Hi, pupses, an' welcomed tu dis, my 6th Gotcha Day!! Dis day started off weal gud! I checked my e-mail an' sawed messages an' wosettes an' speshul giffs fwum my Dogster fwiends! NINA an' fambly maded me a way kewl pichur witch I twied tu add tu my page, bud it did nod werk. Appawentwy I need tu dewete 180 pichurs tu be able tu add one. I kno' fings r still 'up in da air' an' junk ober here, bud dis r geddin' kinda wedikuwus, if yu ask me.

Ohhhhh, pupses...When dis pwace r gonna werk? I hab wosed my 'mojo', as dem say. I usta be a weguwar waff wiot. Now I r jus' a gwumpy middle-aged guy pup. *sigh*

"Hey, Momma! Eber heered ob pwojectin'?? Cuz yu r duin' it, I fink! Jus' cuz I can nod dispway a pichur duz nod meen we can nod cewebwate my Gotcha Day! 6 yeers r a hoooooge deel! Wet's be habby we founded each uber, 'kay?? Wifout yu an' Dadda I wood be wivin' at Bob's howse, twainin' pubbies, dwinkin' scotch an' watchin' curlin' 24/7 wif Bob. R dat any kind ob wife??? Well, it wooda beened ok, bud I r habbin' da bestest time wif yu an' Dadda! Yu take me pwaces an' take me fur walks an' tu my bestest beech! Yu wet me sweep on da big bed an' I eben hab a speshul spot on da end ob da chouch wif piwwows an' bwankies. Yu make my fudz fur me usin' onwy da bestest stuffs. Yu take me tu see my bet wheneber dere r eben a teeny, tiny lil' pwobwem wif my LWD body AN' we go tu see da dermatowogikal bet in anuber city tu helb wif my itchies. I hab fwiends ALL OBER DA WERLD an' eberywhere I go, people wanna pat my LWD head an' tell me I r cute. Cood I hab it any bedder? I fink NOD!!

So, Momma, buck up, lil' cowgirl an' wet's ged dis Gotcha Day cewebwashun started. Furst up, a hole swab ob MEATZ™ fur my bwekfus, pweeze! An' den - whu knows! Da day r yung an' it r filled wif possibiwities an' junk!

Habby Zaidie's Gotcha Day, eberypup an' peeples! Make it count, 'kay??"

*PUPDATE* Pweeze bisit my bwog zaidiepup@blogspot.ca Wotza pichurs dere, my fwiends!


*sigh* an' Whut da woof??

January 31st 2014 1:24 pm
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Howy cwap. Yu hab hitted a NU wow (low), SAY Media!! Dis meens WAR or at da bery weast, a wotta barkin' an' gwowlin' an' junk fwum ME, so watch it cuz I can be BICIOUS!!

I ooosuawwy ged my monfwy awwotment ob zeawies in da middle ob da monf. I wuz kinda countin' on da nexx batch cuz it will be my final *sob* zeawies. Yu can nod buy dem anymore. Bewiebe me, Momma twied!! Dis day I checkded out my stockpile an' it sed I r nod geddin' anymore 'til da 28th ob Febwuawy. Whut da h*ll gud r dem gonna du me den, STUPID Media??? Why I otta.... Grrrrr...Needwess tu say, dis makes me bery mad.

One day, back in December, Momma noticed dat we wuz sendin' giffs tu pupses an' our zeawie bawance wemained da same. No madder whut I sended, da number did nod change. Momma, bein' whu hur r, feeled bad cuz it feeled wike cheatin' an' eben stealin'!! *gasp*

"So whut hur did den, Zaidie????" yu mite be wunnerin'. Well, hur pwetended tu be me, if yu can bewiebe it, an' hur sended off a quick pawmail tu HQ an' telled dem da pwobwem. Hur also taked dat obbortunitee tu wemind dem 'bout da comments tisshooe (ie how we no wonger ged notibied 'bout NUFFIN an' hab nod fur MONFS!!) Den hur expwessed my/our sowwow at da state ob Dogster an' sed we hope dat fings can we fixed cuz we wuff Dogster an' dis r where r bestest fwiends wive. ie Hab a hart, HQ.

Later dat same day, aftur testin', we noticed dat when we spended zeawies, dem wuz bein' wifdwawn fwum our 'ccount. Momma finked,"Wow. That was fast. Maybe everything else will get fixed that fast." Well, nope. We gedded a wesponse fwum HQ ebentuawwy an' dem sed,"The gift shop is kinda messed up right now. Enjoy your free zealies!!" Du yu see whut I r geddin' at, pupses??? If dem wuz gonna wose $$$$ cuz sum siwwy LWD fwum Canada wuz geddin' fwee zeawies an' sendin' birtual giffs tu hims fwiends, well, acourse we need tu SHUT DAT DOWN!! At da same time we will ignore hims pwaintibe pweas tu fix Dogster cuz whu da heck cares 'bout a bunch ob siwwy pupses an' dere siwwy Mommas!!! Bud, oh deer me, du NOD wose one cent ob webenue on dis site we r pwannin' tu shut down anyway 'cept we will nod tell da pupses. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Any ob dis mess r makin' sense, pupses?

Anywayz, pupses. Momma an' me, Zaidie, r habbin' a weerd day. Mabbe it r cuz yes'day wuz woadtwip day an' we r kinda 'xhausted or mabbe it r cuz we sweeped-in dis day an' dat hab frowed us off a bit. I dunno. An' as yu may hab noticed I hab nod wited in my nu bwog since Sunday, bud we will twy tu wectiby dat dis weekend when IT guy r 'wound.
It r Fwiday, so PAWTY ON, doods an' wadies, an' frow sum shade on SAY Media. Dem r meen tu us.


*Now heer dis. NOW HEER DIS*

January 26th 2014 5:03 pm
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Attenshun, pupses. I kno' it r kinda unexpected (BOLBOLBOL), but I hab a bwog. So far so gud. I jus' posted my furst entwy. It r kinda dwy an' madder-ob-fak, bud it r jus' da furst ob many posts tu come. An' I mite eben wern tu add pichurs an' junk!!

Anywayz, da addwess r dis : http://zaidiepup.blogspot.ca/

Hope it werks!!!


~ Da 5 stages ob gwief ~

January 26th 2014 12:12 pm
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I wuz jus' messin' 'wound on dis Dogster-fing an' weadin' diawies in which pupses wuz weminiscin' 'bout da gud old days an' da deer old fwiends we all hab maded here. It maded me sad.(After I typed that last sentence, Zaidie heaved a huge sigh over on his end of the couch!) It maded me fink 'bout gwief an' da 5 stages Ewisabeff Kubwer-Woss wited 'bout in hur book, On Deaf an' Dyin'. I kno' dis sounds weel depwessin' an' junk, bud werk wif me, 'kay, pupses?

Da furst stage r denial. Dat wuz whut all ob us wuz finkin' wast week fur a day or 2 (or fore or elebenty-seben) aftur we heered da nues dat Dogster r bein' cwosed down.

Aftur dat comes anger. Wotz ob us r still dere, at weast in part. It feeled wike sumone bery meen an' nastee kickded us in da belly an' now, eben more dan a week later, we can still feel it an' it hurts.

Aftur anger comes bargainin'. Dere hab beened wotza dat goin' on all ober dose innernetses, on FB an' on Twidder, tu. "Hey, SAY Media! Whut if we gib yu more moneys??? Den will yu keep Dogster awive???" I gess eben dat r nod 'nuff tu make dem change dere minds. "Nope. We r shuttin' yu pupses an' kitties down! Bwahahahahahaha" Mabbe it did nod habben quite dat way, bud it r MY diawy an' I can say whuteber I want! BOL :D

Nexx stage r depwesshun. Momma wuz awweady dere cuz dis r part ob hur life. Hur takes med'cine tu helb an' hur habs a wunnerful ferapist (dat r whut we du on woadtwip day. Dadda an' me dwive hur tu Towonto tu see him. No, hur r nod 'bawwassed fur anypup nor peeple tu kno' dat.)
Sumtimes I can helb Momma feel bedder fur a while, bud sumtimes eben da fot ob habbin' tu take me out tu 'pwibacy, pweeze' r oberwhelmin'. Sumtimes hur jus' wants tu go away an' neber come back.

Dis hole Dogster debacle hab maded fings werser, bud it WILL ged bedder. Our nu forum, Pupsters an' Kitsters, r helbin' a wot. I r werkin' on my bwog an' when it r weady fur pubwic biewin', I will tell yu where tu find it, 'kay? Wite now, dere r nuffin 'cept a title. Momma r NOD gud at multitaskin' an' dere r so much goin' on all ober da pwace.

Da final stage ob gwief r acceptance. Sum ob yu pupses mite be dere awweady. Sum ob yu pupses can nod eben bewiebe yu will eber ged tu dat point, bud yu will, ebentuawwy. Life goes on an' fings change. It r sad an' can make us feel all kindza junk, bud I fink it r twue dat sumtimes dat which duz nod kill us makes us stwonger.

Da forum r a weal bizzy pwace wif ober fwee hunnerd members now! If yu wanna head ober an' chek it out, yu can find it at www.dogsterfriends@freeforums.net. It r fun! It r nod Dogster, bud nuffin r eber gonna take da pwace ob da kewlest spot fur pupses on dose innernetses. Dogster will always hab a pwace in all our hearts cuz fur yeers, dis wuz where our fwiends lived. Sumtimes fwiends send 'change ob addwess' cards tu us an' we DU NOD shwed dem, wite???

I wuff yu pupses


*** 'ttenshun, pupses!!! ***

January 18th 2014 10:20 am
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In da weeks tu come I r gonna hab WOTZ tu say, bud dere r no time tu ged intu dat now. I r here wif bweakin' nues, kinda wike CNN, bud dis r WAAAAAAAAY more 'portant!!

If yu kno' Fizzy, pweeze waise yur paw. Okay, I r seein' wotza pawses, bud I r also seein' sum pupses standin' dere, sniffin' da air an' diggin' an' nod payin' 'ttenshun. HEY, yu pupses!! Wissen at me!!

Anywayz, Fizzy's Momma, Chrissy, hab started a forum fur us pupses...Okay, it r fur kitties, tu, bud we r nod gonna tawk 'bout dat wite now! Go tu Fizzy's diawy an' wead hims watest entwy. Den cwick on da wink an' yu will be taken tu da Dogster and Catster Friends or yu can go tu http://dogsterfriends.freeforums.net/ Sign up an' wet da FUN continue!!

I r gonna twy tu make a link dat werks, bud in da meemtime, cood sumpup whu knows whut dem r duin' pweeze add da link tu da comments?? I wood 'ppweciate it bery much! Fank yu ♥

Here r da wink, I fink! http://dogsterfriends.freeforums.net/

Ok. Dat did nod werk. Pweeze make it werk, sumpup!! In da comments!


Fank yu, eberypup an' peeples ♥

November 23rd 2013 2:49 pm
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Hi, pupses! Habby Day-Aftur-Zaidie's-Birthday!! Unfortumatewy Momma habs sum kinda cold/fwu fing an' hur r nod feewin' gud 'nuff tu du a pwoper 'fank yu' diawy entwy, bud we jus' wanted tu pop in quikwy an' say FANK YU SO BERY MUCH fur all da pawsum giffs an' comments an' messages an' cards an' wuff yu sended tu me, Zaidie, all cuz it wuz my birfday, nod dis day, bud yes'day! I wuff yu an' it r bery cwear dat yu wuff me, tu!!

Sowwy 'bout dat hole wun-on sentence! BOL :D *runs off to make tea for his icky-feeling Momma*


WOO-HOO!!! Dis day r ALL 'bout me!

November 22nd 2013 1:24 pm
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Hi, eberypup an' welcome tu my birfday!! I asked Momma,"Whut number I r dis yeer??" An' hur telled me I r 6. So far, 6 r F-U-N!! My page r oberfwowin' wif all kindza giffs fwum my fwiends! I added a tastee MEATZ™ backgwound tu my page, so pweeze feel fwee tu stop by an' gwab a hunk ob it AN' helb yurselbes tu sum birfday tweats while yu r dere! Dere r cake an' cuppycakes an' punkin pies an' a hole woad ob turkee dwumstiks! Du nod be shy an' ged eatin'!

Earwier dis day sum guy in a twuck bweaked intu my howse, went down intu da basement an' fixed our water softner-fing! I wuz helded hostage in da LWD Cwubhowse an' wuz unable tu appwehend him, bud I BARKBARKBARKBARKBARKBARKBARKBARKBARKed my LWD hed off an' made a weal wacket! Finawwy him steelded Momma's $$$ card an' den gedded outta here, bud nod a moment tu soon! My Momma wuz weady tu bwow a gasket or werser an', ged dis, all cuz ob me!! Hur sed it wuz WUDE ob me tu bark so darn much, bud I telled hur dat it wuz WUDE ob da guy fur intwudin' on my birfday!! Anywayz, I wited a song 'bout it. It r toadawwy owiginal, so if any ob yu pupses hab 'older' pawents, dem r gonna say,"Hey, that song's from the '60s! That Zaidie-Pup is lyin'!" yu can say,"Him r nod wyin'! Dis r a Z-Pup owiginal!", 'kay???

♪ It r my Birfday! An' I r gonna bark if I wanna, Bark if I wanna, Bark if I wanna!! Yu wood bark tu if sum guy wuz in yur basement wif yur Momma, tu!! ♫

Yeah, I kno'. It needs sum werk. In da meemtime, enjoy da west ob dis pawtackuwar 'Zaidie's 6th Birfday an' be shur tu tell yur people dem MUST feed yu sum MEATZ™ fur yur dinner. It r da waw dis day cuz I sed so!

Fanks fur all da comments an' giffs an' messages yu hab sended tu me. My LWD hart hab 'sploded wif ALL DA WUFF I r feelin' fwum all ob yu. It r kind ob a mess, bud well worf it. I wuff yu pupses ♥


Fanks, pupses!!

November 1st 2013 3:15 pm
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OMD!! Yes'day, afore we wented on our weguwar Fursday woadtwip, dere wuz NO fwee giff in da Dogster Giff Shoppe. Den dis day, I wogged in an' wented tu my pwofile page an', wo an' beholded, dere wuz hunnerds an' hunnerds ob skeery bone guys! I fink dem r called skewetonz or ded guyz or sumfing. Anywayz, I wood wike tu fank eberypup fur sendin' dem tu me an' makin' my page weal skeery an' howwifik an' junk! Momma passded out!

I jus' sended out a coupla gabillyun ob dem tu my fwiends! I hope I did nod miss any pup. Dogster maded it kinda difficult an' I habbed tu du it ober an' ober 'gain cuz it keeped nod werkin', bud da 'portant fing r da lil' tweat I 'ttached tu yur bones!! Hungwy???
Jus' wemember : sharin' r fur kitties!!! BOL :D


Wook! I r a DDP dis day!

October 23rd 2013 2:57 pm
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"Zaidie! Get up! You're a DDP today, HunBun!"

"Well, WOO-HOO! So ...dere r MEATZ™ in da Giff Shoppe??"

"No, but your friends would love to hear from you. Please get up and write a short diary entry, okay??"

"I need fink 'bout it, Momma. *thinks hard* 'Kay. I r comin'." *thudcrashbang*

"What happened???"

"I felled outta bed! My LWD leggies r nod werkin'!! HALP ME!!"

"Oh, good grief, Zaidie! I knew this would happen. Your muscles have atrophied. It could take weeks before you're back on your feet."

"Well, cwap...HEY! Wemmemer dat pubby carrier yu buyed cuz yu fot I wood be so lil' an' 'dorable an' helbwess dat I wood need be cawwied all da time??"

"Yes, I remember. The Puppy Bjorn™?"

"Yeah, dat r it! Stwap me in an' wet's ged duin' stuff, Momma! Dis r gonna be F-U-N! Hangin' 'wound wif Momma, twenny-four/seben!" *jumps into the carrier*

"&%$%#$# OMG, Zaidie! How much do you weigh??"

"I dunno, Momma! A hunnerd or sumfing? Wet's go fur a walk! Whut a gwate day!!! WOO-HOO!!!"

"Oy vey..."

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