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Puff the wonderful

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07/22/13 My new fashion accessory

July 22nd 2013 9:24 pm
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Today was my first full day of wearing my new fashion accessory, that wonderful wee-wee wrap. I was once again allowed to roam the full house without being confined to the bedroom and it was pretty nice. Momma bought me a small wee-wee wrap but it didn’t fit so then she bought me a size medium but that one was too big. Of course I was laughing my pretty little head off until momma made it smaller by taking it in two inches so now it fits me much better.

Momma took the wee-wee wrap off me several times when she make me go outside in case I had to do my business, but as soon as I came back inside, she once again put the wrap on me. All was well until tonight when I piddled on myself. I must admit that I went running to momma to let her know that I needed to go outside and momma was very happy to only have to wash the wee-wee wrap instead of rugs, floors and mats.

Momma has a dilemma: the humans are going to California in October because daddy’s nephew is getting married. Since our house in California is rented out we can’t stay there so daddy has decided that Coco, Simba and I are going to be boarded at the vet’s and will not be making the trip with them (not sure what we are doing with Arleenton yet). Daddy didn’t want to take me along because I would bark and bark if left in a hotel room while the humans were away at a wedding but momma is concerned because she knows I have separation anxiety and will not do well with being boarded. The humans don’t know where the wedding is going to be or what time it will occur so momma can’t find a groomer to take us to during this time. The wedding invitation only said “save the date” there was no other information available (momma didn’t want to go but daddy insisted). We can’t hire a pet sitter because I need medications and with my piddling issue I can’t be left all day without someone checking on me frequently. Does anyone have any suggestions?



07/21/13 Another day, another piddle

July 21st 2013 7:22 pm
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Yup, I continue to piddle in the house and daddy is loosing patience with me. Momma has put down wee-wee pads but I must admit I have been choosing to piddle on the floor, throw rugs or that nice interlocking foam mat that momma put on the bedroom floor. Momma says she understands about my situation but somehow daddy always manages to find my piddles with his bare feetsies - BOL.

So, as of today, I now have a new fashion accessory and that is a lovely blue wee-wee wrap. You have to be really in touch with your maleness and prance around like you own the world so as not to look silly in one.



07/19/13 Goodbye nasty trailer

July 19th 2013 7:16 pm
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We have been having a little work done on our house. Remember the handyman daddy had who quit during the wall boarding job after he messed it all up? Well before he quit he had agreed to do a concrete sidewalk from our front door to the garage/workshop. He wanted that nasty trailer as payment, can you believe it? Both daddy and momma told him it leaked but he insisted that he was a “roofer” and could fix anything that was wrong with it.

Anyhoodle, this last weekend momma and daddy saw him and daddy asked him if he still wanted to do the concrete work for the trailer and he said “yes”, so he has been here for two days doing it. He couldn’t take the trailer the first day because the towing ball on his van was the wrong size. Today he came back and almost got the sidewalk done but we ran out of concret; there is about a foot more that needs to be done.

He packed up his tools and then connected his van to the trailer and took it with him. He is going to find out quickly, just like daddy did, that the trailer roof leaks like crazy when it rains or snows. And wouldn’t you know, it is currently raining – BOL, BOL. I sure hope his roofing skills are better than his drywall ones.

And speaking of raining, with the rain we had lightning and thunderboomies. Coco is in her Thundershirt but still panting and shivering. She is doing better with them so that’s good.

I need to thank my pals for the pressies on my page and for sending me congratulation notices when my diary was again featured. Also, the new picture frame was done by my pal Mick who always does such nice work.

My left hind leg still isn’t operating right, but it is so much better than it was right after I blew my knee cap out so I won’t complain. Momma says I’m one tough little white dog – BOL. I’m still having piddling issues so Coco and I have to stay in the bedroom most of the time so that “accidents” can easily be spotted. Momma says that is also so I don’t slip and slid on the laminate floors but I think I’m being punished, so I have been barking like crazy to voice my displeasure. I get all kinds of attention from daddy and momma yelling at me to “SHUT UP” but it hasn’t stopped me yet – BOL, BOL.

Well that’s it from me tonight. I love you all!



07/17/13 Health update

July 17th 2013 3:22 pm
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It has been several weeks since I blew out my left, hind knee so I thought I’d give you an update. I am “walking” much better. My knee is beginning to stabilize but instead of allowing me to walk with my toes pointed forward, that leg is turned inward so I am still having some issues. I hardly ever fall down anymore and I am not in pain.

I am once again following momma when she goes outside but I’m not allowed to over do it. Momma hasn’t let me go on walks around our property because I still tend to drag the top of my foot on the ground from time to time as I walk and momma is afraid I will scrape the skin off my foot. Yesterday I was outside with momma and Coco and had a great time. Momma let me wonder about for a bit then she picked me up and carried me back to the house.

I am learning how to stand well again so when I piddle so I no longer get it all over myself. Today momma saw me piddling outside and I was standing lifting my right hind leg as I did my business thus supporting myself with my other three legs. When I first blew out my knee I couldn’t do that any longer so I was constantly getting piddle on my front legs. Boy I’m happy that is over because momma was washing me off all the time.

One of the things I’m not all that happy about is the stairs to the big bed have not been put back. Momma doesn’t think climbing up and down the stairs is good for me so they remain in the closet. I haven’t been allowed to sleep on the big bed except for afternoon naps. At night I have to sleep in my doggy bed that is on the floor.

I’m still having piddling issues but hopefully that will end also now that I am doing better.



07/16/13 I almost got away with it

July 16th 2013 1:21 pm
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Daily we have been having thunderstorms and rain. The mornings are usually sunny and bright but come afternoon the storm clouds magically appear with thunderboomies and sometimes even lots of rain. Daddy says this is going to continue to occur at least through summer.

Anyhoodle, Coco and I have taken to piddling on the concrete landing that is right outside our bedroom door. Everything beyond that landing is dirt and when rain happens, the dirt turns to mud.

Usually I don’t mind running through the mud and muck but with my blown knee I prefer not to unless I deem it to be for fun. I certainly don’t want to get my feetsies muddy doing my business, if you know what I mean.

So, this morning momma opened the door and asked Coco and I if we had to go potty. We both stood around and looked at her like she was nuts, but then momma scooted us outside and closed the door right after we were out. We were locked out for about 30 minutes but neither Coco nor I left the landing. We did piddle but that was it.

After we came back inside, I was picked up and had my feetsies washed in the laundry room sink, not that they needed it, but while momma was doing my feetsies she also cleaned my behind.

Momma dried me off and put me on the floor and I went running into the living room. It was my bad luck that momma came to see what I was doing and I got busted right after I did a number 2 download. Yup, there was no way I could even suggest that Simba had done it.

I did try to pull the “I have a injured knee” but it was no use. Momma asked me why I didn’t use the wee-wee pads and all I could do was say “What wee-wee pads”? Yes, I knew there were two wee-wee pads down, but what fun would that be if I couldn’t try to get Simba in trouble?

Had I not been caught “in the act”, I’m willing to bet that the humans would have suspected the “pressie” in the living room was complements of Simba – BOL, BOL.

Next time I’ll have to be more cautious.

Puffy – Limping over to momma asking for a treat


07/14/13 I put my life in danger

July 14th 2013 7:40 pm
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This afternoon while Coco was panting and shivering because of the Thunderboomies we were having she left her Busy Bone unattended. She has been carrying this Busy Bone around for days and would even take it outside with her while she did her business (she leaves it on the porch where she can keep an eye on it).

Anyhow, I don't really like Busy Bones and when momma tries to give me one I refuse to take it, but today, this nicely aged Busy Bone smelled wonderful to me so I started licking it to see if Coco was going to have one of her hissy fits. She saw what I was fixing to do but because she was scared, she didn't snap or growl at me so I did what any hungry dog would do, I picked it up and started eating it.

I ate about 1/4 of it and then stopped. Coco is now sleeping on top of it - BOL, BOL.

Puffy - happy to still be in one piece after taking Coco's Busy Bone.


07/12/13 More thunderboomies

July 12th 2013 9:17 pm
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Guess what I did today?

I went outside with momma and walked around our property for a bit. Yup, ole Puffy hasn’t thrown in the towel yet. This old dog is determined to stay and enjoy life and all my stuffies. My hind leg still gives me problems because of the blown knee but I am managing. In fact, momma is going to post a new video of me playing this morning with one of my stuffies. Just wait until you see me jump, it was amazing if I do say so myself. I’m a wild pup when I first get up in the morning and momma just happened to have her old camera ready so she could record my crazy morning play time. The video quality isn’t all that good because momma dropped the camera so now it doesn’t work as nicely as it used to. The new camera momma purchased says it does movies but momma can’t find which button to push to get movies. She discovered there was a button that would duplicate the pictures taken so last night she spent hours deleting duplicate pictures and she doesn’t know exactly what button turned on the duplicate photo feature. Momma tends to be very technically challenged.

We have been having afternoon and nightly thunderboomies. Poor Coco doesn’t like this at all. She pants and shakes until they stop. The worse thing about all of it is the lightning as one strike could set the whole forest on fire, which wouldn’t be a good thing. With tonight’s storm there was a small amount of rain but not enough to end the drought that we have been having but some rain is better than none.



07/10/13 I'm still limping along

July 10th 2013 8:25 pm
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My knee remains blown so I continue to walk, limp, fall. The vet says I will not get any better and as long as I am on the two pain medications I will be alright. ALRIGHT?! Has he tried to walk and fall down because his knee is blown? I don't think so.

Anyhow, while the humans were in town today they stopped by the vet office and got all my medications refilled. I'm actually not taking one of the pain medications right at the moment, but since the vet is so far away momma thought it would be a good idea to have some on hand just in case I should need them. Right after I blew out my knee I was in a lot of pain as I would groan and yelp when I was handled. As I am not doing that any longer momma stopped giving me the human grade pain medication.

When I get up in the mornings I run and get one of my stuffies and play for a while. I'm not playing as much as I had before I blew out my knew, but I do play.

Momma ordered some interlocking foam squares to put down in our bedroom so that I will not be sliding around on the laminate floors. She is also hoping that the interlocking foam squares will be easier to clean should I piddle on them, which I am pretty certain I will because I am having some issues with the piddling.

I tell you if it isn't one thing, then it's something else. It's a good thing I have such a pretty face because it's hard to get mad at me - BOL


06/27/13 The "N-word"

June 27th 2013 5:30 pm
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Today I would like to talk about the “N-word”

There has been a lot of talk about the “N-word” on the local news so I thought I would jump right in and give it my four paws worth. I don’t like the “N-word” because it makes me feel terrible; however, my momma seems to uses it a lot. Yup, you heard it right from his dog’s mouth; my momma uses it A LOT!

I’ve tried to tell her that it is degrading and disrespectful but she won’t listen. Momma on the other hand says it is “just a word” and one shouldn’t put too much thought into it. She says the “N-word” can’t be any worse than the “B-word”.

I for one do not like being called NAUGHTY but then too I don’t like being called BAD either (and what word did you think I was going to talk about)? BOL, BOL



06/26/13 Paw mystery

June 26th 2013 10:16 am
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I received a wonderful golden bone on my page form Anonymous that says...

"We have 16 dog paws.
Allow 4 Garage kitteh paws.
All have mossy paws.
Who are we?"

Oh boy as I am sitting here chomping on my bone I am thinking about who sent it to me. Somehow my enjoyment of the bone is not allowing me to think at my best so I better hurry up and finish the bone and then try to solve the mystery.

To be continued...

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