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Puff the wonderful

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08/24/13 Hold your pee or piddle in the house

August 24th 2013 7:19 am
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Here's a new flash for you pups...

Sighted not more than 50 feet from the back of our bedroom was a coyote who was walking across the back of the property howling as he went. YIKES, it was much bigger than me and looked hungry. I think I better find a nice place to piddle in the house. I'm sure momma will understand.

Puffy - I don't want to be the "guest of honor" at the Coyote's house.


08/23/13 I have some good news

August 23rd 2013 8:52 pm
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Momma finally told daddy that she didn't want to kennel Coco and me when they go to California for the wedding. Daddy asked her why and momma told him that she didn't want me to think that I was being abandoned again so she want to take us with them. Daddy just shook his head and told momma that it wasn't me that was having issues it was HER because she doesn't want to be away from me - BOL. I don't really care who has the issues all I know is I am a momma's boy and wouldn't like to be in a kennel. Of course that still leaves the problem of what to do with Coco and I when they attend the wedding because they can't leave us in the hotel room due to our barking. Momma wants daddy to call his sister and see if we can spend the day at their house but daddy suggested seeing if they could find a doggy day camp. The doggy day camp won't work because the wedding is at 4PM on a Wednesday and most likely they would require that we be picked up around 6 PM. Maybe momma can find a Pet Smart grooming place where we can be dropped off for an afternoon spa treatment because some of them stay open until 8PM or longer.

I really don't see what the problem is here because I do have a very nice dress shirt and bow tie so why can't I go to the wedding with them? And we all know that Coco has some very pretty dresses so I bet we would be two of the best dressed pups there, if not the only pups there - BOL, BOL.



08/19/13 Boring...

August 19th 2013 6:57 pm
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I was another quite day here at the ole homestead. Daddy was busy cutting wood for the window in the guest bedroom and momma was cutting tile for the front door stoop. Coco barked at Arleenton and chased her around the sewing room for a little bit until daddy told her to stop. Afterwards we wandered around our property and sniffed the bushes then we came back inside and took a nap.

Tomorrow the steel building people are coming out to put in the garage door opener in so that will give Coco and me something to bark about. Maybe I’ll even get the chance to run after one of them and nip at their ankles that would be fun. The things I have to do for some excitement.



08/10/13 Dear Dogster

August 10th 2013 8:02 am
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Dear Dogster,

I want to personally thank you for giving me the free zealies because I was able to spend all of them on some of my pals by sending them an anonymous golden heart with a message and clue, asking them to guess who sent the rosette to them. It was a fun way to get some of my pals to “hunt” for who sent the rosettes. I already have a new game in mind that momma says we will play during the winter time when more pups are on the computer and not on vacation or outside swimming or hiking in the sunshine.



08/07/13 I confess, it was me!!!

August 7th 2013 6:35 pm
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I was sitting next to my momma watching her download new photos onto my page when all of a sudden all of the captions on my page were gone. There wasn’t a warning or anything, just like magic they vanished into thin air.

Momma notified Dogster of this occurrence and told them that if they could restore the captions great, but if not, that was okay too. She received a very nice response from them apologizing for the problem and 125 zealies free.

Since I had so much fun with the “guess who sent the Golden Bone” mystery that the Papillion pack organized, I thought I would use the 125 zealies to send out Forever Golden Hearts to some of my pals along with the following message:

“Playing it forward: Dogster so nicely gave me 125 Zealies because something happened on my Dogster page. However since I have zealies in my account already I am playing it forward. Guess who I am”.


My French Bulldog pal guessed within 10 minutes of me sending him a Golden Heart that it was me who sent it. Maybe it was because he is a 9 month old pup and still has a lot of brain cells – BOL, BOL

The other pals chosen to play the guessing game haven’t figured it out yet: After waiting a few days to give them time to figure it out, I sent them all an ice cream cone along with the following message: "One pal solved the anonymous forever heart mystery immediately - the rest are sniffing each others butts - BOL, BOL Do you give up?”








Demon Flash Bandit

Abby - Forever Loved

Peek A Boo



Pepper - CGC


Buttercup - Mom's Angel Girl





Mia Muah

Ebony Ursula


Amazing Grace



I sent out over 25 Golden Hearts and ice cream cones but only one pal was able to figure the great mystery out. Does that mean my pals don’t really read my diary or did you just choose not to play? My diary entry 7/29/13 was about all of the captions on my photos disappeared – that was the clue regarding “something happened on my Dogster page”.

So now, the great Golden heart mystery has been solved, I bet
Jakie, Always in my heart
Would have figured it out. Next time I’ll have to make sure I include them in the guessing game along with other pals that didn't get to play this time around.



08/01/13 Note to my momma

August 1st 2013 6:50 pm
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Momma, the next time you send me outside to piddle, please remember to remove my wee-wee wrap. I don't like piddling on myself and then having to have a bath.

"Puffy, how many times do I have to tell you how sorry I am"?

"I don't know momma, how long are you going to feel guilty? Maybe you should get me a couple of new stuffies to show how sorry you really are".


08/01/13 I'm pleading with you

July 31st 2013 11:12 pm
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Oh dear, what to do…

Another of our pals has crossed the Rainbow Bridge so Coco and my system of placing the departed pals on our number one spot with a memorial picture frame for one month isn’t working out too well. We had to move




down on Logan’s page to make room for


I’m pleading with you PLEASE STOP CROSSING OVER TO THE RAINBOW BRIDGE. Not only are we missing our pals, but you are messing up our system.



07/29/13 Dogster fleas and memorial picture frames

July 29th 2013 6:52 pm
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The last couple of week’s momma has been having problems downloading photos onto Dogster. We have been getting the dreaded box with an "X" instead of the photo. When momma contacted Dogater she received a nice message stating that they too were aware of the situation and was working on it. In the meantime, they suggested that we keep on trying to download the photo until it actually loads. The techno honcho at Dogster stated that it might take two or three tries but it would load. Two or three tries, was more like five or six tries in some cases.

Well, today after fighting with the photo download something new happened. All of my captions on the photos that were already on my pages have vanished. Yup, gone into some cyber hole only really smart computer expert can find.

Most of you are aware that my momma does not have computer or technical smarts and to make matters even worse, her memory isn’t what it used to be so she can’t remember what all the captions said. So for now, I guess they will stay without caption until momma contacts Dogster again for their assistance.

Now, on to more important things, Logan, Puffy and I have tried to honor pals who cross over to the Rainbow Bridge by making them a memorial picture frame and placing it at the number one spot on our pages for approximately one month. We have not encountered a problem doing this until now because two of our pals have left so we are having a dilemma.

Since we can’t put both of our pals on all three of our number one spots on our pages we have decided that we will honor


By placing him on Coco’s page for one month since she is the most popular of the three and honor


On Logan’s and Puffy’s number one spots.

I hope our pals don’t feel slighted and that we were choosing one over the other because that isn’t the case. We love all our pals and really understand the sadness that the humans go through when their beloved four legged family members cross the Rainbow Bridge. Our tears flow with yours and we would do nothing to add to your pain.



07/26/13 I'm starving and bones on my page

July 26th 2013 6:07 pm
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Coco and I went to the vet on Wednesday because Coco needed a booster shot and the humans wanted my thyroid re-checked plus an exam to see why I am piddling in the house.

My thyroid test came back indicating I needed my medication adjusted again, so now instead of having to take thyroid medication twice a day it’s been reduced to once.

In regards to the piddling, the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with me except for my blown knee and according to him; I have to loose two pounds. Now that might not sound like a lot of weight to loose but when you’re only 10 pounds that is a lot. Momma did inform the vet that I used to weigh over 14 pounds so I have lost four pounds, but he said I needed to get down to 8 pounds. Sheesh, I’m going to be nothing but skin and bones – I need to go take some of Coco’s treats and hide them for emergencies.


Hey, I just noticed that I have 489 bones on my page - WOW!!! Keep them coming pals; I'm going to need them, especially the ones with lots of meat on them - BOL, BOL


07/23/13 Dogster honor and PLEASE don't send me any- pressies

July 23rd 2013 8:39 am
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I am very honored to be one of the featured diaries of the day but since I have had this honor several times lately, please save your zealies for some other pup okay?


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