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Puff the wonderful

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09/10/13 More rain

September 10th 2013 8:51 pm
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This morning when we woke up there was a steady gentle rain falling so that means the dirt outside had turned to mud. I for one have no problems hobbling out to my favorite piddle spot to do my business but as I try to scurry back into the house I am stopped for the "feetsie inspection". Momma will say "Puffy show me your feetsies" and being the very good boy that I am, I usually roll over onto my back and wave my muddy feetsie in the air - BOL, BOL. Once the inspection is completed, I get picked up and hauled into the laundry room for a nice feetsie massage and wash. It wouldn't be so bad if this only happened once a day but since I usually need to go potty several times during the day that means I have to have multiple feetsie washes. What I don't understand is how come Coco doesn't need to have her feetsies washed as often as I do. Somehow she manages not to get all muddy and that just isn't right. She doesn't even roll over onto her back to show her feetsies, instead she makes a bee line to the bedroom, climbs our stairs and parks herself right on the bed, probably laughing her silly little head off as I get hauled off to the laundry room. It's just not fair.

And on another note, I am still cleaning up after the PARTY and guess what I found in my man cave: One chicken. Yup, one of Toto's chickens managed to escape the "guest of honor" status and hid out in my man cave - BOL, BOL. I'm going to name her Toto Bella Marie (Bella for short) and let her enjoy my man cave as long as she stops pooping all over in there.


09/08/13 What a party it was

September 8th 2013 8:07 am
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Yawn….Stretch…Yawn, Yawn…I’m worn out pups!!! What a PARTY it was! Last night around 11PM pupsies started heading for home with goodie bags that we put together for everyone. There were lots of bones, MEATS™, new stuffies, balls, Tawdry Terrier nail polish, meditation CD’s, water bowls and other nifty things to remind everyone of their time here in New Mexico.

We still have about 20 pups still sleeping as they couldn’t pull themselves away from the ghost stories that Winkie was telling. Nothing like dipping a beef rib in a container of Frosty paws while listening to Winkie tell his stories. Thank you Winkie for entertaining everyone!

Knock, knock, knock, - Excuse me someone is at the front door…

Daddy opens the door to find several angry neighbors standing on the concrete pad.

“Morning all, what may I do for you”?

“I’m the cattle rancher from down the road and there was a pack of wild dogs that broke into our beef herd and chased several of the cows away. Someone reported that you have a bunch of dogs and I was wondering if that is true.”

“I only have two dogs and here is one right down here – Puffy did you go chase this man’s cattle”?

“No daddy, I’m way to little to chase cattle, plus I have a bad knee so it would be impossible for me to do such a thing.”

“Well what about your other dog”?

“She is a small dog also, a little Shih Tzu so I don’t think she could have done it either. In fact, neither one of them ever leave our yard.”

The other angry people started talking out loud and one was a sheep rancher and the other was saying something about chickens but since they were all talking at the same time I was having a hard time understanding what was being said.

Daddy assured them that we were not the ones who did anything to their live stock but the beef rancher was shaking his head and saying there was even a report of a Lear jet had been parked in his pasture.

Daddy being daddy, couldn't help himself when he said "Well this is New Mexico so maybe it was an updated alien vessel." With that, daddy shut the door and looked at me and said I had a LOT of explaining to do, plus I was on restriction for stealing, can you believe it?

Oh well, whatever happens was worth it because it was a terrific end of summer party and I have lots and lots of left over Texas BBQ, MEATZ™, ribs, sausages and other yummy treats. I don’t even have to share them with Coco because she is missing. Yup, momma and daddy haven’t discovered that Hobo invited Coco to go back to California and hid her in his suitcase. I give Hobo 24 hours with her before he sends her back for being demanding, bossy and a total Princess – BOL, BOL

Thank you all for making this a great party. We’ll have to do it again after I get off of restriction – BOL, BOL
I'm going to go ask momma if she will drive my sleeping guests down to the train station when they wake up so they can get home safely without encountering any of those angry ranchers - BOL, BOL.



09/07/13 This is so much fun

September 7th 2013 2:44 pm
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Oh my Dog!!! What a fun and busy day it is here at my party. The grills have been going non-stop and I’ve lost count on how many plates of food Ebby has had – BOL, BOL. Coco is right next to Ebby and they are both chowing down like there is no tomorrow. I suspect Coco’s tummy will be dragging on the ground before too long.

There was a round-up of some deer and elk but somehow Buddy got separated and went off on his own. When he came back he was dragging a mounted deer head. We all started howling and asked him where he found a taxidermist to do the mounting but just as he was going to explain, a car pulled up in the driveway and a very angry human got out. It turns out the mounted deer hear was “taken” from his house and the human wanted it back. Daddy came outside and apologized and gave the man a beer and some elk burgers to get Buddy off the hook. I should point out the Demon Flash Bandit our security officer was standing right next to the angry human just in case he had to intervene but luckily it didn’t come down to that. There were also some of the Angels crowding around to make sure everyone stayed calm – Thank you Jakie, Buttercup, Haro, Wishbone. There were other angels in the crowd but I couldn’t see your faces because Ernie George’s wings were blocking them – BOL.

There has been lots of action down at the lake as we made sure there was a grill down there along with a freezer full of Frosty paws for those who didn’t want to hike back up to the house. I’m surprised at the number of pups who actually like playing in water. Toto, Beanster, Ali, Jethro, are showing some of the other pups how to enjoy kayak rides. Of course Fizzy had to try to do it and didn’t listen to the given instructions and fell right into the lake. Zoe was barking her head off and I must admit it was funny.

Petey and Angel Zoom Smokie worked as a team to round up a lot of prairie dogs for our BBQ. And speaking of BBQ, those Texas pups Whitley and Finley sure do know how to do it right. OMD, I can’t stop licking the ribs as they are so good.

Mazy, Ceeley, Tux, Zoe, Pepper, Misty, Scooter, Cutter and some of the other smaller pups did a wonderful job of finding rabbits for our cook-out. Mazy gave everyone a lesson on what to do before the hunt since she has her own ranch and is in charge of rodent control. She was also nice enough to truck in some processed beef from her ranch for our enjoyment. Thank you Mazy!

The scavenger hunt was “interesting”. Somehow Halo managed to bring back a live skunk!!!! Talk about stink – WOW!!! Some of the other pups wanted to taste skunk meat but we decided instead to take it out by the lake and let it go. Halo did the honors and then came back for her bath with some skunk odor remover that momma happened to have handy – LOL.

Well I better get back to my hosting job and keeping an eye on Hobo to make sure he is behaving himself. And speaking of Hobo, he sure is trying to set up his fursister with Zaidie – BOL, BOL. I must say that Zaidie could be a model as he looks so handsome in his pilot’s uniform.


09/07/13 Let's PARTY

September 7th 2013 9:06 am
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The party is in full swing and we are still having pups arriving. It’s a good thing our property is over 5 acres as it gives us lots of room to spread out in.

Right now we have the butt sniffing contest going on. There are three volunteers with their butts aligned to a whole that is covered with a thin cloth. The contestants have to walk down and sniff each butt and then tell me who each one is. Thus far, no one has been able to get all three correct but everyone is having a great time so that’s all that matters.

The Frosty paw booth is also a major hit. Hershey and Winkie set it up in a very nice spot and it is so inviting: nothing like a cool Frosty paw when the sun is shining down.

Zaidie arrived last night in his Lear jet and he had a ton of fresh MEATZ™ which everyone is currently enjoying. He even brought some Haggis with him and we are just waiting for it to get cooked so we can all see what it taste like.

Momma has been keeping a close eye on Hobo to make sure he doesn’t sneak off with Coco. She says something about Coco being a “good” girl and that she wants to make sure she stays that way.

Ebby has not moved away from the grill and I think she is on her third plate of MEATZ™. I just love a girl with a healthy appetite.

The Tawdry Terrier tent is going well. Finley and Whitley are making sure everyone has nice shiny toes. I even had my toes painted and must say they look really pretty. Arleenton wants her nails painted also but I’m too busy right now to take her over to the tent: maybe later.

Oops, got to go I hear we are getting ready to go look for some deer…

Everyone is welcome to come over and party with us. We have lots of food, well water, which for those of you who have never had well water it is much better than the stuff you get in the cities, and other treats.


09/06/13 Are you ready to PARTY?

September 6th 2013 7:49 pm
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I'm so excited that the party is tomorrow. The weather has been nice and we haven't had any thunderboomies, lightning or rain for two days. That has allowed the mud to dry out but for those of you who really like to get down and dirty, I am personally going to construct and wonderful mud run which will have hidden treasures in it. I should warn you that momma said those of us who choose to get muddy will have to be washed off before being allowed into the house but what the heck.

We are also going to have a message tent to relax everyone after running around and barking. And speaking of barking, make sure you bring your outdoor voice because we are going to have a contest to see who has the loudest bark.

We're going to have a scavenger hunt that will take us through out the development as we work to find all the items on the list.

And food, gosh we have so much MEATZ™ that everyone will be able to take treats home with them after the party winds down.

Anyhow, I still have lots to do so I better get busy. I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow....


09/04/13 Party planning

September 4th 2013 10:01 pm
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I’m making out a list and checking it twice, don’t really care who has been naught or nice. Our last of summer PARTY is on for this Saturday and I hope everyone can come.

Zaidie – Did you ship the extra meats™ I requested or are you going to fly it down on your Lear jet when you come to the party?

Hobo - Bring Milo and crazy Luna with you as the more the merrier. Momma says everyone can spend the night at our house so don’t forget to pack your jammies and teddy bears.

Demon Flash Bandit – Can we count on you to do security again? We don’t want problems with any of the neighbors.

Petey, Buddy, Redford and pack, I think you can all be in charge of prairie dog round up. Coco will show you the best places to hunt them at and it isn’t far from the house. I hear they taste really good.

Hershey and Winkie, how about you guy being in charge of the Frosty Paw booth? We need pups that can be trusted not to eat all the treats and who will have no problems sharing (obliviously that leaves Coco and Ebby out – BOL).

Whitley and Finley – I think it would be really nice to have a nail painting booth for the girl pups and what better way to advertise Tawdry Terrier than at my party? Coco says she wants to make sure you bring all the different shades for everyone to try on.

Toto – Do you think you can “invite” some of your chickies to the party? Just tell them that you want to take them to a spa that has hot tubs – HeHeHeHe.

Quincy, Monty, Huey, Dandi, Pepper, Biscuit, Walker, Frank and Angel Zoom Smokey and Fizzy will probably be good candidates for going down the street and convincing one or two of the baby cows to come party with us.

Zoe, Tux, Mazy, Jethro, Misty, Cutter, Pepper, Scooter, Meeko, Buddha, Ebby and Ceeley can go make friends with some of the sheep in the pasture. I hear lamb chops cooked on the BBQ grill are terrific.

We have lots of rabbits running around in the yard, both cottontail and Jack rabbits. We can have a contest to see who catches the most. NOTE: My bunny sister Arleenton is NOT to be part of this contest so don’t even think about bothering her.

There have been sightings of deer and elk so if someone or a group of pups want to go hunting for one or two it’s legal as hunting season started last Sunday.

Our angel pals Jakie, Haro, Abby, Buttercup, Lobo, Jenny, Wishbone can be in charge of safety. I’m counting on all of you to make sure the guest don’t do anything that would endanger themselves. We certainly don’t need any of the guests going out looking for bears or mountain lions – Yes Beanie and Bacon, I am referring to YOU two!!! Momma says you two can not go wondering around in the forest unsupervised – sorry.

So, how about it pals? Does this sound like fun or what?



09/01/13 A lazy Sunday

September 1st 2013 6:28 pm
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We had a very nice, lazy day today. Momma made breakfast and shared her bacon with us, then we decided to go back to bed and let breakfast settle down in our tummies - BOL, BOL. When we woke up it was getting dark outside and the Thunderboomies were moving in. So what do you supposed Coco and I did? We took another nap until dinner time.

By now Mother Nature was throwing some rain and lightning our way so when momma put out dinner down for us Coco didn't want any so being a really good brother I ate her dinner and mine. It wasn't that I was being selfish as had Coco eaten when she was scared she would have gotten a tummy ache so I was saving her from getting sick.

She can thank me later.



08/27/13 Bones, bonesa nd more bones

August 27th 2013 8:47 pm
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Oh my! I think I need to have a bone party because I have 4242 bones on my page. That is so awesome! Thank you all for giving me enough bones to share with everyone.

I'm not even getting mad at Coco as I watch her stuff her hoodie pocket with MY bones.



08/27/13 No rosettes PLEASE

August 27th 2013 5:42 am
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Hi pals,

Once again Dogster has honored me by choosing my diary to be one of the featured diaries of the day. Lately Coco and I have been featured quite frequently so although I am very honored to have my diary selected I request that you please do not send me any pressies. If you really want to give me a giftie then how about some of those free bones?

Save your zealies because your going to need them as the holidays will be here before you know it.

Puffy - excited about getting some new bones


08/26/13 Enough already!

August 26th 2013 6:24 pm
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We have been having some rain down our way and because our yard is nothing but dirt that means I have to tromp through the mud to do my business. Today I had my feetsies washed five different times.

I tried to convince momma that letting me piddle on the dining room tile would be better by leaving her a puddle in there but momma didn't seem to be too thrilled having to mop it all up. She told me the next time I do that I am going to be in a diaper FOREVER!

Do you think I let her threats frighten me? Nope! Momma can't stay mad at me - BOL, BOL


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