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Puff the wonderful

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My new life

December 7th 2008 3:28 pm
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I'm not too sure what happened...I had a home with my Yorkie sister a human mom and dad, and the next thing I know I was packed up and taken to the Animal Rescue group. I stayed there for about one month while the nice people there sorted out the requests they received asking to adopt me.

Yesterday, the leader of the rescue center took me for a car ride and I found myself in a home with a mom, dad, dog, cats and bunnies. I thought I was just visiting but when the lady who brought me there left, I got upset and went running through the house looking for her. Soon I forgot all about her as the lady in the house started cooking and I couldn't ignore the wonderful smells. I decided this wasn't such a bad place after all even if the little dog that already lives there is being mean to me. She snaps and refuses to let me use the stairs that will allow me to get up on the daybed, however I got even with her today when I took her favorite toy and slobbered all over it- BOL.

There is a HUGE male cat that has been hissing at me, but my new momma explained that Simba, the cat was upset because I was sleeping next to her and he likes to do that. My new kitty sister came out and sniffed me a couple of times but then turned around and walked away, no hello, welcome to the family or anything.

I got to meet my new bunny sisters but was not allowed to go play with them. I hear they are always up for a game of tag. Can't wait to actually go and sniff one of them. My new momma says if I stand real nice on the outside of the chain link fence that the bunnies will come and introduce themselves to be. I was too excited to do that so they stayed away.

I got my butt shaved this morning because momma went to Petco and met a lady there who had a Maltese and she told momma that we are prone to stomach problems. I wonder if this is why I am so thin. Guess I'm wondering here... Anyways, momma decided to shave my hind end in case I get potty problems as it will make clean up easier.

As mentioned above, I am a very thin fellow and momma is determined to get some meat on my bones. She is going to make an appointment with Coco's vet for a health check-up and hopefully everything will check out okay and the vet will have a plan to fatten me up. I need to gain some weight if I am going to hold my own against Coco Rose. She must weigh 10 whole pounds; me maybe 4.

I have no obedience training so I hear it is off to school I am to go. The big question is who is going to take me, momma or daddy. Momma wants daddy to do it so I can bond with him, but I'm already following momma all over the house. The big challenge is going to be this coming week when momma will be off to work. My new folks have already discovered that I have separation problems and go a “little” nuts with the barking and running through the house looking for my missing people. I also bark and carry on when someone comes into the house even if it's one of my new people.

Momma told me she is planning on turning off her cell phone tomorrow so that daddy can't reach her tomorrow and complain about me - BOL. Something tells me momma expects me to be a naughty little boy tomorrow. All I can say is keep the carpet cleaner handy – BOL

Yes, even with the challenges here, I sure I’m going to be happy.

Puff the wonderful


Day three - Open letter

December 8th 2008 9:17 pm
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This is an open letter to the family that owned Puff before us:

I have had your dog now for three day and in that time, I have discovered that he is undernourished, scared, confused, has no training and lacks discipline. In other words, he is a mess. Yes, your cast off has become someone else’s problem. If only you would have taken the time to take him to obedience training, played with him, fed him good food and loved him the way he should have been, he would be in so much better shape right now. Maybe you didn’t realize the amount of work it took to take care for a dog. They are not just something “pretty” to look at. They need your time, attention and love. They are not something to be left in the back yard or tethered to a chain. Maybe your daily life left little time to interact with him, but that is no excuse for keeping him for so long only to fail him in the end. You choose to release your responsibly to him when you turned him over to the rescue group. That was the wisest choice you made. It took you almost five years to realize that you were not meant to be his owner. You were a failure and I’m not afraid to say that to you. Puff is paying for the mistakes you made as and now it is up to me to correct the wrong you have done to this beautiful little dog. He may be messed up but I believe he is salvageable and I’m willing to put in time, money and most importantly LOVE so that he can be a healthy and happy dog.

Puffs new mom

PS – Please do not ever get another dog again.


School has started

December 10th 2008 4:55 am
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Sit; Sit; Sit...and on and on. What is with momma? Is that the only word she knows? I'm not liking this too much. I don't want to sit, I want the treat that momma has in her hand. She tells me to sit then uses her hand to make me sit. Hasn't she figured out if I wanted to sit I would.

Moving in with new people is hard work.

Puff the wonderful


Auntie Lenora

December 12th 2008 12:18 am
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Today I met my Auntie Lenora. She came over to help daddy decorate the Christmas tree while momma was at work. I got fussed over a lot and then daddy and Lenora went shopping and left Coco and me at home. I did a pee pee on the carpet while they were gone but other than that I was really good. I also got to sleep in the big bed with momma, daddy and Coco tonight. I love to be under the covers and was perfectly happy until momma woke up and decided to move back to the daybed. I didn't want to get up and move so I went limp when momma picked me up. You know I was really confortable and happy just where I was. Momma said she couldn't trust leaving me there because she didn't know if I would do a pee pee in the bed - sigh. Maybe someday. Saturday I am going to go to Coco's vet. Coco told me some stuff about him so I'm not looking forward to the visit, but momma insists that I have to gain some weight.

Momma bought me my very first coat today. It looks like leather with a nice soft fleese lining. I got to wear it on our walk tonight so I wouldn't get cold. Momma says she will take pictures of me in my coat this weekend.

Puff the wonderful


Giving Thanks

December 13th 2008 2:54 am
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Thank you Dogster for making me one of the today’s diaries picks. This is such an unexpected treat - I'm very honored and happy!

My life is fast becoming a very good one. Today marks my one week anniversary at my forever home. Momma and daddy both agree that I am now settling in very well (except for I keep on using the carpet as my bathroom). I am beginning to play with Coco Rose more and have stopped barking as much. I really like getting under the covers in the daybed and snuggling up close to my new momma. I do have to be careful doing this because Coco Rose gets upset with me if I demand momma's attention. Momma is still working with me on learning how to "SIT". Not sure why momma is so obsessed with this. Hasn't she figured out that I don't want to sit?

I'm going to go to Coco's vet today for a check up. Momma says I'm too thin and she wants to get the vet to check my teeth because I don't like to eat hard stuff like pig ears. Momma is also thinking about getting me a pair of pajamas, but daddy says ENOUGH – DOGS DON”T NEED PAJAMAS. I get the feeling that momma doesn’t listen too much to the big guy because I saw her surfing the internet after he said that for dog pajamas – BOL.

I might be going to the groomers this weekend also. I'm not sure if I am going to like this, but momma wants to get me nice and pretty so she can take some pictures of me in my new coat. Coco warned me that my humans are funny about bathing and smelling good.

Oh, and momma also bought me a new bigger crate just like the one Coco Rose has and one of those really nice memory foam mattresses to go in it. I also got more toys. I like to take whatever toy I sleep with and carry it around when I get up in the morning.

I got what I wanted for Christmas this year, a forever home, and hope more dogs and cats will also be as lucky as I was and find their own forever home.

Yes, my life is good now.

Puff the wonderful.


Bunny Sisters

December 13th 2008 8:51 am
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OMG - I got up close to Arleneton and Grayson my beautiful bunny sisters. We are expecting rain today so the bunnys are confined to their hutch. Momma went out there to feed them and to clean up their hutch. She let Coco and I in the bunny area and I sniffed around and them I looked up and discovered BUNNYS! I barked, whined and carried on like a crazy dog. I wanted to go play with them so bad. Now that I know they are there, I will have to be sure to check on them everyday to make sure they are ok.

I will be going for my very first car ride with momma today. Coco keeps on snickering at me and telling me that I'm going to have lots of fun especially at the vet, but the way she is laughing I think she is making fun of me.

Go to go - Puff the wonderful


Vet visit

December 13th 2008 3:35 pm
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Puff's mom here - Well things didn't go quite as I thought they would at the vet today. I was sent home without Puff. Dr. Sierra thought Puff needed his teeth taken care of immediately. We discovered when Dr. Sierra was examining Puff that his teeth are in terrible condition. Maybe this is why Puff refuses to eat anything hard. Anyways, Puff is still at the vet getting this work done and all of his shots are being re-started. I'm not quite certain why this is as I have all of the paperwork with proof of his shots from the rescue center, but Dr. Sierra was insistant that we had to start over from scratch. All I know is that skinny little Puff is having work done. The good news is that Puff tested negitive for heart worms so we will be putting him on medication to insure he stays that way.

Worried mom


Ruff day

December 13th 2008 8:59 pm
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Today was not a good day. Momma asked me if I wanted to go Bye-Bye but being new in the household I really didn't understand what she was asking me. All I know is that momma picked up my crate and me and took me out to the car. There she opened the car door, put in my crate and then put me in the crate. We drove for a long time and then when we stopped, momma took me out of the crate and carried me into a building. I wanted to get down and go sniff around but momma would not put me down. Instead she took me to this funny device that apparently weighs me. I weigh 7.1 pounds. I wanted momma to stand on that thing and see what she weighs but no such luck. Next thing I know someone was shoving a thing up my hind quarters - No hello or nothing. Sheesh, such bad manners. After all this, the guy who came to talk to momma opened my mouth and decided that my teeth were in bad condition and needed to be cleaned right away. This all happened so quickly that one minute I was with my new momma and the next thing I know I was getting my legs shaved and blood taken. I'm glad I'm now home but I heard the lady say that I have to come back in three weeks for follow up shots - ouch.

I'm tired so got to go lay down and forget about what happened.

Puff not feeling so wonderful right now.


What a day

December 14th 2008 4:13 pm
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It's been two whole days and I have not had an accident in the house - momma and daddy are really happy, especially daddy because he is the one who has to clean up after me during the week.

I got a hair cut today. Yup, momma took me in the bathroom and cut my hair down. She said I looked funny with the poodle cut that the vet did when they inserted the IV so I could have my teeth cleaned. Good thing I have a nice sweater and coat that I can wear when I go outside because it is getting cold here. Momma also bought me some booties. We haven't tried them on to see how I like them yet, but I don't really like to get my feet wet so mamma was hoping this would help me.

I had a nice lazy day today. I snuggled with momma on the daybed and played with Coco Rose. I also went and checked up on my bunny sisters to make sure they were nice and comfortable cuz we are expecting rain so they have to be in their hutch.

I am beginning to take the Alpha dog role in the house. Coco Rose is cool with it as she is busy being the Princess. I go in and out of the doors first, pick out what toys we are going to play with and have been insisting that I can use "her" stairs. I really like Coco and am glad she is my new sister. I love my new family!

Puff the wonderful


Puff the protector

December 19th 2008 8:44 pm
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Momma, Coco Rose and I were walking last night in the dark around the block when a truck with this huge man pulled up to us and the man got out of the truck and started towards my momma. I man only be 7 pounds but I started barking and barking at him as loud as I could because I was going to protect my new momma and sister. It’s a good thing for that man that he decided not to mess with us and instead went into the house.

Yup, I protected my women folks. Now, if only I would stop peeing on the carpet.

Puff the wonderful

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