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06/02/11 Pupmobile ride

June 2nd 2011 11:19 am
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It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in Southern Californa, not a cloud in the sky, the sun is out and there is a nice gentle wind blowing. It's about 75 degrees which is perfect weather to go for a pupmobile ride, so momma got out the jogging stroller and when Coco and I saw it we got super excited.

Honk, honk I was saying as I danced around momma's feet (yup, i'm still honking). Coco went running to the back door and was doing zoomies because she wanted to go for a ride.

Momma put me in on the right side of the seat and then put Coco on the left side but that's not how we ride - nope. We have to be on OUR side so Coco and I switched and I was on the left side and Coco was on the right and then we settled down and waited for momma to push the stroller.

We walked to the one lone farm that has survived urban development and looked at the goats, chickens and horses. We love to go by this farm because of all the smells and noises that the animal make, although I suspect the track houses that surround it aren't too happy about them. As we passed the farm and were by a vacent field momma spotted a very large bull frog that had not found cover after the last rain and ended up dying out in the sun. A few feet away was a dead rabbit that had not made it across the road as it had been run over by a car. When we were nearing the beginning of the housing development on the back side of the farm momma suddendly stopped pushing the stroller and said "Look a dead snake". "Where", "Where" Coco and I asked but since we were in the stroller we couldn't see it. Momma said she thinks it was a dead garden snake as they are a pink color like she said this one was.

Coco wanted to know if she could have road kill treats but momma just started pushing the stroller again and ignored her request.

I'm hoping momma will take us out more now that the weather is so nice.

Honk at you later - Puffy




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