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05/12/11 Visit to Lake Skinner

May 12th 2011 7:47 pm
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This morning after momma finally dragged her tired behind out of bed she told daddy that Coco and I were going to go to Lake Skinner.

Daddy gave momma one of "his" looks and asked why.

Momma said she is tired of sitting around the house and wanted to go get some new pictures of us so she took our stroller out to the car and because Puffy and I saw momma with the stroller we got super excited.

Momma grabbed several bottles of water because it has been hot down our way, her camera and cell phone and off we went.

I should remind everyone that where we live there are rattle snakes in some areas. Once several years ago daddy even found a baby rattle snake in our back yard.

Anyhow, on the way to the lake we saw a smashed rattle snake in the road and a little further away there was another dead snake but this one was not a rattle snake, instead is was a pretty pink garden snake which can grow as large as a rattle snake.

When we got to the lake we stopped to pay the admission charge (five dollars per car and 1 dollar per dog) and momma asked the volunteer what we had to do to avoid the snakes. She told momma that they are currently very active and for us to stay on the trails and not to go snooping under rocks or bushes. She also told momma to make lots of noise when walking so that the snakes would hear us and leave.

I'm happy to report that we did not run into any snakes during our visit and that we had a nice time. Momma even broke the law twice by letting us out of the stroller without us having a leash on. She did not however take us down by the lake which is strictly prohibited (dogs are not allowed within 50 feet of the lake) because it is a source of drinking water for those of us who live here and snakes would be more likely found sunning themselves along the water edge and on rocks. Had it not been so hot and there not been a threat of snakes momma would have taken us to the lakes edge to get some pictures - BOL, BOL

Barked by: Abby - Forever Loved (Dogster Member)

May 13th 2011 at 6:00 am

My mom hates snakes, I, on the other hand, find snakes a challenge and they are fun to play with. We don't have any rattle snakes where we are though. Sounds like a good visit to the park.
Barked by: Patch (Dogster Member)

May 14th 2011 at 10:13 am

Snakes?! What are those? They sound awful! Are they worse than cats?




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