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Puff the wonderful

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October 14th 2010 11:59 am
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Yesterday momma was in the sewing room all day making a new canopy for the porch swing. In order to use the sewing maching she had to place two large bags on the floor. Of course I stayed with momma all during this time but I got to wondering what was in those two bags so I went over and started snooping around and found two stuffed Holloween spiders. I couldn't help myself as I was so excited to I grabbed on and went prancing over to momma with MY new toy.

Please momma will you play with me I asked with pleading eyes?

Momma looked over at me and said "No Puff that is not for you".

What do you mean not for me, I found it fair and square as I gave her my most enduring look.

Momma took the spider from me and removed the sale tag then gave it back to me. Okay Puff, it's your spider. I better give Coco hers now too.

WHAT - there were two spiders in the bag?!! How did I manage to miss the other one?

Anyhow I now have a wonderful stuffed spider to play with.





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