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Puff the wonderful

07/31/10 I had a terrible day!

July 31st 2010 7:19 pm
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Momma woke up early, dressed and got my leash so of course I was super excited and went running to the front door. I should have known momma was up to no good when she asked daddy to distract Coco so that momma and I could sneak out the door without her.

Once outside momma placed me in the car and off we drove. I started shaking and moaning because I knew something terrible was about to happen and I was right because we ended up at the vets office. By now I was passing gas a whole lot and momma was laughing saying that the vets were in for a surprise, but I fooled momma because as he was carrying me into the vet’s office I pooped all over myself and momma. Momma tried to clean me up but the more she tried the worse the wet poop got smeared all over me. My tail was totally black with poop. The receptionist refused to take me but she did go get some towels that were soaked in soapy water for momma to clean me up a bit. I had so much poop on me that it took momma quite a while to get me semi-clean. Then the receptionist wrapped me in a towel, held me at arms length and carried me into the chamber of horrors.

Here they poked and poked, stole my urine, stuck a stick up my behind and then kept on taking blood from me all day long. I was only supposed to have the Bile Acid test done but I heard the vet call momma and request permission to perform additional testing for Cushing disease and momma okayed it. I was at the vet from 7:30AM till after 5:00PM. I’m tired, hungry and CRANKY.

Once I got home, what did momma do to me? Did she kiss and cuddle with me and tell me how much she missed me? Well yeah she did but she also picked me up and plopped me into the bathtub and started scrubbing me down to get the dried poop off of me. Afterwards she put me on the bathroom counter and put in some ear cleaner in that I hate although the ear message felt good.

Then momma heated up some of the liver sauce that she made for Coco and I and placed two dishes on the floor for us. Before I could even sniff my plate Simba Blue my kitty brother started eating my food. He licked it down all over and then left. I can’t eat it now that it has kitty cooties on it.

All I can say is it’s been a horrible, horrible day.


Barked by: Demon Flash Bandit (Dogster Member)

August 1st 2010 at 6:25 am

Poor baby!
Barked by: Ella (Dogster Member)

August 1st 2010 at 11:02 am

Oh noes, Puffy... :o( Your day sounds traumatic!!! *hugs* I know your momma will make it up to you.
Barked by: Tiberius (Dogster Member)

August 3rd 2010 at 6:38 pm

ahem.. some other pals have cool eyewear also!!

Did you get your results yet?? We hope you are feeling better after your last Vet trip...




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