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07/04/10 Fourth of July

July 4th 2010 6:55 am
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I had a bath using the new shampoo the vet prescribed for me last night and my hair is squeaky clean. It's a good thing I am a real good doggie and take baths well because momma is supposed to bath me weekly using this new and expensive shampoo. The good news is that the shampoo does not have a sissy smell so I don't end up smelling like a flower - BOL.

Momma said we have to be clean because we have a lot of family members coming over to spend Fourth of July with us. She also told me that I am not supposed to bite anyone, NO MATTER WHAT! All I can say is make sure no one scares me and they will be safe.

Coco told me that momma wants me to wear my red, white and blue tee shirt but it's only a size small so it might not fit. I saw momma wash it last night and then take it out of the dryer and try to stretch it - BOL, BOL. I'll let you know if that worked, right now it is on a chair still drying.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July and please ask your humans to put your collar with current tags on you today just in case you should get scared of the fireworks and escape your home or yard. We would hate for you to go missing.





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