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Puff the wonderful

It's been a terrible Christmas night

December 25th 2009 8:22 pm
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Christmas started out great. I got a snuggie to keep me warm, although it is too big, and a new toy to play with. After all the presents were opened daddy wanted to watch the new DVD that he got so we all settled down in the living room to watch. Daddy kept on saying something smelled and then he picked me up and said it was me!!! Momma the peace keeper in the house told daddy to stop holding me and to just watch the movie. Daddy continued to complain but after watching the movie momma had to go cook dinner so she ignored what daddy was saying. I should tell you that when daddy complains too much momma will take off her bionic ears so she can't hear anything - BOL

Anyhoodle, after the humans ate, momma decided that she would go take a bath. I have learned to high tail it out of the bathroom when the water is running in the tub and to only come back into the bathroom after momma gets in the tub. That is what I did but then daddy came in the bathroom, picked me up and handed me to momma. Yes, I got a Christmas bath. When momma was done washing me she picked me up and put me on the bathroom counter and began cutting off all my beautiful hair saying that I was matted. Well of course I was matted she keeps on putting sweaters and shirts on me so what did she expect?

I sat on the bathroom counter as she cut off my beautiful beard, cut off the long portion of my ears then continued to hack off most of the hair on the plume of my tail. Yes by the time she was done with me I was no longer the gorgeous boy that I was.

I looked up at momma with my sad eyes and asked her "why momma, why"? She responded that I was matted, my beard was discolored and hard, I had tear stains all over my eyes and my tail was a mess.

When momma was done mutilating my hair she dried off what was left with the blow drier and then sat me on the floor. Needless to say I ran out the room quickly so she could not do further damage.

Momma on the other hand was not done with the scissors. She then chased down Coco and proceeded to cut out a couple of matts that were on her ears, trimmed her hair on her ears so that her ears no longer touched the water dish when she drank and washed off her behind with a wash cloth. At no time did momma attempt to give Coco a bath or cut any other hair except for what she had done to her ears. Coco still looks pretty good even if I say so, but I think it's no fair that I had to loose all of my hair. No offense to the poodles out there, but I now kind of look like a poodle. I'm a Maltese not a poodle so momma should have taken me to the groomers and let the professional do their magic on me instead of her making me look like a poodle.

All I can say is I hope momma is not going to make a bath and terrible hair cut a Christmas tradition.


Barked by: Ella (Dogster Member)

December 25th 2009 at 8:56 pm

Awwwww, Puff!! I bet you are still handsome even after all the mutilations!!! :o)
Barked by: Puff (Dogster Member)

December 26th 2009 at 4:05 am

Thank you both for the kind comments but I'm crying doggy tears. All my hair is gone. I look so funny that I don't even want momma to take my picture and I love having my picture taken. I wonder if I can find some hair clips for dogs on Ebay...
Barked by: Biscotte (Dogster Member)

December 26th 2009 at 7:26 am

Dear Puff, we are 100% sure that you are the most beautifull, pretty, cutie, handsome maltese-poddle of the whole world. We LOVE you furry or furrless ! Yes we do ! Licks and kisses XOXOXO Biscotte, Tippy NPC and mom Josee
Barked by: Pepper (Dogster Member)

December 26th 2009 at 11:53 am

Puffy! I'm sure you are still very handsome as always. And if it makes you feel any better, my brother and I too were subjected to a Christmas bath before the family came over!
Barked by: Puff (Dogster Member)

December 26th 2009 at 1:35 pm

The bath I kind of like because after I get pampered and sometimes momma will let me sleep with her all night. It's the terrible hair cut I don't like. It took me a long time to grow out my lovely beard and to have the hair on my ears long and flowing like Coco's. She cut everything off even the plume on my tail. And if that wasn't enough today momma again got out her sissors and said she needed to trim a few areas that she missed. My hair is not thick like most Maltese because of my eariler life. Instead is is patchy and thin. Now you can see the pink of my skin in a lot of places. She might as well have taken the shears and shave everything off - oops I better not give her any ideas.

Thank you all for your comments as they make me feel better.





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