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Puff the wonderful


July 31st 2009 8:55 pm
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For those of you who do not know, I have had several different homes in my short life. The home I am in now is the fourth one that my humans know about. I have been passed along and finally ended up in an animal rescue group. When the lady from the rescue group left me at my new home I ran throughout the whole house looking for her but she never came back to get me. I was so scared that I would sit and shake wondering why once again I was left behind.

I have now been in my new home for 8 months - can you believe it? I still have some issues (going potty on the carpets remains one of them). I know my new momma goes to work and comes back at the end of the day, so I no longer sit and shake in fear. I am an excellent watchdog and have taught Coco Rose to "speak up" when someone approaches our house and you should hear the noise the two of us can make. It sounds like there are a dozen dogs behind our door, but it's only Coco and me - BOL, BOL. I'm really good at letting my human momma groom me which is a good thing because I seem to get alot of baths (did if mention I had yet another bath this week all because I rolled around in something and changed my hair color from white to brown)? I get along real well with Coco, Simba and Bay-Ling. I have yet to earn bunny playing priveliges but maybe someday....My humans give me lots of attention, feed me well, buy me treats and toys, but more than anything, I know they love me.

I'm happy - Puff




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