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Puff the wonderful

The doctor said what?

July 11th 2009 10:13 pm
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Momma got me up early this morning and took me for a car ride. I didn't really like it because I was not allowed to sit in Coco's car seat all because the last time momma let me do that, I climbed out and tried to work my way to the front of the car. I just wanted to be up front with my momma. This time, she put me in a carrier.

As we drove down the "back way" to the surprise destination, we saw hot air balloons up in the sky. Momma even pulled off the road so we could watch a few of them desend for a landing. Then it was back onto the road to the vet - YIKES, did momma say vet?

That's right, momma was taking me to the vet for my 6 month exam. Once we arrived, momma checked me in but being the smart fellow that I can be, I refused to walk for the assistant. I planted my chubby leggs and would not budge. The assistant had to pick me up and carry me into the dreaded hospital.

I was there for hours, and hours. Daddy came and rescued me around 2 in the afternoon. And what did the vet have to say?

Coat & skin - Bright & Shiny
Eyes - Bright and Clear
Ears - Clean & odor free
Mouth, teeth, gums - Tartar or inflammation
Lungs - Normal
Heart - Normal
Abdomen - Normal
Urogenital System - Normal
Anal Sacs - Empty/Normal
Musculoskeletal - Normal

Puffs current condition - EXCELLENT
Weight - Average

So, here's the thing, if my current condition is excellent and my weight is average, why did the vet attach a page regarding obesity to my records?

Puff - still a butterball but happy




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