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Puff the wonderful

You want me to do what?

June 14th 2009 8:07 pm
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It was dinner time and I was hungry and anticipating my new home cooked meal that momma has been feeding me once a day. Momma took my pre-cooked dinner out of the refrigerator and put the last of it on a microwave plate. Into the microwave it went and I was sitting close by to make sure I was in the ideal place when it came out.

The microwave beeped and I stood up - momma opened the microwave door and suddenly, my food was all over the floor and mommas big toe was gushing blood.

Momma - Um, I could use a little help over here.

Daddy (sitting at the table eating his dinner) - Huh - what?

Momma - I just dropped Puff's dinner and the plate cut my foot. I'm bleeding.

Daddy - Why did you do that?

Momma - It's not like I planned this you know.

Daddy gets up and goes and gets a dustpan and small broom.

Momma - Don't clean that up, the plate didn't break, let Puff clean it up off the floor.

What - me eat off the floor?? I have my standards you know so I did not clean up the floor for her; instead, I went to the table and got some tasty roast beef instead.

Yes, ole Puff scored again, and momma got a bleeding, black and blue toe.





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