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Why's he looking at me?

April 12th 2009 6:24 am
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Simba Blue, my kitty brother and I have had a "tiny" little squabble going on ever since I got a mouth full of kitty butt hair in my mouth a few months ago. He tends to taunt me and challenge me to whenever he wants to get into a fight. Just yesterday he jumped up on the daybed and proceeded to lay right in front of me and stuck his nose right in my face and stared at me - why????

I was not bothering him at all! All I was doing was laying on the daybed with one of my toys minding my own business. I grabbed my toy and put my chin on it so Simba couldn't get it. Simba just continued to stare at me so I turned my head away and acted like he was not bothering me, but he really was.

Simba then reached out with one of his paws and touched me! I stayed still and pretended that I didn't feel it, but then he did it again, so I turned me head and looked at Simba and I tell you, that ole crazy cat had a big grin on his face. Nothing happened after that, but I tell you, you have to be careful around Simba because you never know what he is going to do.

Later in the day, daddy picked up Simba and was holding him and petting him so Simba started hollering and struggling to get down. Bay-Ling my nice kitty sister came to see what was upsetting Simba. I came running simply because this was happening in the kitchen and I was hoping for something to eat. Daddy couldn't put Simba down by Bay-Ling because when Simba is upset he will strike out at the closest thing. Well daddy didn't see me so when he put Simba down, Simba hissed at me so I did the only thing I could do and that was go after him. Now don't panic, I only chased Simba into the sewing room and Simba jumped up on the sewing table. He was not hurt in any way and I did not get another mouth full of kitty butt hair - BOL.





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