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I protected the women folk

March 14th 2009 9:34 pm
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Daddy went to the store around 8:30 tonight because he wanted some ice cream. I stayed home with Coco, the kitties and of course momma who was in the kitchen making cup cakes. Suddendly, I started barking like a mad dawg. Momma couldn't hear me because she had taken her bionic ears off but she could see me running to the door. She peaked out the curtains and saw three young boys ringing our door bell. She went and put on her bionic ears but when she got to the door the boys were down the street. I barked a few more times just for good measure and then went back to begging for something to snack on. I was getting into my begging position when the door bell rang again. Of course I went running and barking again to the front door. Momma still had on her bionic ears so she answered the door and this time there were another three young boys at the door. They were on a scavenger hunt. Momma wasn't too thrilled to have young boys running around the neighborhood unsupervised and going to peoples doors that they did not know (we knew none of the boys). Anyhow, I stood my ground and bark and barked until they left.

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