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I'm learning

March 13th 2009 8:44 pm
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I am doing real well in my private obidience lessons. I know "sit", "watch me", "wait "and "okay". I'm working on "down" but I don't like to do this one. "Wait" is another command I'm not crazy about. I haven't figured out why I have to wait. Is there a reason someone offers you a tasty tibbit only to put it right in front of your nose and then tease you with "wait"? Sheesh, if you stick it in front of my nose then you better be prepaired for me to gobble it down.

In regards to going potty on the carpet, I'm proud to report there have been no accidents lately. The humans have finally given up on the training pen and I am now shut in the sewing room with Coco when the humans are working or can't watch me. I'm not actually shut into the sewing room, the humans put a baby gate across the door way so I can't go explore the rest of the house. I like the sewing room because this is the room that I sleep in at night with momma, Coco and sometimes even Simba. Of course I'm not going to make a mess in my favorite room.

Well got to go finish the pig ear that I found laying on the daybed. It sure is a mighty tasty item. This one is almost gone but I saw momma give Coco Rose a brand new new one so I have to go find her - BOL





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