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Puff the wonderful

It's my birthday!

February 20th 2009 9:41 pm
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Today I am a whole five years old! I was being a real good doggie until momma and daddy went out to dinner and left be and Coco at home in the sewing room. I got upset and peed on the daybed. You know I just couldn't help myself. Momma had come home from work and I wanted her to play with me. She picked Coco Rose up and snuggled with her for a little them she picked me up and snuggled and kissed me. Everything was going along just fine and them BAM, Coco and I were put in the sewing room and momma put up the baby gate and out the front door she went with daddy. It seemed like they were gone forever. When they got home, we were asked if we needed to go outside. Coco Rose went running to the door and of course I followed, I'm not stupid you know.

Momma got a soda and sat on the daybed. It was then that she found my present a nice big pee spot. I ask you, what was I supposed to do? I was upset and I showed them, now momma is washing all the sheets and stuff off the daybed. Sorry momma.




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