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Family life is hard

January 31st 2009 7:10 pm
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My new family continues to have potty issues with me. Just when they think I'm getting the rules I manage to leave them a surprise. Momma spent most of today and part of yesterday (while at work) searching the internet for a good dog trainer. Coco Rose went to one of the local animal supply places, but both humans feel I need more of a professional who will be able to help with my other issues also.

I'm really not sure what all the fuss is about, Snoopy did his business on the dining room table and Tiberius tinkled in the recliner. Are either of my wonderful friends being sent to obidence school? NO, so why do I have to go? I keep telling the humans that their carpet needs to be replaced anyways so why get upset? Mom wants to send me to a three week class that will board me, house train and teach me basic obidence, kind of like a booth camp for dogs. This place is too far from home and they won't come out and say how much it costs. Momma is afraid she is going to loose her job this year so she really can't spend a lot of money, plus she doesn't have it anyways so it's out. There is another place closer to home that does training using those shock collars. This place also will not come right out and say how much it is so momma is going to pass on them. She did find a place close to home that offers a 6 week basic training class that is reasonable and does not use the shock collars so momma is going to check them out more. If I go, we can either go to the 6pm class or the Saturday afternoon class. I really won't mind the obidence trainning as long as my human is with me. I don't want to be sent away again even if it's only for three weeks. To me, that would be a lifetime. I'm really trying to be a good boy.




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