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What a day I had

January 25th 2009 12:29 am
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I went to the vet and got a shot for tape worms today. Wish I could say my butt has stopped iching but it hasn't. If anything it is iching more than when I first went there. After the vet visit I went with Coco Rose to her groomer. Everyone made a big fuss over me and told momma that the only time I acted out was when they put Coco Rose in the bath tub I stated to bark. Once I saw she was okay I got quite again (I didn't know what they were doing to my sister and it's my job to protect her). When I got back home, the new gas range had been delivered and daddy was busy installing it so Coco and I took a nap. After dinner momma and daddy decided to go to the movies and since they don't trust me to be a good little boy, we got locked in the kitchen while they were gone. When they got home, Coco and I greeted them at the front door because I had knocked down the baby gate that daddy had put up to keep Coco and I in the kitchen. Momma found a puddle of dog pee in the kitchen and blaimed me for it. I ask you is that fair? It might have been Coco or one of the two cats why point the fingure at me?

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