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Puff the wonderful

It's going to be a busy day

January 24th 2009 5:09 am
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It's 5AM Saturday morning and my human mom is up. Said something about the new gas range is going to be delivered and that Coco Rose and I have to go to the vet. Me because I have tape worms and Coco Rose as a precaution to make sure she doesn't have them also. After that we are both going to the groomers. Mom says this will probably be my first and last trip to the groomers because it is so expensive. I let my human mom groom me so she will take over the duties. She just wants the professionals to "clean me up a bit" and then she will maintain me. I love to be combed and will sit for hours letting momma run the comb through my hair. Coco Rose on the other hand is a real diva and only wants the complete pampering that the professionals to do her. If momma tries to comb her hair, she get down right snippy. The groomer loves Coco Rose and know how to handle her.

Since I've been in my furever home I have filled out and my bones aren't sticking out as much. I love food, I mean really LOVE food and can't get enough.

Got to go, I hear someone in the kitchen.

Puff the wonderful




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