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Puff the wonderful


January 21st 2009 3:16 am
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It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow and then again this weekend. What am I going to do? I don't like to go potty outside in the rain. Might as well pick out my favorite spot on the carpet - BOL. The humans continue to fight with me over the use of the carpet. They say it's for walking on, I say I am walking on it, but also for leaving behind some presents, what's the problem? I don't understand why they fuss, the carpet is old and worn. I'm not even the first dog who has peed on it. Logan was a huge 120 pound Old English Sheepdog and he peed on it first. Do they really think my little pee-pees match his? I also know Coco Rose peed on it too, yes, the little Princess did her business on the carpet for almost one whole year. Now she gives me dirty looks when she see me lift my leg but she did the same thing. Give me a break!

Puff the wonderful




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