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Puff the wonderful

I'm in trouble

January 5th 2009 9:08 pm
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My morning started off alright. Momma had to go back to work today after being home four days straight. I wanted her to stay home and snuggle with me, but when she woke up at one AM, she let me and Coco out of our crates and we climbed up onto the daybed and went back to sleep with momma until 5am. When we go up the second time, momma let us outside and we were supposed to go potty and then come back inside. Show off Coco did, but I did not. While momma was taking her bath, daddy let us both back inside. It was then, that Idecided to use the living room carpet as my bathroom. At the time, it seemed like a good idea but Simba was sitting on the sofa and saw me go Poop. Unknown to me, was that daddy had laied back down on the sofa and was under the quilt. He turned on the light and started sniffing and Simba keept on looking at my fresh poop pile. I paniced and got one of the dog toys and placed it on top of the poop to try to hide my handy work. Yup, nothing like toy ala poop. Do I need to tell you that daddy was mad? He hauled my little self off and placed me in doggy jail, my crate. I haven't even gotten up the nerve to ask daddy what he did with my toy.

Puff the wonderful (well maybe not so wonderful today)




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