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Puff the wonderful

Bully Sticks

December 27th 2008 8:06 pm
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Yummy - I have discovered Bully Sticks. Tiberius and Dylan's family sent us some and this is the first treat that I have taken away from Coco. Yes, she was chomping on one first but after watching her for ages, I got up my nerve and took it away from her and claimed it as my own. Now don't panic because there was another one so momma got it for Coco, but Coco sat there and gave me nasty looks as I continued to chew away on the tasty bully stick. Momma and daddy think giving me a bully stick in my crate will help calm me when momma goes back to work on Monday and I will have to be crated off and on through out the day so that I don't go potty on the carpet. I've been real good for three days so the peeps are pretty certain my going to the bathroom on the carpet is due to seperation anxiety when my human momma is gone. Momma is going to test this theory tomorrow because Coco is going to the groomers and momma is going to go down the hill to buy some more bully sticks for this coming week. Daddy will be busy watching the football games and I will be all by myself for awhile.

Puff the wonderful




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