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Puff the wonderful

Ruff day

December 13th 2008 8:59 pm
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Today was not a good day. Momma asked me if I wanted to go Bye-Bye but being new in the household I really didn't understand what she was asking me. All I know is that momma picked up my crate and me and took me out to the car. There she opened the car door, put in my crate and then put me in the crate. We drove for a long time and then when we stopped, momma took me out of the crate and carried me into a building. I wanted to get down and go sniff around but momma would not put me down. Instead she took me to this funny device that apparently weighs me. I weigh 7.1 pounds. I wanted momma to stand on that thing and see what she weighs but no such luck. Next thing I know someone was shoving a thing up my hind quarters - No hello or nothing. Sheesh, such bad manners. After all this, the guy who came to talk to momma opened my mouth and decided that my teeth were in bad condition and needed to be cleaned right away. This all happened so quickly that one minute I was with my new momma and the next thing I know I was getting my legs shaved and blood taken. I'm glad I'm now home but I heard the lady say that I have to come back in three weeks for follow up shots - ouch.

I'm tired so got to go lay down and forget about what happened.

Puff not feeling so wonderful right now.




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