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Paw .. Paw .. Heyaa ~~

PS : I love my master

October 21st 2009 6:32 am
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Well, I have said this too many times but I just want to confirm once again !! I love Nia, my master as Nia loves me. Nia said this to me:
"Molly, I love you. For all the time. For the rest of my life! I love you more and more especially after I read Chicken Soup for the Pet lover's soul. I saw many miracles about relationship between dogs and their masters. I also saw a story about Hachiko, a dog who lived in Japan around 1924. He waited his master for about 10 years without knowing that his master had died. MOLLY ..STAY HERE WITH ME. YOU'RE THE BREATH OF MY LIFE ..."

well, I cried after she said this to me :)


Mommy wrote :

September 16th 2009 9:22 pm
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I have no words to express anything
She was so fragile when the 1st time I brought Molly to my home
She wagged her tail
But her eyes said so many things
I thought maybe if she could speak she would said:
"Yipiii ..finally I found new home . There's someone who loves me affectionately . play with me every day and feed me delicious meat"

Molly understands me with her own way
When I feel alone and feel like the world hostiles me, Molly is there. with her brown funny eyes, she seems like hear my problem and now I just want to shout yeahh ..I love you Molly ..for the rest of my life


So sad and I don't know, are my babbies ok ??

July 31st 2009 3:32 am
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Hi all ..... This is Molly... I am back !! UuuOooo ..
almost 3 months I felt so tired to take care all of my babbies ..yeahh ..u know, O'neill, Darla, Frey and Freya. Freya is with my mommy's friend, Bella .. she is a dog lover so I trust her to continue take care Freya ..and Frey is with Bella's friend now. I don't know who is her/him but Bella convinced me that Frey will be okay. She planned to make Frey as a gift to her friend.. her friend's father died maybe few years ago caused of cancer.. so miserable. I hope my son could cure her sad .. O'neill is with my mommy's best friend. her name is Sarah.. Before O'neill was given to Sarah, Sarah has been has a pomeranian named Micky.. Hopefully O'neill can be friend with Micky.. Last Darla was given to Bella's cousin.. Bella's cousin is autism.. her doctor told that dog can cure autism so I hope Darla can be her friend either a medicine for Bella's cousin ..

yeah ..I think my fingers need bed-rest .. I can not type longer ..Bye

Molly Dollydoll


I have 4 little cute puppies

May 4th 2009 4:03 am
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I gave birth on May 1st. My owner didn't know before. So she and her family were so surprise saw my funny children. i took care of them. yesterday, there was a black cat looked at them. i knew that the cat was admire about how cute they are but i did not like it. i don't like cat so i screamed at it, i fought with my paws then finally a lot of its fur fell down. i laughed. i always protect them but i know finally i have to separate with them. my owner's family can not take care more than one dog. they do not have enough money. i can understand miserably


hi ..:) birthday .. birthday .. ahayyyy .. aroooo

February 23rd 2009 6:07 am
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i celebrated my birthday with my owner .. that was very interesting .. she asked me to jog first .. went to anywhere i want .. it was really fun .. my pups are out of the system anywhere .. so everyone could smell it .. hiyaaaaa ~~~~
my owner's family forgot my b'day .. actually they didn't know my b'day ... huhuuu .. i hated them all .. seemed that they didn't care to me .. but everything is ok now .. even my owner's brother likes to yell at me .. i know he loves me very much ... on valentine day few days ago he drew a picture of me with cake and greeting ..


New Year Celebration ...

January 2nd 2009 10:08 pm
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On 31st night on December ,, all people include my owner lighted up the fireworks .. There were so many fireworks in the sky and it sounded very loud ..i was so afraid ..:)
i hid behind the wall .. it seemed like big lightning .. i thought there was big disaster but my owner said .."Molly .. come on .. go out .. see the fireworks anh happy with us .. This night is New Year's eve .."

My owner toted me because i still hid behind the wall . She closed my ears when fireworks released big loud .. i could see something in the sky which had many colors .. yeah .. i started to enjoy it but i still couldn't understand why that beautiful stuff made up the big loud ..


i chased my owner to the church

December 13th 2008 4:11 pm
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Yeah .. seriously .. i chased my owner about 2 weeks ago when she wanted to go to the church. I could run fast even when she went by motorcycle. But my owner didn't allow me enter to the church so i back home with her dad ..:)
Oh .. I love my owner. She promises me to give me a present when my birthday in February. Yeah .. She often says that she loves me too


molly jumped through the wall then she fought

December 7th 2008 6:36 pm
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yeah . this happened this morning when i ate my breakfast. molly jumped through my wall to my neighbour's house. There is a male dog named Toni. i confused how to released her out. I saw Toni's getting angry because Molly ate his food. hahaha :) looked funny. I don't know Toni liked or hated Molly. They both looked like fight but also play together .. At first, i wanted record that but i thought release Molly as soon as i could it's better

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Moly Dollydoll


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