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Mali and the Monster

To Wooo or not to wooo

August 5th 2009 8:50 am
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Three days ago, Mali and I were stopped in traffic. I had all the windows rolled down as it was not very hot out and there was a nice breeze. Mali was enjoying flirting with the people in the car next to us when she heard the sirens of a fire truck. The expression on her face was priceless as she snapped her heard around to look at me pleadingly. I swear her eyes were sparkling and she had a grin on her face that ran from ear to ear!

I now had a clue as to why we were all stopped in one place for so long there was either an accident or a fire up a head. Either Mali's look was so convincing or I am a push over but either way, I said okay go ahead and howl. She lifted her chin towards the ceiling of my car and curled her lips into an O starting with a very deep-throated sound, which turned the heads of all the people around us. As the fire truck got nearer, she changed her howl to harmonize with it to a more piercing sound. Thank goodness, my windows were down or my eardrums would not have survived.

The fire truck passed and Mali continued to howl, lowering the pitch back to the deep-throated pitch of earlier. Finally I could barely hear the truck and could see it had stopped and tried to get Mali to stop howling, ~besides how does she breathe howling for that long?~. At first she did not seem to hear me talking to her as she was so clearly enjoying herself. People in the cars in front of me and behind me had gotten out of their cars to see what was going on and not only were they looking up at the fire truck they were looking at my car, ~Mali shhhh now~.

I placed my right hand in the back and touched her left shoulder she lowered her still howling head and looked at me, I know she was at least listening. I told her to stop howling now. Mali placed her muzzle in my hand still howling Wooo wooo wooo but softer than before, I told her she needed to stop no... she Woo woo again quieter woo woo, I could not contain a big smile as it was obvious she really wanted to howl woo wooooo, I put on a stern face, but I know my voice was going to break if I was not careful and I said Enough. One word was all I could manage or I would laugh. She stopped with the WOOs and I told her she was a good girl.

Traffic started to move not to long after, first one side and than the other. We were the other side; and just when we were about to move an ambulance came roaring by and Mali started again WOOOOOooooooo, she did not ask me this time. After all, she had already asked if it was okay to howl in the car just a little while ago. I kept the windows down and droving right past the two cars with the crunched fronts with my dog singing in the back seat. Once we hit 50 miles per hour Mali stopped the singing and all was quiet again.


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Barked by: Ulli (Forever in our hearts) (Dogster Member)

August 6th 2009 at 11:36 am

WoooWooo! You are amazing Mali!!! With all that hard work you do, you need an outlet! Are you training for opera? Wooow........ Me and Joey thought we were so smart because we jump away if someone is going to fall! You sure are special! It's a great thought to catch someone's fall, who woulda thunk it?? You are the most impressive dog ever! If you put your lips together so well for howling, can you whistle too?? We can't wait to find out!!!

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