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Have I got nose for you!

I guess Mom heard from the "important people"!

April 4th 2005 12:41 pm
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Last year Mom took my other half and myself up to a big Dachshund festival in Washington. There were weiners everywhere. It was amazing! There were a bunch of funny looking camaras and people milling around that smelled really important. I stuck to Mom's side while my "other half" Ruger kept trying to get into everything (typical woman. Always trying to run the show). Anyway, I got to show them how good I am at finding drugs and after that some people came up to talk to Mom. She told me later on that they were from The Jay Leno Show and Animal Planet. It didn't impress me much, but Mom thought it was pretty cool.

Well just a couple weeks ago, she got something really important on the computer.(she calls it "email") It must have been important because she kept acting really weird the rest of the day. Like she was dreaming or something. I kept my eye on her. Well then she told me that it was from one of those important people she had talked to last year and I guess they want me on TV. She keeps saying something about Pet Star. What ever that means. All I know is that its supposed to be really cool and my other half and me will be going on another trip with Mom pretty soon.

I just wanted to add something. Ruger is my wife and I love her. I remember when she first came to me. She was sick, I could smell that, so I let her know that I loved her very much. She told me later that she came from a very bad place where she had not gotten much to eat and had been hurt and not cared for. This is bad! The place I came from was very nice. I always had food and a warm bed, and people to love me. I made a vou to myself that nothing would ever hurt her again and I would show her how nice things can be. I have done my best to keep that promise.

I love you Ruger.


(Note from Gunny's owner: Gunny's "other half" is Due's Frau Ruger von Gunny. And the filming for Pet Star will be in May)


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