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When Irish Dogs Are Smiling

Happy Weekend

July 24th 2009 5:27 pm
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Woof Woof
I have made alot of new friends this week. I have had all my things blown away in a storm, but we found them in the cow pasture.
Speaking of cows. We are in a extreme drought here in Texas. I was let outdoors in late evening and Mom and The Boy (I love The Boy so much) were filling up my water dish for the night when all these cows next door came running over to the fence mooing and snorting and flinging cow snots all over(Mom gagged BOL). So The Boy held the hose over the fence and those cows drank from the hose. So funny, well till they all got excited over that water. Mom and The Boy had to put my swimming pool under the fence and fill it TWICE for those thirsty bovines! They drank and left. I will make sure to bark at them next time they venture into our yard.
I will be glad for fall as I get to stay out more. I have all kinds of critters I am friends with. Mom says we have to BE CAREFUL shots and all since there is a rabies outbreak here.
Gotta run and chase kitties!
Woof Woof
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