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My Life As a Peep

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It was free PUPCAKE day!!

August 8th 2009 9:24 am
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Today I got to go to the Three Dog Bakery for the first time. They were having "free pupcake day" plus a clearance sale.

It was so much fun. I got to meet some other dogs. The first two I met were a little tense and I was a little tense, too, but we just did lotsa sniffing and then our pawrents took us away. I wiggled and wagged back to mom - "Look!! I just met two dogs, wasn't that cool???" and then I got to meet their little bro. But their little bro is just a pup and we wanted to plaaaaaaaay after we sniffed. BOL So we bounced around and got caught up in our leashes and I tried to put my paws all over him 'cause that's so much fun to do but then the little guy got picked up so that he didn't get smooshed. Oooops. BOL. I didn't jump up on his dad and mom thought that was good.

Then the next doggie I met is the official doggie greeter. He's a sheltie. We sniffed and then that was that. He roams around the store and so I saw him again a couple times. There was also a golden retriever but we never went over to meet each other, and there were some 2-legged kids there too but mom didn't let me ask for pets and kisses 'cause she didn't want me to forget myself and jump up on anyone to give kisses.

We practice all the stuff I know (sit, down, target, shake, back) and I was a really good boy. When mom would stop to chat I'd sit there and start whining a bit and the lady behind the counter would say "What's the matter, Stewie?" I don't wanna sit still, I wanna sniff stuff!! Yeah!

Then, mom bought two new toys and at the checkout, I got my free pupcake! There's a little table outside so mom sat down there and gave me my pupcake. It was sooooo good. Yum yum yum!

I wanna go back there! Yeah!


Why is it always....

July 27th 2009 5:18 pm
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This is "Mom", hijacking Stewie's diary for a moment.

I was out at the bookstore and decided to pop into the near by pet store "just to look". Of course I ended up buying about $25 in toys, after convincing myself that the boys were bored with their latest stock (lots of home-made fleece tuggies, remnants of Stewie's coveted fish toy from two weeks ago, wubbas without tails, lost tennis balls, a really boring rubber tuggie, and the really cool fleece/rope toy that they snubbed for a week or two before ripping it apart with relish) even though I watched them play with stuff just hours before. Well, one can be indulgent sometimes, right? Especially for the sake of others?

But I'm back there in the toy aisles, mentally comparing this store's toy selection to that of two others. This one's falling a bit short, but it tends to be cheap, and I finally decide to get a rope with two tennis balls attached and a mint rope. Good for a satisfying chew, which is what both of the boys seem to be most interested in right now. I handle other sturdy looking toys and feel for squeakers... unfortunately there are many and I know that gutting will happen much too quickly. Stewie has swallowed more than I would like to admit, but it's all come through OK. Oh, except for the time he got the brilliant idea to eat a few rocks. But squeakers still make me nervous so I try not to buy them too often. I look at rubber toys and imagine Stewie gnawing off pieces and swallowing those, too.

Hmm.... so hard to find new toys to keep things interesting!

I'm ready to leave, but see a firehose toy. Stewie had one before but he made quick work of it. But I think "What the heck" and pick the biggest one.

When I get home, have all the labels off, and am ready to distribute toys and lessen any jealousy issues over a brand-new toy, all 3 dogs are crowded around me. I let Stewie have first pick since I want to get something into his mouth before he tries to steal something from wee Emerson. He takes the minty toy and promptly drops it, looking eager. I offer the other rope toy but he pays it no mind at all. His enthusiasm gives way and he's jumping up in excitement. Doubtful, I offer the firehose. He takes it with such glee and immediately trots over to the couch, tail wiggling so hard that the whole of him is wiggling. Emerson settles on the minty rope, which he takes to his crate, and Jasmine (who doesn't play a whole lot anymore) gets a kick out of simply sniffing the rope with tennis balls.

This is not the first time I am left wondering "Why is it always the toy I buy last, on a whim, that they love the most?"

All those toy-aisle deliberations don't matter at all to the dogs.

But luckily, the boys are young, and they warm up to all toys in their own time. I know they will put some wear and tear into these toys. But for now they are quite pleased as punch with what mom brought home from the store! The only thing that could have made them happier was if I had brought them with me. We'll do that next time.


Met 2 new doggies today

June 29th 2009 3:05 pm
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Today Daddy came home from work and, not too long after, took me on a car ride! All right! We were off to Daddy's work. I've been there before, mostly to schmooze with the people he works with. Well, this time we weren't there to visit with people (but that's a perk, too, of course) but to visit with 2 DOGS! Daddy's boss has two older collies. One of them sniffed me and then walked away, and the other was more like Jasmine and did lotsa barking. Well, I didn't want to upset them so I didn't ask them to play or anything like that. It was fun, but we didn't stay for long. It was still nice to get out of the house for awhile, do something fun.

Today mom found a hula-hoop in the shed and got the wild idea to try it out. It makes noise so she rolled it around and left it on the ground for us to investigate. She always made sure we weren't near here before she started hula hoopin'... but I'd march over to check it out. The first time I did that, I got whacked in the face not once but twice! Mom couldn't stop the hoop in time. That didn't deter me from marching over to again and again about five more times (mom stopped the hoop well in advance those times) until finally I didn't care anymore and let mom have her fun.

I also got a new treat today. Mom put a piece of banana into the bottom of our kongs to stop them up. Then she put plain yogurt into the kong. Then she put them in cups and stuck them in the freezer. At that point, all we got to do was lick the yogurt off her fingers. Why was the freezer getting a treat and not us?? But mom explained that they had to sit in there for a few hours and we'd get to eat them later. When "later" came, those kongs were super cold but so yummy!! Mmmm!


It was gonna EAT ME!!!!!!!

June 23rd 2009 5:54 am
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And it was probably going to ENJOY IT, too.

Ya'll know what I'm talkin' 'bout. One minute your mom is as nice as could be and is giving you lots of treats for getting in and out of the tub and for doing tricks in the tub. And then she's helping -- HELPING!!! -- the crazy water monster to eat me.

Man, I was almost halfway up the wall backwards like Spidey!!!

Oh, I've had baths before, sure. But I thought it was like a "one time only thing" so I made a mental note to never get sequestered into that same situation again. Oh, how easily I'm fooled.

Even all my pitiful looks didn't make it have any mercy. I did manage to leap out early on, stick my nose into the treat bag for comfort. Mom was a little irritated about that and snatched the treat bag away and then I said "OH NO!! Don't be mad at me, are you mad at me?" and did my usual wiggly kissy routine. I am a sensitive guy, if you haven't caught onto that by now. Anyway, mom just told me to get back into the tub and I said nooooooo but I did go in eventually.

The shampoo massage isn't half bad. The second rinse wasn't as terrible as the first. But ICK, no thank you, I don't think I need another bath in my entire life, OK mom???? I wasn't even that dirty!!!!


Synchronized tail wagging...

June 22nd 2009 4:29 am
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...makes two troublesome boy doggies look extra extra cute.

That is what mom told me an' Emerson this morning, anyway. Hmm... gotta make sure we do that more often!


A Bird a Day Keeps the Vet Away!

June 20th 2009 1:48 pm
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Weeeeeelll... not so sure about that "keeps vet away" thing. It just sounded good. "Bird a Day", however, has been totally true! Ever since the grape incident.

3, yes 3, birds. One day after another. Mom is starting to get into the routine of calling all of us dogs in, screeching at Emerson to leave the bird alone and DROP IT!!! (I always am playing with the bird and telling Emerson to stay away, and then when I get up to come into the house Emerson grabs the bird and makes to come into the house with it!!!!) and then shuffling out through the front door, scooping poor bird into poop scoop, and disposing of it. Oh yeah, and then avoiding bird breath kisses for the rest of the day. Hehehe! :)

Mom has yet to see how in the world we catch these darn birds. They are either young or very stupid or both.


Grapes. Yuck

June 17th 2009 8:43 am
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I'm havin' a bad day today and it's all those darn grapes' fault!!!!!

See, mom had some grapes for breakfast but forgot to put them back in the fridge. So they were sitting up on the stove. And I thought I might like to have some for breakfast, too, so I finished off the bag (quite a few grapes!).

I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for that meddlin' Emerson! He started rustling the bag to chew on the stem, and that's when mom heard us and knew something was amiss.

So then she was saying "Shame on you all!" and muttering under her breath as she was pickin' everything up. Oh noooo! I hate it when someone's mad at me, so I did all my cute wiggling stuff and put on my best "Sorry mom!! Are you mad at me?? Please don't be mad at me!!" face and remembered to sit like a good boy to show off that I was still a good boy. Mom pet me and let me give her kisses but she was still a bit agitated. Then she got on the phone and talked for a bit and then she hung up and glared at me and Emerson again. Then there was a big SIGH and she got all perky again. Oh whew! So she wasn't mad at us! Then she grabbed a couple things, including this thing called "Hydrogen peroxide" and we all got to go outside.

WELL! Then things got REALLY interesting. That hydrogen stuff got poured down my throat!!! Yuck yuck yuck yuck!! Emerson had to get it, too. We were both coughing and spluttering. Emerson trotted off to eat some grass and soon he barfed. No grapes!

Ten minutes later I had to get more of it down my throat. I really didn't feel good then, but still no barfing. Mom got on the phone again and then I had to get another dose!!! YUCK!!! I didn't really want to get it, I clamped my teeth shut an' everything. THEN I was barfin', and out came a lot of grapes, still perfectly round and looking ready to eat. Mom scooped it all up into the poop scoop and put that out on the driveway. Ooooooh. I don't feel good. When we came in the house I curled up in my crate on my blanket and pouted.

My poor tummy!


Where did everyone goooooo???

June 11th 2009 7:31 am
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Like I said before, Becky and my grandpawrents came. I was a good boy and remembered (well, most of the time) not to jump on anyone. Becky's really cool 'cause she always shares her food with us dogs. Mom never does that!! Grandma likes to pet me but I have to resist the urge to crawl into her lap. Something about me being "too heavy". Grandpa is a little less on the cuddly side but I still tried.

So then my grandpawrents left. Then the next day Becky left and EMERSON came back. Then the next day MAMA left. Wow!!!! Emerson was one of Mama's pups and his home didn't work out so he's back here. I immediately resumed my "Uncle Stewie lessons in wrasslin' and mouth jivin'" with him. Mama went to her new family. They are really excited to be her new family and Mama's gonna have fun there. But now I have no one to really WRASSLE with until Emerson gets the moves down. Hmph.

But, while wrasslin' went down, walks went up! Ya see, Emerson was always quite shy and we're not sure he got out and about in the world enough for the last two months. So mom, who is very bad at keeping a walking schedule, has been surprisingly diligent about getting Emerson and I out for walks. It's lotsa fun. I amble along and don't bat an eye at much of anything, and Emerson pulls a bit and jumps a mile at everything. But he's been getting a lot better really quickly. Yay for Emerson!


What a day!!

May 31st 2009 4:55 pm
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Wow, I got to go lotsa places today. I went to two different pet stores and the car rides were pawsome too, of course.

One of mom's former foster pups tore her ACL and is recovery from surgery, so I helped mom pick out the bestest toys ever for a care package. We're sending her a wubba and some bully sticks and a rope ball. Yeah! I got lotsa cheese for paying attention to mom inside the stores. Gosh that's hard. I just LOVE PEOPLE so I want to meet everyone I see. Unfortunately that also means I want to jump on them and give 'em a kiss! Lotsa people think I'm "beautiful" but mom says that's no excuse to have bad manners.

Apparently we're gonna have some guests. Becky's coming back. I met her in December when she stayed for a while. She's PAWSOME to jump on and lick. And my grandpawrents, who I met several months ago at their house, are coming here, too. Mom says I gotta be a good boy. Gosh, I'll try, but it's a hard job, ya know???

Pffffft self control is overrated.


Spring is here!

May 10th 2009 11:59 am
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This is my very first spring. And boy is it interesting. The grass got tall and thick and then this MONSTER came to eat it all up. I tried biting the monster's "legs" (though mom called them "wheels") to make it go away but everyone kept telling me to knock it off -- even our foster Mama got after me. So then I just followed behind my dad as he pushed the monster around, and when I came in I had green feet. Weird!!! I really don't like that monster.

The birds are out and all over the place. They are crazy.

I've also been working on a lot more stuff. This is what I know (and it is all on voice cue, baby! Yeah!):

Stay (that one's hard, but I'm pretty good at it. We're always practicing)
High Five
Target (nose touch)
And we're working on "Back"

Mom says lots more is in my future! Wow!

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