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Mommy found a solid suspicious mass on my elbow :(

May 14th 2012 11:44 am
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Mommy noticed a firm solid suspicious lump the size of a large marble on my elbow. It’s not attached to the bone, just the skin. Mommy took me into the vet for my vaccinations a couple months ago, and she decided to have them check it out. They were concerned and tried a fine needle aspiration to get cells out of it; unfortunately, it was a solid mass so they couldn't get cells. With growing concern that this could be a malignant mass, they told my mommy that the best decision would be to have it removed through surgery and then have it sent to a lab for biopsy. Mommy has been so worried. My family has been keeping an eye on me for the last couple months. They think that now, the best decision truly might be surgery. They are curious to know if the mass is cancerous. They will be making the appointment to have it removed within the next few days. The results of the biopsy should be here 2 weeks after surgery. I will keep everyone updated on what’s going on. Mommy is praying I don’t have cancer. It’s a scary thought! I am her baby and she loves me. I hope I don’t have cancer as well :(

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