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Mom's Playing Favorites

March 10th 2013 4:21 pm
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I can't believe it. Mom took that little doorknob Quigley on an adventure and I had to stay home.

Although I have to say it was heaven to be able to sleep for a couple of hours uninterrupted and have the house to myself.

I was hoping she took him to the vet, but NOOOOOOOOO! When he came back he told me all about his fun afternoon with all the Boston pups.

Mom gave me a hug and explained that because I'm not dog friendly she couldn't take me. Rats. But she is right. I like my brother but because of my background Mom's never sure how I'll react with other dogs.

At least Quigley brought back smells for me.

The best part is that soon the little doorknob will conk out and I'll have Mom all to myself for the rest of the night.

I can live with that, but Mom better give me one of her amazing backrubs, then I'll forgive her.


Doc Put Me on a Diet - Not Happy

February 12th 2013 11:33 am
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Mom took me to the Vet for my 8 week B12 shot. Mom was praising me because I lost almost a pound. The Doc and his nurse were mean to Mom and more or less said if she loved me she would cut down on my food once again. It made Mom feel horrible and of course I knew this was bad news for me. So now I have to survive on a cup and a half of food a day. I'm so hungry and I let Mom know it all the time. She's very sad that she has to follow the doc's orders. I eat hyperallergenic food and Mom doesn't think it is lo cal and my B12 shot makes me hungry as well.

I'm a big boned Boston Terrier and I have gained some weight over the last couple of years. I was at 29.8 last week. I know I should be at 25 but it's very difficult.

Mom is no spring chicken and she has bad knees so we don't go for walks but the little doorknob (Quigley) keeps me active. We have a big backyard and hang out there when the snow stays away.

So Mom says we are all going on this diet together to support me. Me, her and the doorknob. We're all shooting for 5 pounds. I hope we'll survive.


Dogster Rocks - I'm Dog of theDay

December 4th 2012 3:43 am
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Wow, Mom just got an email from Dogster and found out they picked little old me for "Dog of the Day". What an honor. My face is on the Dogster community page all day and they gave me 25 zealies. What fun. The little doorknob is so happy for me. Sometimes I can't figure that boy out.

So thank you Dogster for making my day. Mom just might have to give me a treat today for the honor.

Oops gotta run, breakfast is waiting. Nothing usually interferes with my breakfast but I got so excited this morning I just had to tell my friends.


Oh The Indignity

December 2nd 2012 8:14 am
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So yesterday Mom put on my harness and we left the doorknob (Quigley) at home and went for an adventure. I had high hopes we were going on an amazing adventure but no, Mom took me to the vet for my 8 week B12 shot. Then I had a pedicure and unfortunately a butt squeeze, how embarassing. But on the upside I did get to smell and growl at another dog underneath the door to my room. That was fun.

Then we walked around Petsmart for a bit to take in some more smells. Mom apologized for not taking me for a walk afterward but it was too dark. Mom promises she'll get me an earlier appointment next time so we can go the park afterward.

I did lose 2 pounds so Mom was very proud of me.

Mom is always fair so today the little doorknob gets to go on an adventure. Don't tell him - it's for a toe trim.l

I will enjoy my alone time and get in some beauty sleep.


He's a Doorknob But He's My Doorknob

November 11th 2012 5:14 am
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My brother Quigley always surprises me. Yesterday he sent me an emerald for my page and said nice things about me. Can't figure that guy out. Some days he can be a real doorknob.

Mom was out and about yesterday and ran into a lady that knows Boston Terriers. Mom had broken the top part of her zipper that makes it slide so had put a keychain holder on it so it would still work. This keychain has a spot for a photo on it. And does she put my lovely face on it. No, she puts the little doorknob on it. What the heck is going on Mom? Am I chopped liver. (Ooh that sounds good). Well anyway the lady saw his photo and asked about him. Mom told her he was 4, and was still like an energizer bunny. She said in her experience Bostons are in that crazy puppy stage until they're 6,especially boys. OMD! Mom I told you to get me a sister not a brother. Mom had better be really nice to me if I have to put up with another 2 years of this insanity.

Update on klutzy Mom's foot. Thankfully she hasn't stubbed her toes this morning. Only part of her toe turned black and blue and part of her foot is that pretty red shade so she thinks she sprained the ball of her foot below the toes as well. But the good news is that she's hobbling around a whole lot better. Mom's philosophy is what kills us makes us strong, so she put her shoes on yesterday and grinned and bared it. Hey she had to go get my food.

Mom seems to walk into thing when navigating the kitchen in the dark. Sometimes it's the stool she crashes into and sometimes it's our toys. I guess Mom should be more diligent about putting our toys away at night. Mom wonders why if we can take our toys out of the box. why we can't put them back in. Silly Mom, that would be undog like.

Oops, now that we got Mom up to give us our breakfast we can go back for a nap and let her get on with the day. Are we nice or what.


I'm Naked Today and Loving It

July 4th 2012 7:38 pm
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Mom took my collar off this morning so I've been naked all day. What a great feeling. I've been scratching it a lot lately so Mom said she's going to get me a new one tomorrow. So, this will probably be my last day to wear this one. I hope she buys me a nice soft one. No pink please Mom. I'm not that girly.

It's been really hot this week and today was brutal, but Mom has kept it cool in her office all day for us. Mom put a pool out for us too outside but Quigley and I don't do pools. You can go stand in it Mom because yours truly doesn't swim.

Mom has no energy in this heat so she just hung with us all day. it was great. We did get some time outside early this morning while Mom watered the gardens.

It was a nice break to have Mom home in the middle of the week. She has to work two more days and then home for the weekend. I wonder where Mom goes all day. Don't tell Mom this but we're kind of glad we have the house to ourselves during the week. Mom is always doing something when she's home and it's tiring to keep up with her. It cuts down on my nap time.

Oh good health news. I'm off the prednizone and just on the B12 shots and that seems to be keeping my irritable bowel disease in check. I've been doing great. Mom is real strict with my diet - RATS - so that must be why I'm doing so well.

Happy Fourth everyone, hope it's quiet at your house.

Priscilla (Cylla)


I Was A Bad Girl

April 6th 2012 5:41 pm
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Mommy is a little upset with me. She had to run outside to get Quigley's ball because he and Grandma rolled it into the alley. When Mom came back in 5 minutes I had magically gotten the rotissere chicken container off the counter and was licking it clean.

Mom freaked. The container had the chicken carcass in it minus the leg and wing bones. I had eaten everything. It was mostly bones, but I've been so hungry I had to go for it. Mom could not figure out how I got it. I'm very short. I'm not telling Mom anything.

I have irritable bowel disease and am on a special diet and I haven't had anything but that for almost a year. Mom is holding her breath that my bowels don't go crazy again. It's been a couple of days now and the bones haven't given me any problems.

Sorry Mom (but it was wonderful). Needless to say Mom doesn't trust me anymore and I'm in the doghouse, no pun intended.

Mom hopes she can take me off the prednizone soon as I get so hungry and that must have been what made me do it.

Quilt ridden Priscilla


At the Vet Again

January 9th 2012 11:15 am
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At the vet again this weekend. A nasty ear infection. Mom came home from work and dropped her bags when she saw blood on the white spot on my neck. I was fine that morning and during the day it just made a sneak attack on my ear. Now I get my ear cleaned out once a day and meds in it twice a day. When I see Mom have the ear cleaning bottle I run. But Mom is so tricky she always catches me. But Mom is very gentle and after the ordeal she holds me and tells me how brave I am and massages my ear until it feels way better.

That little butthead Quigley gets jealous and trys to horn in so I just show him my teeth. He is a doorknob.

We're resting up today. Mom was home all weekend. It was heaven.



Yay I'm Diary Pick

November 14th 2011 5:14 am
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I don't believe it. Dogster picked me for diary pick of the day. Just go into the community page and there I am. This is so fun. Now the Quigley won't be so smug because my gorgeous face is out there all day for everyone to see.

I do have to give the little guy credit though because if he wasn't around I wouldn't have as much to say in my diary. The little doorknob is always doing something dopey worth writing about to amuse my friends.

But I do have to confess, he is my little brother and I love him dearly. He just found out about my honor and came and gave me a congratulatory kiss. I guess I'll keep him.

It's starting off to be a marvelous day.



Saturday Adventure

November 13th 2011 7:28 am
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Mom put on my harness yesterday and I was over the moon. I was off on an adventure and the best part of it was that Quigley wasn't going with. He was so sad. I was loving it. I was wondering where in the heck we were going. Was it on a long leisurely stroll through the woods on a nature hike, a nice walk along the river, or something unknown. Then Mom turned left along a familiar road and my dreams were crashed. We were going to the vet for a check up. Drat. As much as I love seeing my friends at the vet I knew the inevitable would happen. Someone would smile at me and then I'd feel that cold thermometer up my backside. Oh my friends, the indginity of it, but they are so gentle there they make it bearable. The vet techs love me and they always give me lots of love and kisses. Then off to the back for a nail trim and a butt squeeze - big fun. All that before I could see the doctor who said I was doing fine and changed my medicine. They're trying to wean me off of the prednizone. Mommy can't wait because I get so hungry when I take it. I drive her crazy.

Then the good part. Mom took me for a walk afterward and I took in all the fall colors (can I see colors?) and smells. It was heavenly. We found a nickel which Mom says is good luck. Quigley took it all in smelling me all over when I got home. Of course I didn't tell him the bad parts. He would have laughed.

Mom is home with us all day today. It will be a good day.


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