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I'm Naked Today and Loving It

July 4th 2012 7:38 pm
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Mom took my collar off this morning so I've been naked all day. What a great feeling. I've been scratching it a lot lately so Mom said she's going to get me a new one tomorrow. So, this will probably be my last day to wear this one. I hope she buys me a nice soft one. No pink please Mom. I'm not that girly.

It's been really hot this week and today was brutal, but Mom has kept it cool in her office all day for us. Mom put a pool out for us too outside but Quigley and I don't do pools. You can go stand in it Mom because yours truly doesn't swim.

Mom has no energy in this heat so she just hung with us all day. it was great. We did get some time outside early this morning while Mom watered the gardens.

It was a nice break to have Mom home in the middle of the week. She has to work two more days and then home for the weekend. I wonder where Mom goes all day. Don't tell Mom this but we're kind of glad we have the house to ourselves during the week. Mom is always doing something when she's home and it's tiring to keep up with her. It cuts down on my nap time.

Oh good health news. I'm off the prednizone and just on the B12 shots and that seems to be keeping my irritable bowel disease in check. I've been doing great. Mom is real strict with my diet - RATS - so that must be why I'm doing so well.

Happy Fourth everyone, hope it's quiet at your house.

Priscilla (Cylla)


I Was A Bad Girl

April 6th 2012 5:41 pm
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Mommy is a little upset with me. She had to run outside to get Quigley's ball because he and Grandma rolled it into the alley. When Mom came back in 5 minutes I had magically gotten the rotissere chicken container off the counter and was licking it clean.

Mom freaked. The container had the chicken carcass in it minus the leg and wing bones. I had eaten everything. It was mostly bones, but I've been so hungry I had to go for it. Mom could not figure out how I got it. I'm very short. I'm not telling Mom anything.

I have irritable bowel disease and am on a special diet and I haven't had anything but that for almost a year. Mom is holding her breath that my bowels don't go crazy again. It's been a couple of days now and the bones haven't given me any problems.

Sorry Mom (but it was wonderful). Needless to say Mom doesn't trust me anymore and I'm in the doghouse, no pun intended.

Mom hopes she can take me off the prednizone soon as I get so hungry and that must have been what made me do it.

Quilt ridden Priscilla


At the Vet Again

January 9th 2012 11:15 am
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At the vet again this weekend. A nasty ear infection. Mom came home from work and dropped her bags when she saw blood on the white spot on my neck. I was fine that morning and during the day it just made a sneak attack on my ear. Now I get my ear cleaned out once a day and meds in it twice a day. When I see Mom have the ear cleaning bottle I run. But Mom is so tricky she always catches me. But Mom is very gentle and after the ordeal she holds me and tells me how brave I am and massages my ear until it feels way better.

That little butthead Quigley gets jealous and trys to horn in so I just show him my teeth. He is a doorknob.

We're resting up today. Mom was home all weekend. It was heaven.



Yay I'm Diary Pick

November 14th 2011 5:14 am
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I don't believe it. Dogster picked me for diary pick of the day. Just go into the community page and there I am. This is so fun. Now the Quigley won't be so smug because my gorgeous face is out there all day for everyone to see.

I do have to give the little guy credit though because if he wasn't around I wouldn't have as much to say in my diary. The little doorknob is always doing something dopey worth writing about to amuse my friends.

But I do have to confess, he is my little brother and I love him dearly. He just found out about my honor and came and gave me a congratulatory kiss. I guess I'll keep him.

It's starting off to be a marvelous day.



Saturday Adventure

November 13th 2011 7:28 am
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Mom put on my harness yesterday and I was over the moon. I was off on an adventure and the best part of it was that Quigley wasn't going with. He was so sad. I was loving it. I was wondering where in the heck we were going. Was it on a long leisurely stroll through the woods on a nature hike, a nice walk along the river, or something unknown. Then Mom turned left along a familiar road and my dreams were crashed. We were going to the vet for a check up. Drat. As much as I love seeing my friends at the vet I knew the inevitable would happen. Someone would smile at me and then I'd feel that cold thermometer up my backside. Oh my friends, the indginity of it, but they are so gentle there they make it bearable. The vet techs love me and they always give me lots of love and kisses. Then off to the back for a nail trim and a butt squeeze - big fun. All that before I could see the doctor who said I was doing fine and changed my medicine. They're trying to wean me off of the prednizone. Mommy can't wait because I get so hungry when I take it. I drive her crazy.

Then the good part. Mom took me for a walk afterward and I took in all the fall colors (can I see colors?) and smells. It was heavenly. We found a nickel which Mom says is good luck. Quigley took it all in smelling me all over when I got home. Of course I didn't tell him the bad parts. He would have laughed.

Mom is home with us all day today. It will be a good day.



My Brother is Dog of the Day

October 29th 2011 10:14 pm
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I can't believe it. The little guy "Quigley" is Dog of the Day today. He is over the moon. I sure hope he doesn't get the "Big Head". I suppose I'll have to be nice to him today. Mom is so proud. We love when Dogster gives these honors because then we are always meeting new people. Love it.



Peace and Quiet for 30 Minutes

October 16th 2011 12:57 pm
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My dopey little brother got himself locked in the front stairway last night for 30 minutes. It was like heaven on earth. No one to bug me for 30 whole minutes. I knew what the litte doorknob had done but do you think I was going to tell Mom. No way, I deserved some time alone. Of course eventually Mom realized it was too quiet and came to see what he was up to. She couldn't find him anywhere and she asked me where he was. Luckily I can't speak human and I just smiled at her. She got so desperate that she got out the treat bag and rattled it thinking he'd pop out. No Quigley. The good part is that Mom knew she had to give me a treat because the bag was out. Mom finally figured he must have snuck upstairs when Grandma went upstairs last night. He must have been so scared in the dark because he never barked to let Mom know where he was. She opened the stairway and there he was. He got a treat because Mom was so relieved and of course yours truly was on hand to get another treat. It was a great night.



My Tummy Loves Grandma

September 1st 2011 10:42 am
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Grandma is my new best friend. Mom had to work really late on Monday so Grandma came down and fed us supper. And then a little bit later she fed us again. It was awesome. Grandma has some memory issues so she forgot and fed us twice. That upstart Quigley almost squelched the deal. He was going to tell her we already ate. I ask you, is he a real dog or what? What dog would knowingly give up a second meal. I had to threaten him with my big tush on his head. That brought him to his senses real quick.

I hope Mom works late again.



I hate the Fourth Of July

July 4th 2011 5:53 am
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It was a bad night. Too many fireworks. These things never used to bother me but Mom found me shaking again last night. Mom's are so comforting. Mom trys to sing really loud when the fireworks are going off. I'm not sure which is worse, the fireworks or her singing. Just kidding Mom. Hopefully today will be the end of such nonsense. Why can't we have the pretty lights without all the booms.

Sad days - our cat brother Chewtoy lost the fight with cancer and Mommy booked him passage to the bridge. Mommy says he's been reunited with Maleka, Callie and Raffles sos that is comforting knowing he's in good paws.

It's nice to have the run of the house with no gates up, but we'd rather have Chewie back.

Mom and I are going to the vet this morning for a checkup. I'm off all medicine except for the prednizone every other day. I had 6 B12 shots. My poops are staying segmented and not runny so Mom says I'm doing good but she would like me to get off the drugs. I'm still on my duck diet - yummy stuff. Quigley told me my nose had turned into a beak - but Mom says he's quackers and just trying to tease me.

Mom has had a four day weekend and this week she only has to work 3 days because of the holiday. We are in heaven having Mom home so much. Days have really been warm lately but Mom keeps it pretty cool for us.

So my friends, have a wonderful day and give your Mom's a big slurpy kiss today.



Mom is the Best

May 8th 2011 8:52 pm
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I've been having a tough time since February. First I had Giardia and then was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease. Lots of diahrea. Tried a lot of special foods and finally found something that agrees with me. It's made of duck. Quigley says if I start Quacking he's going to throw me in a pond.

Things get better when I'm on anti-biotics and prednizone but Mom hates for me to be on drugs. Now it seems I have a low count of B12 so I'm getting weekly shots.

The staff at Banfield have been wonderful to me. Mom took me there to stay during the day most of the week to keep an eye on me while she was at work. I love people and they are so nice to me. Everyone knows me now.

When Mom picks me up we go for a walk aftrward. It's been nice.

When I'm at the vet, Quig has to stay home alone. I bet that monkey face slleps most of the day. He's kind of a scaredy cat with out me. Say meow Quigley.

Keep your paws crossed that my new treatment plan will have me back to new in no time.

I'm so glad that Mom is with me every step of the way. Happy Mom's day and thank you for taking such good care of me.


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