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Thank God fur Mothers

Lucky Me

December 11th 2011 6:30 pm
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I have to be the most bessed pup of all. This is going to be my 4th Christmas with my Mommie & Spencer. Boy what a change in my life since being adopted. I never knew life could be so wonderful but there is hope out there fur everypup that thinks it is the end fur them. My wish to Santa this year is that all pups find a wonderful blessed home like I did when getting adopoted by such a wonderful family.

I am a very bessed little girl..


Where did I come from?

August 18th 2009 7:49 pm
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Where did I come from & what the heck is my real name? Well I have no clue to the following questions. It is not easy being me. I do not know how old I am, nor do I know my real name. They call me "MYA" so I guess that is me. I think I am about 2 yrs old but don't really know!! I have a history but not sure what it is about but what I have been told is why I don't want to remember. I think back and remember bits and pieces but they were not good so I choose to block them out of my head. If only I knew....................It would be nice to know about my background but since I have choosen to forget it my life begins Oct 18, 1008. My new furever family adopted me and gave me a wonderful home. I look up to my brother Spencer (cause he is bigger than me) but he has taught me so much. When I came to my furever home I was a mess. I must admit that he has taught me things that mom is not pround of but digging is fun and stealing pillows and chewing them up is fun as well.

Well it has almost been a year here at my furever home and I just love it but it sure would be nice to know when my B-Day was and where I came from. Guess I will never know any of that but just fur you pups that have the same issues as me....................Lets just be thankful that we know what we know now and we are loved by our new families...that is all that really counts anyway.


Off to Gramma

May 14th 2009 7:29 pm
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Yipeeeee, my first trip. On Sat the day before Mother's Day I got to take my first trip ever. My furever mom wanted to go to see her mom which meant that we were on our happy way to Gramma house. Spencer told me that I would have a blast cause he had been many of time to the farm. I couldn't wait...I sat there sat morning waiting to load up for my very first trip ever. (I guess). Although it was a 3hr drive one way mom didn't pack for an overnight trip. I questioned that as we drove off. Mom said we would make it a one day trip cause Gramma wouldn't allow dogs in her house. This was no surprise to mom so she just loaded us up & off we went. I must admit that I had a few panic attacks on the way to Louisiana and Mom was getting a little annoyed with me cause I couldn't sit still & kept whining. My brother whom has made the trip many times was the perfect little gentlemen as usual. Finally there we were, pulling up in the drive of a 60 acre little farm. I jump out of the truck & took off to explore & sniff all the surroundings. What fun this was since I have never been able to do anything like this before. We soon grabbed my little cousin Macy & Beaudreaux (weiner dogs) to got squirrel hunting. Not knowing what one looked liked that soon told me that there were none in sight but we could go look for the rabbits instead. After a long hard hunt "no rabbits" either. After a brief break we all got together to go chase the cows when Gramma came out of the house screaming at us to stop. I looked up puzzeled. Why was Gramma so mad, was it because we only took here a dozen roses or where they the wrong color???? I don't know but Spencer said it would be ok. Well, my first farm exprience an I had not got to hunt or see anything, not even a fish or turtle in the pond. Well after a few hrs of visiting we were off again to return home. I was much better on the drive back, guess cause I was so tired. So that is my first trip to Gramma house & hunting trip...can't wait to go back but I must admit that I have been resting for days now so that is why I haven't posted my story earlier. If any of you pups can give me advise on how to look for squirrel, rabbits or to get Gramma to let us stay in the house, please let me know......

Love Mya


Happy Mother's Day Mommy

May 7th 2009 7:40 pm
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Hi my name is Mya an I don't know how old I am or when my birthday is but I do know one thing, I love my furever Mom and brother Spencer.
My life really began on Oct 18, 2008 when Mom & Spencer adopted me and brought me to a wonderful furever home. You see, my life before them was pretty rough. I was totally abused beaten with a 2x4, had to fight big dawgs fur food and went through heartworm treatment all before the age of 1. When mom & Spencer got me I was skin and bones from going through treatment & being abused. I was a big mess you could call it. Who would ever want a messed up pup like myself? Then walks in the most wonderful family I could ever ask for. It was not easy on my new mom when she brought me home cause I didn't know anything and had tons of issues. It has been a rocky road fur her & Spencer but they hung in there instead of giving me back to the resuce people. I love my new furever home an am trying my best to make them love me which they already did from day 1. I still have alot of issues but am improving daily with the help of them both. I now know what a treat is and I sit and shake like Spencer to get one. I still can't eat my breakfast or dinner near him cause I will attack him but we get treats side by side with mom keeping an eye out on me every second. The past 7 months have gone by so fast that I know go an fetch the toys and want to play with them and my brother. (You say , so what) well I didn't know what a toy was nor a treat and I must say that I got so many of those things for Christmas it was unbelievable. Yes life is great fur me now and I only have my Mom to thank fur that...She pretty much gave up on her personal life to try & make me fit in with her & Spencer. Well it worked and I can only say that I love her so much fur hanging in there and giving me a chance when she could have taken me back cause of all my issues.

Thank you so much Mom, I love you know & will love you furever (love you too Spencer).

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