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Life is Sweet

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Just a dog?

July 1st 2010 6:38 pm
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Check out this video. I know you all will "get it".

Just a Dog?

It's very beautiful and says things that I can't even begin to put into words about how much a dog's love means.



March 23rd 2010 6:02 pm
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Hey pals, not a whole lot goin' on with me. Life is still good and involves snoozin' on comfy beds and pillows, chewin' on bully sticks, barking at whoever walks past the house, runnin' in the yard with the boyz, etc. etc. Oh, one cool thing is that mom brought me a Nina Ottoson toy. It's like a brain teaser for dogs, only I'm completely awesome at it. Yeah! :)

Anyway, the main point of this message is to tell you about my brother Emerson. He is about 14 months old and mom is starting to really work on training him. It is a challenge that they are both tackling slowly but surely. Emerson is living in my shadow (in real life 'cause I'm so much more awesome than he is, and here on Dogster 'cause I've got all the pals... haha) but I'm going to be a nice sister and put him in the spotlight for once (wow I sure sound like Socks!!).

So everyone! Check out Emerson's page. Take a look at all his cute pictures, keep track of the progress he makes in his training journal, send him gifts, be his pal, do whatever it is that you wonderful Dogsters do to show your support. He is a very special boy.


Action List Revisited!

November 16th 2009 12:49 pm
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I dug this up from a year and a half ago. It's that time of year again when people are really into the spirit of giving (though I wish the enthusiasm lasted all year long!) so I added some more ideas to the original Action List, and am bringing it up to the top so that more people will have a chance to read it!! Feel free to leave comments or to p-mail me with questions, and let me know how successful your efforts are!


Hi Everywoof!

A lot of pups out there are wondering, "What can I do to help shelter animals?" and the answer is... a lot! Your creativity, motivation, and determination can take you very far. But to get you started, we're putting together an action list to help get the word out and help the doggies and kitties in animal shelters safely find a furever home!

Increase Awareness
An important first step is to increase awareness about the animals in need -- they can never be forgotten.

-- Encourage news media (television news stations, local radios, newspapers, etc.) to feature an "Adoptable Pet of the Day/Week".
-- Write to city offcials (such as the mayor) about increasing support or funding for city-operated shelters. If it seems that no one pays attention to the animals in your city, speak up and make it an issue! Or, write a letter to the editor.
-- Put a flashy ad in the Pet Classifieds section of the newspaper for your local humane society or shelter.
-- Encourage your shelter or humane society to create a website or make pages for it's pets on to increase awareness and to keep in touch with the community. Become the photographer or webmaster!
-- Find out if your shelter has any flyers that need to be distributed, and pass them out at pet stores or on your work's bulletein board to let people know of the need for adoptive homes and shelter volunteers. If the shelter does not have any flyers, be the one to initiate this project!
-- Talk to your shelter about organizing a fundraising event. This would not only increase awareness, but the shelter would benefit immensely also! Or, simply participating in an existing fundraising event is just as much help. Get a community group that you are already active in to help out with the fundraising. See 109 Fundraising Ideas to get you started.
-- Become the "crazy pet person" among your friends and coworkers. Let them all know that if they are looking for a new pet, adoption is the way to go!
-- Are you a middle/high school or college student? Start a school club! Gather animal-loving folks such as yourself for after school meetings, volunteer opportunities, fundraising manpower, and so much more! P-mail me (Jasmine!!) if you are interested in getting started but don't know how!

For all of you who like to be right where the action is in supporting a good cause, volunteer work is for you. You can see the difference you make everyday!

-- Take care of the basic tasks for the comfort of the poochies and kitties. This can include: cleaning cages or pens, feeding and watering, grooming, exercising, and playing!
-- Offer to put your training skills to work with the older dogs at the shelter -- they often do not catch people's eye easily, but if they are well behaved it makes such a difference!
-- Offer to jazz up the kennels of the dogs that have been there for awhile -- find them a fresh collar or bandana to wear that is a bright color. Make them laminated signs to hang on their kennel door that highlights their best features. Give them an extra special grooming to make them shine, and give their kennel a fresh cleaning from top to bottom.
-- Put your vet skills to work -- even if you work at a practice already, the shelter would be very appreciative if you volunteered your time and skill on your days off to help the homeless pups. And plus, it's good public relations for your "real" vet practice!
-- Volunteer to help with the shelter website. You could take awesome, eye-catching pictures of the animals and come up with good descriptions for their adoption profiles.
-- Talk to your shelter about scheduling a "Meet N' Greet" day at your local pet store or park, where people can meet available animals and learn more about shelter programs. This is a great way to "rein in" possible adopters!
-- Offer to foster an animal or two. This frees up space in the shelters, and gives those animals that have a hard time finding a suitable home a chance to relax. Your ability to tell a potential adopter all about life with your foster greatly increases its chances of adoption!
-- Start a "Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound" program at your local shelter in conjunction with a YMCA or similar organization.


Here is our general "Shelter Item Wishlist"! Donating items is a great way to immediatly help the shelter. Check with your local shelter to see if they have any specific, immediate needs.

-Litter pans
-Bags of Litter
-Litter Scoopers
-Cat toys
-Soft Cat treats
-Small blankets
-Cat Brushes
-Cat Shampoo
-Flea Spray
-Cat Collars
-Metal Food Bowls
-Canned or dry cat food (check with shelter to see what kind of food they feed)

-Flat Buckle Collars (all sizes)
-Leashes (all sizes)
-Dog Brushes
-Dog Nail Clippers
-Dog Shampoo
-Flea Spray/Shampoo
-Bath Brushes
-Dog Grooming Clippers
-Dog toys
-Hard rubber chew toys (i.e. Kongs)
-Soft dog treats
-Canned or dry dog food (check with shelter to see what kind of food they feed)
-Crates (all sizes)
-Big and small Blankets
-Dog Beds
-Metal Food Bowls
-Dog houses
-Small dog sweaters

-Dishwashing Liquid
-Window Cleaner
-All purpose Cleaner
-Large Latex Gloves
-Rubber Boots
-Laundry Detergent
-Plastic Spray bottles
-Paper Towels
-Dust pans
-Disinfecting Spray
-Digital Cameras
-Camera Film
-Air purifier

-Trach Tubes (size 3.0 FR to 10.0 FR)
-Chlorahexaderm Scrub & Solution
-Surgical Instruments (Scissors, Scalpel Handles & Forceps)
-Disposable Scalpels
-Gauze (3x3, 4x4)
-IV Fluids (LRS, 0.9% NaCl, Dextrose)
-IV Lines
-Urine Test Strips
-Resuscitation Bags (1L/3L)
-Suture Material
-Bandaging Material
-Microhematocrit Ttubes, Sealer & Reader Card
-IV Butterfly Catheters
-Dip Quick Stain

-- Many of the non-medical items can be purchased cheaply or in bulk at stores such as the Dollar Tree, or in clearance sections of pet stores or chain stores such as Target. PetEdge also has some great bulk prices!!
-- Donate money. They can put this towards large, long-term projects that will likely have a big impact on the shelter.
-- Use for all your searching needs -- choose your local shelter or humane society if they are listed, or support a national group. Money goes towards whatever cause you choose for every single search you make using this website.
-- Call local hotels or nursing homes and collect unwanted bedding to donate to the shelter. Make life easy on the shelter workers by cutting large comforters in half (or fourths!) and sewing up the free edge. This makes the blanket easier to wash and more manageable when putting in and out of the kennel.
-- If you love to crochet or knit, make some dog and cat blankets! This simple project would also be great for a scouting group.
-- Find out if your shelter has a printable wishlist (if not, see if you can make one that represents their unique needs) and post it in local pet supply stores. You might even be able to help the shelter partner with the stores to have a donation drive!


-- Be a spay and neuter advocate to help prevent unwanted litters.
-- Say No to puppy mills -- let everyone (even the media! Especially the media!) know the horrors of these puppy mills. They have an effect on shelters as well.
-- Support your local Trap-Neuter-Release program to help control the feral cat population... many of the ideas on this list can also help a TNR group!
-- Help your shelter set up a Spay and Neuter campaign -- low-cost procedures done by volunteer vets can greatly reduce the amount of unwanted strays.
-- Build a humane community by starting with the young folks! See if you can invite a humane educator to give a presentation at your child's scout meeting or at their school or at any other event. Or have a conversation with them yourself. There are also interactive games online and printable worksheets that encourage safe behavior around animals and also promote kindness to animals.
-- Scouting groups can do a lot to benefit animals... if anyone would like some ideas, p-mail me!!

So there you have it pups, no reason why you can't find something, even just one thing, on that list that you can participate in. Have you thought of something else that should be on our Action List? Join the Pound Puppy Project and let us know, or send me a p-mail! Or both!



My very first road trip.

November 7th 2009 12:30 pm
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Maxwell had been on a road trip, Stewie had been on a road trip, but not me! Finally, a month ago I went on my first road trip. Just thought I'd bark about how much fun it was! It was a long car trip, lots of driving, but I got used to it very quickly. I was such a good girl and always went potty during potty breaks, and the only bad thing I ever did in the hotel rooms was bark when I'd see people walking past the window. I even was good around other dogs! I went in an elevator for the first time, and you'd think I was a pro. I was so well behaved. I LOVED the drive-ins at fast food restaurants. I even got to go to a drive-in movie theater, though to be honest I was sleeping the entire time, hehe. I also got to get my feet wet, literally, in a lake. I got to attend a doggie class and get lots and lots of treats and pets and have lots of fun! I went walking all over the place, in many different parks. I even visited a historical fort!! So much to see, so much to do, and I was great the whole time. It pays to be a good dog. :)


A video of my dumbbell retrieve!!!!!

June 24th 2009 8:31 am
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Mom's been videotaping most of our training sessions for the dumbbell retrieve. Today it actually LOOKS like a respectable dumbbell retrieve!! Still needs polishing and we have to work on distance, but mom is SOOOOO proud of us. It wasn't quite as hard as mom thought it would be, but it was definitely one of the toughest things we've worked on.

Check out my dumbbell retrieve video!!


I'm staging a sit-in

June 23rd 2009 5:48 am
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Mom's been teaching me something new so I am REALLY happy because I LOVE to learn new stuff with the clicker. We are working on a "dumbbell retrieve" and it's coming along way better than mom had thought it would. We should have a video of the final result in a week or two! It is SO much fun. I have never been a fan of holding things in my mouth, but as some of you know I do have a "bucket" trick that required me to pick stuff up. Now I'm holding a tube in my mouth. I can go get it (as long as it's not TOO far off) and bring it to mom. Right now we're working on having me push it towards her hand (gosh, targeting comes in handy in so many ways!) so that she doesn't have to reach out ridiculously far and hope to catch it before I drop it. It's coming along great!!! Mom's hoping to polish it up so that it's like the obedience trial dumbbell retrieve. But MAN is she happy that we've even gotten this far!

But back to my sit-in. This stuff is so much fun that I don't want to leave mom's room, where we're doing most of the training. I refuse to get out. I don't want the fun to stop, darn it!


2 mile walk

April 25th 2009 7:48 am
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Sooo... apparently I've been getting chubby over the last few months. Too much food and not enough time running around with Stewie (he has Mama to play with and when the three of us play I always get ganged up on!!).

So our vet office is a mile away and mom walked me down there. It was fun and she's proud of me. We used the scale... I'm 46.2 pounds!!!!!!! I need to be 40! BOL!

Then we had to walk all the way back home. Which was still fun. But I drank lotsa water and had to stretch out on the floor and pant pant pant. Stewie and Mama crowded around me like they didn't know what was happening to me. BOL! But I was just tired.

Part of my weight-loss plan includes walking, of course. We'll see how that goes. Ha.



575 Project

January 19th 2009 3:13 pm
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Click Here to view the powerful art gallery that is the "575 Project", the brainchild of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary's resident artist Cyrus Mejia.

Please pass this on. I only just now stumbled onto it but I think it's amazing.


Funny but true video

January 16th 2009 3:59 pm
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This is a must-see:

Click Here


Video of my "bucket" trick!

January 11th 2009 6:33 am
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This is a short video of my "bucket" trick:

click here

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