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Cutie of the Decade's Diary

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Mom Lady's Craziness

October 16th 2008 11:59 pm
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Mom Lady's Craziness is overwhelming!! Nice thought: she thought she could connect a tarp to the side of the fence to block some of the wind. VERY nice thought! We were all contemplating it tonight, Screech was looking at me like we were CRAZY.... I really dunno what mom lady was thinking.
It was a nice thought, Mom Lady, and thanks for caring for us. But...WHAT THE DOG WAS THAT?!?!?
Well, I guess wind comes from the side sometimes, but it could come from above!! It just COULD!!!
Since Daddy spoils us as much as other daddy and two mommie ladies do, he's bringing the white igloo houselike object up so we can hide in it when it snows.
It's a REAL comfy little dog house. It looks like an igloo and it's white, I like removing the bottom though, and laying in the dirt!
It was actually made for Lady. Well, I dunno. Maybe he meant it for all of us. Lady thinks it's just for her, though! She used that when she was outside and had to be separated from us so we didn't jump on her. She got fixed and had to be separated from us for a few days. Boo!!

Oo, gotta go howl with the coyotes! Bye!!



Did you see my page?

October 13th 2008 2:56 pm
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OMD! I'm so lucky to have this boo-ee-tee-ful page!!! Did you see the objects that go right and then the objects that go down?? And the nice background with colored paws, white and it even INCLUDES the inner space?? WOOO!!!


YAY! Brightness of the day has RETURNED!!!

October 11th 2008 9:34 am
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WOO! The total brightness of the day has returned! It was looking real gloomy. I've always wondered, why do clouds move? Does someone in the sky push 'em? Ouch!!! Ray of light RIGHT in the face! Ow! Blinded!!

Gotta go!!



October 9th 2008 4:36 pm
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Thank you everyone for picking me as diary of the day! I didn't know!! Thank you alot.. Thank you.. Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited I got chosen for diary of the day!




October 3rd 2008 6:24 pm
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Oh. So everyone with me? Okay. So miss mom lady went out to feed us, some water in the giantic green bowl tied to the fence so we wouldn't drag it around and spill it and all that stuff.

Went back in, and called Lady out of her hole to sweet talk her and stuff. And then I stole her hole. HA! BOY was she mad. And so was miss mom lady.

THEN I really got in trouble. Of course I was stupid enough to fall for her sweet talking me later on in the day and came outta the hole. Lady stole it back. THEN she also stole my BONES.

How DARE she?!!?! MY bones. NOT hers that she stole back. MY bones! Oh, and then she stole Screech's too. He's the ALPHA, man. He's the ALPHA!! He usually steals OUR bones and OUR food! But no. Lady took over!! WOW.

(wasn't THAT the apocalypse!) So the next day me and Lady got into a hard fight. (people, this is a REAL entry. not a fake one, this isn't a story I just made up) And Screech, being the savior, actually RAN into both of us to break us up..

Wow! Were we mad at him. Then of course we got more bones to make up for it, and to be even with Lady.

But then, here's the ultimate part. She stole MY hole! Well I guess I deserved it, but.. she stole MY hole, and MY bones!

I just stole her hole! BIG DEAL. She could have ran and laid down in the shade or just lay in mine TEMPORARILY but no.

She HAD to steal mine. So fine. I stood up between the boards that she dug her hole under, and just 'guarded' her. Till she woke up. Then I went to sleep.

Yay for me!

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