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Cutie of the Decade's Diary

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My Impressions..

February 2nd 2009 7:32 am
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I's startin' up impressionz. Yep. Only a few right now.

Dey may be bad but it's the awesome thought and weirdness that counts!

Ok, here goes..

Lady: Gimme bellyrubs, I'm the queen! *in a sassy queen voice*

Screech: Touch Lady and you'll be in a world of PAIN! *in a tough, hurtful, mean, screamy, dark voice*

Misty: Let me jump on you, Mom! *in a giggling totally-not-not obvious voice*

Stinky: Grumble grumb.. *in a mad voice*

Princess: Produce me a bagel, Mom!! NOW! I'M THE PRINCESS, I DEMAND IT!!! *in a sassy, queenlike, evil, demanding purrsome voice*

'kay, dat's all I's got fur toda, fellas!


Me isn't an agility dog, and Mommy isn't pewfect but whoo- is? I is, I is!!

January 29th 2009 1:58 am
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Mommy didn't twain me fur that, but she did twain me fur somethin'..: guarding. I is da best at guardin', yep! Mom has not fixed me yet, nope. I'm young, I hate the vet and there's no way I won't be pregnant anytime soon..there's no one around. Mom will get me and Misty (kitty sisfur) fixed when the time comes. Misty too young and and I too hyper and wild and Mom will be surprised when I is all calm and stuff to da vet after I is fixed. Atleast, she says so.

I don't know if I is broken but oh well.

Anyway, Mommy didn't twain me fur being an agility dog. I don't do twicks, nope. Mom doesn't take us on walks often, but we have a yard to run around in. She doesn't take us on walks because of these reasons: Wild animals, elk, bears, deer, cougars, that will attack us. Mommy needs da defense and she's usually not prepared to get a big stick to fight off a bear or somethin'. She's not perfect but who is.

She loves us, she gives us treats and love everyday, and animals are life, she says. She'll die fur us, she'll defend us, she has really not many furiends in real life. We are her friends.

again, no she's not perfect. No one is perfect..not even me.. no, just kidding, I am!! hee heee...

If you don't respect dat, don't talk to us. Mom is often very busy, but she loves us more dan herself, more dan anyone else on the planet, more dan peppermints.. (and she REALLY likes peppermints), anything in the world. She'd do everything fur us.


New Year Resolutions fur 2009!

December 31st 2008 9:26 pm
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I got them yup! Some I pawmise to do, some I will try to do, and some I already did.. and some I can't do!!

1: Stop barking/howling at night and Waking mom up (hey, I'm part coyote, what can I say?: Still trying to stop that, doing awesomely

2: Stop annoying the neighbors (I pawmise to stop that, I will try to do)

3: Stop escaping when it snows: I get so happy!! I love snow! Snow is LIFE! (Doing good at that too, I pawmise to stop it

4: Stop growling at my Doggy mom (I'm trying but I probably can't do!)

5: Stop stealing the doggyhouses from my doggy mom (I can't do it I can't do it..yes I'll try Yes I'll try.. I can't do it!)



December 28th 2008 8:27 pm
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Yes, that's it.. I'm finally responding to a tag.

I've been tagged by my furiend Bully.

I'm tagging:







Babydog Poop

Okay, seven random, fun & special facts about me.. hmm..

1. I'm part coyote and part red heeler

2. I eat with my bottom part body up and my upper part body down.

3. I don't like picking things up. Mom has to handfeed me sometimes.

4. I am very wild and not fixed as of yet.

5. Give me a treat and I'll eat it, but you may have to handfeed me!!!

6. I am 2 & 1/2 years old but I act like a baby pup.

7. I was once an indoor dog.. once..but then I pooped on the floor and it was out with me!! heehee

The Rules: Tag 7 other furs and post 7 fun, random, nice, special facts about yourself.


Please, Santa Paws..

December 18th 2008 6:59 am
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Please don't give me coal in my stocking this year! I have been a very naughty girl and I am today too. There's big winds and snow that is so soft that it looks like snow-wind. The snow is angry at me.. I'm ruining it by trampling my paws through it and leaving naughty Girly Doggy tracks in da snow.

Whatever you put in my stocking, don't make it choccy. It's bad for doggies. And I know it. So you cannot trick me, Santa Paws! I shall rule da wooowwwwld!! I'll eat the coal if you put it in my stocking. I pawmise. I won't throw it in da garbage!


My Escaping Skills

December 16th 2008 1:14 am
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My Escaping Skills

Amazing. My skills, are amazing. Ah.. I'm so impressed. Really, I am. There's NOthing to it. I keep escaping, I keep on escaping. Mom doesn't know till Lady blows my cover. Darn 'er, daaaaaarn 'er!! Then Mom comes out in barely any clothes (thermals BOL) and puts me back in. Then I do it again and again.

It never fails, I tell you.. it NEVER fails!


My Story of Skunks & Me & my Uncle Making a Run for It

December 14th 2008 2:41 am
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Almost four in the morning, me and my uncle escape. I run off, a skunk comes, and the snow starts falling. The snow is hard. It's DEEP. It's like a blizzard. Skunk smell everywhere and the humans wake up. Yelling 'YOU BRAT DOGS, GET OFFA MAH LAAAAAAWN!!"... okay, not that but whatever. Prankem again of course. Mom opens the door and snow flies into her face, along with a thick coating of STINK.

My furless brother says he's used to the skunk smell. Better be, 'cause it's gonna be happening all the time. Boo boo for them. Everytime the door opens by one of them, the delightful smell of stinky skunk flies into their face, dey scream & shut de door.

Yep. They won't go out because they hate smell. Good job ME!! The snow is thick. It's heavy, it's hard, and it's blizzard-ish. Reallly, seriously. This is the first time we have such thick snow. So I'm pawing this entry right now while running outside happily freeeeeeeeee!
Stinky Dotty & Screech


Boredom, Boring & Bore

December 13th 2008 3:05 am
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Merry Boredom to all & to all a Boring night...

OMD. It's been TERRIBLY boring the last few days. Mom hasn't been doing anything lately. Our family made a snowman with a carrot as a nose, oreo cookies (w/o the creme) as the eyes, raisins as the buttons, and a long line of bark as a scarf. I laughed and laughed. Da snowman looked SO funny.. Somefin' ate da nose (da carrot) off of it. Me saw elkie tracks in our back yard, we did we did, yup! Elkies & cougars & bears & more roam here. Is true, is true! Mommy has been working her butt off wif da workies so I been so bored & lonely lately.


Anyway, Merry Christmas (Boredom) to all & to all a wonderfur (boring) night!!

P.S: Here is what Boredom, Borin' & Bore would say to eachother if they were live:

Boredom: So, what should we do?
Boring: Ummmm...
Bore: Bore some people. What we usually do.


The Snow is Still Alive

December 10th 2008 2:53 pm
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Really, is, is!!... is! Yesterday my mom went out (yeah, she's that crazy) in about under 23 degrees, with wind blowing and 5 inches of snow. Jeez, it was cold! REALLY cold! Mom made snow angels and a snowman for fun since she had nothing to do on Dogster yesterday. I look now and the snow is still dere from yesserday. Woo-puppin'-hooo!! It's not as much as last time but it's still there and it's below 32 degrees..


Me & My Uncle Made a Run For It

December 9th 2008 9:35 am
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And it failed.


Lady is chained up on da long long chain (she has access to the food bowls, water & doghouses..but she can't go far if she digs out) and we weren't. So, we dug out. Fur da furst time alone (okay, not for the first time alone but whatever) And we got caught. Lady was barkin' (thanks Lady) & woke up Mom, which had to put on clothes & everything in the middle of da night to go out & get us and put us back in da fence. he - he..

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