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Bailey's Super Duper Treasure Chest

February 18th 2009 12:22 pm
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This entry is a work in progress. Since I've found sooooo many cool things on my walks that I've deemed good enough to carry around with me and not just walk past, I've decided to keep a catalog of them so I don't forget.

Of course there's the normal things: leaves, sticks, chunks of mulch, straw and the mesh netting from the hydroponic grass (that's normal, right?) Well maybe it's not normal because the mesh is among the favorite things that I've found.

Other things are more special to me because they're not around all of the time. Days that I find things like this I feel like the luckiest pup on the planet!
Doormat - I drug it an entire block, quite an accomplishment since it's so much bigger than me
Bagel - yes, an entire giant bagel! I carried it for about 15 minutes till I got home.
French bread
a stalk of celery
a milk bone - THAT was a lucky day!
The white plastic "table" that Pizza Hut puts in the center of your pizza when you get carryout
A trash bag - I thought it was alive since the wind kept catching it. I was in serious attack mode
A Wal-Mart bag - shredding paradise
A ball that was the perfect size for me! Mommy told me I couldn't take it with me because another pup would be upset
Lid for a Starbuck's cup
Lid from a McDonald's cup - complete with straw.
A dirty sock
Cigarette butts
An orange peel - I carried this for my entire walk, about 15 minutes
A coffee cup - that one was soooooo much fun to play with
A pink feather, possibly from someone's boa? I carried it for a while, rolled in it, picked it up to move it, set it back down, rolled in it some more. Mommy laughed at me. She didn't understand how one feather that was dyed pink could have enough stink in it for me to want to roll in it.

Well, that's what is coming to mind now. I'll update if there's something that I forgot or if I come across something cool again. I'm not worried about that. I'm king of finding things!




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