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How to train your mommy to fetch

November 25th 2008 5:46 pm
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Now don't get me wrong, I know how to fetch. I was just trying to make mommy do the hard work for once.
*Mommy grabbed my squeaky soccer ball and threw it. I chased it, sniffed it a minute, then I walked away.
*Mommy went and got my squeaky soccer ball, threw it again. I chased it, picked it up, squeaked it a few times and then came back to mommy with nothing in my mouth and looked at her like I was waiting for her to throw the ball again.
*Mommy looked around and noticed that my green soccer ball was within her reach. She picked it up, threw it. I chased it, carried it under the table, dropped it, came back to mommy with nothing in my mouth.
*Mommy got up off the floor and went to grab both balls, returned, and threw the squeaky soccer ball. I chased it, made it halfway back before stopping to sniff the carpet for a mystery smell. Came back to mommy emptymouthed.
*Mommy sighed and threw the green soccer ball. Since I could tell that she was getting frustrated, I actually returned the ball to her for a good 5 - 10 minutes. We had several great rounds of fetch - until the kitty came down the stairs. I dropped the soccer ball and started to harrass him. Mommy gave up and went to find something to eat.

And that, my furs, is how you train your mommy. As you can see, she's not fully trained yet, but you have to work with them in small doses. Don't expect your mommy to be perfect at fetching the first time you try to teach her.




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