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"A Small Chihuahua's life"

Fashion Show!! (Update)

April 1st 2009 5:04 pm
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We had a great time just to throw that in! We started out standing still in the dark and then when the song "Chihuahua" came on and everyone saw Chanel, and everyone started whistling and cheering! In the dressing room everyone was all over me, and I was nervous. But everypup thought me and my mom was fabulous! Mom's recent teacher said to my mom's mom that she should get me and mom in modeling.

Me and her had such a great time!!

~Chanel ♥


Fashion Show!

March 31st 2009 7:24 pm
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Mom is going to be in her school's fashion show! she will wear a classy black dress with little purple in some places. And she will wear her black flats. The best thing is, is that I will be in the fashion show too! Mom is going to carry me, and mom thinks it's a coinsidence, but we are going out on the song "Chihuahua". So that makes sense since she is holding a chihuahua!

Mom is super excited for tomorrow, and we will give you all an update on how it went tomorrow!! :)

Wish us luck pups!!

Sincere Woofs,

Chanel ♥


Hi Everypup!!

February 18th 2009 4:52 pm
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Sorry all last week my mom wasn't able to get on Dogster. She has been so sick with Type A flu, which is the worst type of flue you can get. Mom was shaking in the doctors office, and it was warm in there!!
She had to take pills twice everyday, and she felt so miserable, she couldn't even look at the computer. Not even her laptop! So we are verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry sorry we weren't able to get on. Anyways, just to give you all a quick update. Mom was sick on Valentine's Day, so she wasn't able to say Happy Valentine's Day to y'all. Happy Late Valentine's Day!! Anyways, I have been in front of the camera a lot lately, and mom took some pictures (when she felt better) so she will add them to our pages on Friday or Saturday! Be sure to check them out, we got some really good ones! Also, check out our Flickr. Our Flickr screename is S.W Photography.

And, I am glad to announce that our we have a new friend named Sadie. She is a Yorkshire Terrier and her mommy is going through a really rough time right now so please POTP for her mommy. She really deserves some love and support. Here is her page:


Sincere Woofs,

Chanel ♥



December 27th 2008 8:00 am
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Mommy's leavin for 2 whole days and overnight!! Although I will be with my pup friends, still I don't want her to leave! Their are some people comin to our house to walk us and feed us, and all that stuff. But, MOMMY DON'T GO PLEASE!!! She's visiting some relatives in Pleasenton, TX.


My Barkday is coming up!!!!

December 9th 2008 6:22 pm
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My barkday is December 26, and I am verry excited, because we will have a few doggy friends over!! I am turning 1, Yipppee!! We are going to have doggie cake, a big party, and some swimming time!! It will be a whole lot of fun!! I am so excited!!

Happy Barkday to me, Chanel!!


Update on me!!!!

November 14th 2008 9:22 pm
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Hey, sorry everyone I haven't gotten you updated, my mom has been busy decorating!!!!
Ok so now I have a new habit, is taking away treats, and whenever someone gets near me with a treat in my mouth I growl. It's funny, to my mother, but I sense no humor in protecting my treats. I have to go to the vet to get my next shots next week, and I am NOt looking forward to it. Maybe I could get out of it somehow. I have to think of ideas to make sure I don't go!!!!!

Wish me luck, because I'll probably end up going!!


What describes me and a poem.

September 12th 2008 1:56 pm
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Has lots of energy
A great dog
NEVER aggressive!
Elle's her best doggy friend

Chanel is truly a gift from God.
Is beautiful and charming in every way.
Her owner loves her in every way.
Never misses one day of playing.
Shows the best definition for love and respect.
Will climb mountains for me.
Can be a little too much energetic, but we love her anyway!
Is life.


My love for Chanel

September 10th 2008 3:02 pm
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Chanel is the most sweetest, lovable chihuahua you'd ever meet! She would lick you all day, and she loves to play. The little princess was born December 26, 2007, within the walls of Texas Teacups. Her mother was beautiful, and her name was Missy. I saw her when she wasn't even a day old. She was the smallest of her litter, and the cutest. So I picked her. Now she's a part of my life.

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