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Opps! I messed up

August 21st 2013 9:43 am
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Last evening started off good. Grandma came over and she watched us while we went swimming then her and mom did some canning. After a few hours of that, my Brett came to the house too and I was happy to see him. When he was ready to leave, we went out to potty and dad and Brett talked in the driveway a little and that's when it happened.

I was in the front yard and it was dark. I saw a guy walking passed our house and I ran down over the hill, onto the road and went after him. I was barking like a mad dog and he started running up the street and I kept chasing him. Then I circled around in front of him and that's when I heard dad yelling at me. Needless to say he wasn't happy at all! I got yelled at, but he didn't spank my butt cause of my bad hip (I never thought I'd be happy for a bad hip!), but boy did he yell. He told mom what I did and she wasn't happy either. She said she couldn't believe I did that and that is something she would expect from Echo not me and that she is very disappointed. I was sad the rest of the night cause I knew they were mad at me. Why did I do it? I have no clue. The guy wasn't bothering me at all. I guess maybe an evil dog's spirit possessed me or something? I just know that I better never do that again or I won't be so lucky has not to get spanked, or even worse, tied out to potty!

So yes, I messed up and don't plan on doing that again. Mom said she does have to work on both of us from barking at everything and especially me now since I did what I did. Sorry mom:(

On a different note, I want to wish my friend Binx a Happy Belated Birthday! He turned 9 yesterday and is in remission from his cancer so there is really something for him to celebrate on his birthday!


Happy Birthday to Gizmo!

August 19th 2013 8:26 am
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Today is my kitty, Gizmo's birthday. She's 15 today... boy she's old! If you get a chance, wish her a Happy Birthday and make her smile:)

Okay, onto my weekend. It was pretty good. We went to the cabin Friday and did the usual. Mom and dad cut grass and I followed along with mom. She told me not to and that I should lay down and relax cause of my hip, but you know me, I don't listen when it comes to that too well. The worst part was when mom was in the round pen and I couldn't get to her. I kept walking around the pen the entire time she was in there. I did play with Echo a little, but she was into just relaxing. I swear, for a young dog, she's really mellow. Anyway, after cutting was done, we all sat around the fire. It was such a beautiful night with no rain at all. Gizmo even hung out with us on the patio too.

Saturday mom wasn't feeling too well so we just hung around outside and played. We did go for a Kubota ride and I rode up to the tree, but mom let us walk down. She just made me promise to not carry on and I didn't, I just walked along and sniffed all the good stuff! After we were done with that we went for a ride in the truck. We went by the property and also stopped at our neighbor's house. They seem like really nice people and I just saw them from the truck, but I'm sure I'll get to meet them eventually. Later in the evening, mom, dad, Dave and Pam all went out for dinner. When they got back we all hung around the fire again. Mom did do two runs with Echo for her search training, but I always have to stay inside cause I think it's a game and run after Echo and try to play. Personally I think mom should let me out cause I think I would be a good distraction for Echo and mom could see how she does with that. I might have to suggest that to her.

Sunday we didn't do much. Mom had a migraine so we didn't leave until later in the day and we chilled when we got home. It was a really nice weekend in the mountains and I can't wait to go over Labor Day.

I don't think I have much going on this week. It's suppose to get hot again so I hope that means swimmy time! I did hear mom tell dad she needs to groom us cause we have some mats in our hair. I don't like when mom grooms us to get mats out. I have to stand very, very still cause if she can't brush them out then she has to cut them and if I move I could get cut... yikes! Hopefully I don't have too many though. Oh yeah, today Poppy Waple, Matt, Brett and dad will be putting tanbark down so I'm sure we'll be able to be outside to play. Of course one paw in the bark and we're done I'm sure. I'll do my best to stay out of it, but sometimes when we're playing I just get carried away and before I know it, in the bark I am.

Well, I guess that's about all for now. I will be saying a prayer for all the people and animals out west with the wild fires and that they all make it out okay. Bark at you later!


A visit, a lost visitor and DDP!

August 15th 2013 8:30 am
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Yes, it's been an event few days around here. First I'd like to say I am so honored that I have yet again been chosen as a DDP. I don't lead the most exciting life, but it's nice to know that friends out there like to read about the happens even if they're not to exciting. Thank you Dogster and all my pals who read my posts!

Now about my visit to Manor Care Tuesday night. Mom took both me and Echo and we picked up mom's friend Barb and she went along with us. She is SOOOOO nice! You can tell she is a doggie person and she just loved going on the visit with us and I really liked having her with us. We visited for 2 hours cause we had lots more people then normal since some new people came in. I was getting a little tired toward the end, but I kept on doing my therapy dog thing and brought smiles to a lot of faces. I'm happy to say that my friend Joe looked really good and he seemed more alert this time. That makes me happy cause it makes me sad when Joe isn't doing well. As happy as I am about Joe, I am equally sad about my friend Mary. Something was really upsetting her, but we didn't know what it was. She was upset when we got in her room and we did help cheer her up a little, but you could still tell something was bothering her. Mary can't really talk well so we couldn't ask her what was wrong, but I gave her extra kisses and hoped that help her feel better. All in all I had a really good visit and I do hope my new friend Barb comes with us again soon.

Last night we had a lost visitor. We were out back with daddy by the pool when some guy came with a dog. Here is was our neighbor's son's dog Callie. She's a little beagle who lived next door for years, but when the son moved out he took her with him so I haven't seen her in a long time. The guy said he found her wandering around Bainbridge which is like miles and miles from us. It's hard to believe that she was way down there since she is pretty old. Our neighbor wasn't home so dad, being the good person he is, told the guy that she could stay with us and when the neighbors got home he would take her over. Poor Callie didn't understand what was going on, but we tried to make her feel at home. Mom gave her food and water and we even took her for a walk around the block. When she was in the house with us you could tell she was upset cause she just kept pacing around and kept going to the door. Mom said she just wanted to go home and I can understand that. A few hours later the neighbor did come home and they were actually out looking for her all the time she was with us. Apparently the son had her and their new dog out walking in the woods and she ran off. She's upset cause they have a new dog. I know how she feels! But I would never run off no matter what cause I know my mom loves me a lot and I know Callie's daddy and I know he loves her too. It is a hard adjustment when a new dog comes into the family, but hopefully Callie gets to like the new doggie. After Callie left mom said she was proud of us girls and how nice we were to Callie and that we shared our food, water and toys with her. I'll admit I wasn't thrilled about her eating my food, but I knew it was the right thing to do. She was really hungry too and eat almost the entire bowl!

I'm all excited cause we're going to the cabin this weekend and I can't wait! It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend so I know we'll get to spend lots of time outside. I just hope it doesn't end abruptly like last time, that wasn't fun. But mom and dad actually seem more relaxed and get along even better in the mountains. Not that they don't get along at home cause they do, but in the mountains we all seem more at ease and just really enjoy life:)


Swimmy weekend

August 12th 2013 6:30 am
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As promised, mom is letting me swim as much as possible since that is pretty much the only thing that I can do. Mom won't let me jump in after my toy that much, but dad said she's suppose to let me be a dog and I'm only jumping like 2" and it's down into the pool which is water and not a hard surface. Thanks dad!

Saturday we got to go to the barn with mom in the morning and that was a nice treat. It's been a while since we've been there. Mom only did barn and didn't ride so it was pretty much just hanging out. But Stevie had her dog there too and we played with her for a little. Of course Echo took her over so I stayed with mom most of the time. Around lunchtime our friends from the mountains, Randy and Sharon, came down to visit cause they were going to a concert with mom and dad. It's was the first time they came here and it was really nice to see them. We did get to swim before they left and show them how good we are at it too!

Sunday mom and dad were pretty tired from the concert so we did nothing. Mom did let us swim in the afternoon and I did kind of get a little excited when Anna and her friends came to swim with us. I ran around like a nut and a couple times I slipped cause my back legs didn't do what I wanted them to do cause of my hips. Mom did make me settle after that. She made me just swim and not jump and I also got to float around on my "queen chair" as mom likes to call it. It's a raft shaped like a chair and I always sit in that when I take my breaks. I wasn't too happy that I wasn't allowed to jump, but I do understand that mom doesn't want me to make my hip worse. Other than that, we pretty much chilled cause like I said, mom and dad were really tired from the night before.

I don't know what I have on tap for this week. I think I have a visit to Manor Care cause Echo went last time so I'm looking forward to that. I'll be sure to let you know if I do anything exciting. I hope everyone had a good weekend and POTP to all those getting hit by all the rain and flooding. You are in our thoughts and prayers.



August 8th 2013 6:43 am
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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your well wishes and POTP that you have sent me. My family and I really appreciate it and it helps to know we have lots of friends praying for me. I'm sure mom will keep everyone posted. Thank you!


Visit at Country Meadows

August 8th 2013 6:38 am
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Last night mom took me with her when she got her haircut so I got to play with my friend Britt for a little. After we were done there, we went for a visit at Country Meadows. It's been a very long time since I've been there and I was really happy to see that all my friends were still okay and I even met some new friends. Everyone was very happy to see me and said they missed me. Mom promised that she won't let it go that long in between visits again. We didn't get to go in the one area that is locked because it was too late and they put them to bed pretty early. Mom said we will be there at 6pm next time and go there first so we don't miss them.

When we got home I was pretty tired cause it was a long visit so I just napped on the sofa. One thing about the medicine mom gives me is that it makes me sleepy and I'm sure glad I only get that one at night and that I only have to take that for 2 weeks. The morning meds I don't mind, especially since mom gives them to me in pieces of hot dog! BUT, she did tell me they are chewables and I'll need to learn to just chew them up without hot dogs like Echo. She said it's not fair that I get hot dogs and Echo doesn't (because of her belly problems she can't have them). I understand what mom is saying, but is it fair that I don't get them cause Echo can't have them? I know mom has tried to give me little extra treats without Echo knowing, but let's face it, Echo is a search and rescue dog who has a nose that can smell everything so no matter how far away or how much time is between when mom gives me a treat and I'm near Echo, she can ALWAYS smell it. Guess it's just something I'll have to deal with.

Looks like pretty crappy weather for the next couple of days so looks like the only activity I'm allowed to do right now, which is swimming, I won't be able to do. I'm telling you mom and dad are right, our last name Waple spells bad luck backwards and if we didn't have bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all!


Not life threatening but...

August 6th 2013 6:37 am
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So I went to the vet last night to find out why I walk weird. After a lot of poking, proding, pulling and x-rays we found out that I have severe arthritis in my hips. Plus, my right hip bone is deformed. The vet told mom it is genetics so no matter what, I would have ended up like this sooner or later. The vet wants me to take supplements for 4-6 weeks and pain meds for 2 weeks and see if I make any improvement. I am limited to what I can do too. No running, jumping, playing frisbee, diving, horseplay with Echo, in other words, nothing that I love to do and no being a dog:( I am allowed to go on short walks on leash, oh boy call out the band I can still walk! Sorry, just a little upset. So, after the 4-6 weeks if there is no improvement the vet said they can do an operation where they cut out the ball of my hip joint and my muscles fill that void. The vet said I will be able to do all the things I use to. I have a hard time believing that and honestly, I don't want any surgery. Fortunately for me, it sounds like mom and dad agree. Mom said the thing about that surgery is when I get older and my muscles start to deteriorate like they do in old dogs, then what happens? Essentially I'll be dragging one of those little carts behind me or be put down. NEITHER is a good option for me. Please don't get me wrong I know there are lots of doggies out there with the carts and I applaud them for being able to live with that, me, I just can't do it.

When we got home and mom talked to dad he said "let Chloe be a dog". In other words, let me enjoy life and I have to agree with dad. Will have a few limitations like no jumping up and down off things? Yeah. No more running up the mountain? Yeah. No more diving off the side of the pool? Yeah. But you know what? I can deal with that kind of stuff because other than diving off the side of the pool, I really won't miss the other things. Mom said I can still swim as much as I want and actually that is really good for me. Yeah, I do enjoy jumping off the side, face it I was a dock diver, but I can live without that. The only other thing that might be hard is the horseplay with me and Echo. We get really rough sometimes and ram each other in the side. Mom said that is a definite NO! NO! With my hips the way they are if I get hit a certain way they can be dislocated and that with hurt! I can still play and have fun, but no ramming and I'm okay with that. And it also sounds to me like they both agree that I won't have the surgery and I'm happy about that. Maybe if they ever come up with like a replacement thing like they do in humans, but to take it out and have nothing, not an option. My people both agree that I will stay on the supplements and take the pain meds when needed, but I'm a happy dog and they want me to stay that way. Dad said if they do the surgery he's afraid my life expectancy will be cut in half. I still have a lot of good years left in me and if I have to take meds and curb my activities a bit, so be it. It's much better than the alternative to me. There is a SLIGHT chance that the supplements will work and all the rest is a moot point. Regardless, mom and dad are going to let me enjoy my life and I'm happy about that:)

Obviously cause of the situation, that means no frisbee catching from robots tonight. I'm sad about that, but it's okay, at least I still get to be in Kpets and visit people and make them happy:)

I'll be sure to keep you up to date on any progress I make. Please send some POTP my way because I could really use it!!


Good/bad weekend

August 5th 2013 10:12 am
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The weekend started out great. Mom, grandma, Echo, Giz and I all headed to the cabin Friday afternoon. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Not too hot, not too windy, just perfect! Even though my leg hurts and I couldn't run much, I still had a good time. I chilled with grandma and Echo on the patio while mom cut grass. We went for a Bota ride after mom was done with grass. Then we grilled and our friends Pam and Dave came and we all hung out by the fire. Even Gizmo stayed outside with us. It was a wonderful evening.

Saturday after breakfast we headed out on our all day journey. First stop was Zook's and we waited in the car, but mom and grandma were only a couple minutes. From there we went to the Bargain Barn and mom let us get out there to stretch our legs. From there we stopped at a craft store in town then we went to the wine festival. This place was cool. We walked around and of course everyone loved us aussies. Grandma bought each of us a pull toy. We sat and enjoyed some music while mom and grandma had lunch. Mom has a pix of us with grandma so look for it to appear on my page soon. When they were finished mom got us ice cream... YUMMY! I think mom was preparing us for our wait while she did a little wine tasting. I didn't mind though and even met a little boy who just loved us. He gave me a couple kisses too:) When we were done there we went to grandma's favorite place, Abundant Blessings and we hung out in the car enjoying the nice breeze since mom left all of the windows open (don't worry, we'd never jump out). Now comes the best part...when grandma was done shopping mom took us to the bridge to go swimmy! I had SOOO much fun:) The water was much lower than last time so there was no chance in us getting washed away. It was so low that mom walked out and sat on the rocks in the middle and threw sticks for us. Mom took some pix of us with grandma at the bridge that I'm sure she'll eventually post them. Mom let us swim for a long time and then we went for a ride. I think mom was lost, but she'd never admit it BOL:D But we did make it to Cheese Nook and mom and grandma came out with milkshakes but didn't bring us anything:( Mom said we already had our ice cream for the day. But doesn't she know we can have it more than once???? Anyway, we finally got back to the cabin and mom wanted to sit in the woods and see if we could see any deer. So we all loaded up in the Bota and headed up. Grandma was impressed with how quiet and still we stayed. Unfortunately it did do us any good cause we didn't see anything. When we got back mom built a fire and her and grandma roasted hot dogs on the fire. It was just getting dark and looking to be another beautiful evening. Gizmo came out and we were all chilling on the patio listening to country music just really enjoying life and then it happened. I don't know exactly what grandma said, but whatever it was mom didn't like it and mom tried for a while to stay calm, but you know us dogs, we can pick up on our people and I knew what was coming. I ran to the door and sat there and Echo and Giz came too cause they felt it too. Mom eventually blew and the next thing I know we were packing up and heading home. I was very upset cause it was such a nice night and we were having such a good time and it was all over. Mom and grandma didn't talk the entire way home and us animals stayed as quiet as church mice cause we knew something was wrong. I was never so happy to get out of the car as I was when we finally got home and I just stayed on my ottoman until it was time for bed.

Sunday we didn't so anything. I know mom was still upset with what happened and dad had a headache so we were all taking a "chill day" as mom calls it. Dad shocked the pool so we couldn't go swimmy and since I can't run or walk a long way we couldn't play outside. Honestly I didn't mind cause I was catching up from my busy first part of the weekend and also from the stress that I felt with what happened the night before.

This week I don't know what all I have going on. I do know that tonight I have to go to the vet to see what's up with my leg. Dad thinks it may be my hip cause of the funny way I'm now walking. Whatever it is, it doesn't really hurt me, at least not like you would think. It's more like an achy feeling. I just hope the vet fixes it so I can go back to my normal playing. Depending on what the vet says, if I'm not allowed to run, I won't be able to catch frisbees from the robots tomorrow night at the National Night Out and that will make me sad:( I love playing frisbee and to play with robots would just be the coolest! But we'll just have to see.

Well that's all for now. I hope everyone had a good weekend and that you were able to enjoy some nice weather like we were:)


I hurt my leg:(

August 1st 2013 6:23 am
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Mom and dad both noticed that I was a little off last night. Not only in my behavior (I was very mellow and wouldn't even get excited when mom got out the blow dryer), but in my gait as well. Dad checked me out real good and found that my right hind leg seems to be sore. They have no idea what I did and honestly, I'm not sure either. I was okay playing with Anna Monday and okay Tuesday. I think I did it when Echo and I were playing outside yesterday morning. We get kind of rough and really run and head butt each other and one time she hit me in the leg and I spun around and went down. Dad says he's sure nothing is broken, but mom did call the vet today. I sure hope I don't have to go down cause although I love the people, I don't want all the poking and proding. Mom is making me rest cause we're going to the cabin this weekend with grandma and I want to be able to run around and have fun. But I must admit, I'm getting a whole lot more attention and I like that. I even slept in bed between mom and dad all night. Loved that! I'll keep you posted one how I'm doing. Put your paws together and say a little prayer that it gets better fast so I can have fun in the mountains!


What I've been up to...

July 30th 2013 6:18 am
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Since last time I posted we went to the mountains. We got there Friday evening and mom and dad cut grass as usual and we played. When it got dark, dad cooked on the grill then after dinner we all sat on the patio. It was such a beautiful evening, much cooler than the week before. It was so nice that even my cat Gizmo joined us on the patio. Usually she cries and wants to go back in the cabin, but this time she was stalking around like a little tigress. It was fun to watch her chase the bugs:) Saturday we went for ice cream at Mexico and met some nice people sitting at the picnic tables. The girl gave us extra ice cream...gotta love that! When we got back, dad went ridge running so mom took us dogs for a walk in the woods to the tree. We usually ride up in the bota, but mom said she needed to burn off the ice cream and since it was cooler we could walk. I didn't mind it and actually liked being able to check things out and smell all kinds of stuff on the way. I was pretty tired when we were done and took a nap when we got back. It started to rain so we pretty much just chilled the rest of the night. Sunday was the usual, except Dave stopped by to see dad. Other than that, mom clean the cabin and packed while we hung outside and played.

Yesterday was fun in the evening cause our friend Anna came and played with us. I just love Anna! We played with her for a long time cause mom was washing the floors and we weren't allowed in until they dried. I was hoping they'd never dried!!

I don't think I have anything going on this week. It's Echo's turn to go to Manor Care so I'll be staying home:( I think we're going to the cabin again this weekend and I think we're going with grandma...yeah!

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