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Fun trail ride

September 30th 2013 7:24 am
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This past weekend was better than that one before. Friday night we hung out with mom and dad while they canned A LOT of applesauce and Saturday afternoon did A LOT of pickles! They were just canning fools and mom said they still have a few more things to can. Then I know she'll start her baking soon too, but I like that cause sometimes I'll get a goodie here or there:)

Saturday morning and evening were the best times for me this weekend. Saturday morning we went with mom to the farmer's market then to the barn. As promised, we got to go for a trail ride and it was fun:) We saw 5 deer on our ride and that was cool. Tequilla tried to buck mom off once, but mom is too good and knows T's tricks so she didn't fall off. We were at the barn for a couple of hours and by the time we got home, I was ready for a nap so I slept while mom canned. In the evening Grandma came over and we went with her and mom to mini golf. Although we had to watch from the car, Grandma did buy us ice cream afterwards cause we were so good and it was yummy! After we were done there, we went back to the barn to feed the horses. It was dark so no riding, but mom did play frisbee with us for a little cause we had some light from the dusk til dawn light. Plus, you know us doggies have better night vision than our parents so it didn't matter that it was night time. When we got back home mom and Grandma watched this really wild movie. These men did something really bad to this girl and she went after them and tortured them for what they did to her. All I know is there was a whole lotta screaming going on so I didn't get much of a nap til it was over.

Sunday we didn't do much cause mom was tired from the previous two days and her headache was back. Poor mom was so excited cause she was headache free for like 36 hours. Thank you to everyone who is sending well wishes to my mom cause she needs them. She is going to the doctor this week to see if they can figure out why she has them all the time again. I sure hope they figure it out cause I feel bad for mom when she has them. Yesterday I cuddled with her in bed for a while and she seemed to really like that. I'm not much of a cuddler, but every now and then I'll do it when I know mom needs it most.

I don't think we have much going on this week, but I'm sure if the weather is nice mom will take us for walks and play frisbee. I hope everyone had as nice a weekend as I did and can enjoy this week's before fall weather.


Visiting my friends

September 27th 2013 5:33 am
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It's been a pretty quiet part for the most part. Mom has been fighting those headaches, but she still manages to spend some time with us. She took us for some walks and played frisbee with us. Anna and a couple of her friends came over and played with us on Tuesday so that gave mom a break. Wednesday mom, our friend Barb, Echo and I went to Manor Care to visit. We all visited with our friend Roy, but then I went to the third floor with Barb and mom and Echo went to the second floor. We never split up like that, but with mom's headache, we really couldn't do a two hour visit like normal. Needless to say, although I really like Barb, I did NOT like being without my mom. You know me, I'm a momma's girl and want to be with her over anyone else, including daddy. But I knew mom only did it cause she trusts me more to behave myself than Echo. Mom still watches Echo when people hug her just to be sure she doesn't go all alpha on them, but mom said it's funny how Echo can tell the different between how the people in the nursing homes are with her and others that she feels is a threat, thus bringing out those alpha tendencies. Anyway, Barb and I visited every room on the third floor cause there were a lot of new people. When we were finished, we did go to the second floor with mom and Echo and it was perfect timing cause mom was going into Joe's room so he got to see us both and that made him very happy:)

Last night mom took us to the park to play cause we have more room to run and I loved it! We played frisbee and ball and I have to tell you, I am MUST faster than Echo. I beat her to the ball or frisbee every time and the first few times I keep it from her, but after that I'll get it first, but then drop it for her. Echo thinks it's because she "intimidates" me, but really it's so she doesn't feel bad about being slower than me. Yes, I can be a good sister too:)

Mom said we are home this weekend, but we'll get to go to the barn with her tomorrow sometime cause she has to take care of the horses. I don't know if we'll go for a ride or not cause mom has been riding across the street and it's dangerous enough for mom to ride to the field, but then to have us dogs in tow means even more danger so we may only get to hang out and not go on a trail ride. But that's okay, any time at the barn is fun time for me!


Funless weekend:(

September 23rd 2013 10:02 am
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So this past weekend we were suppose to go with mom and dad to see Alison, Jan and Emilie and I was so looking forward to it! But it never happened cause mom got a really, really bad migraine and came home from work Friday and she didn't go with dad on Friday. Dad didn't want to take us with him in case mom didn't come Saturday it would have been too much for dad to worry about us and try to get yard work done at Alison's so we stayed home and took care of mom. But mom was feeling better Saturday so she took the train and of course, no dogs allowed on the trains so we had to stay home:( I was very sad cause I haven't seen Emilie since the spring and I really miss her. Instead we stayed home and nanny and poppy Waple and Linda came and let us out a few times til mom and dad came home Sunday. I know mom felt really bad about not taking us, but she did take us for a walk and play frisbee when she got home so that helped. She promised that no matter what we'll get to go along next time. I know it's not mom's fault she gets those yucky headaches so I couldn't be mad at her.

Mom said she has a busy week this week, but she'll try to do as much with us as she can. We are going to Manor Care on Wednesday cause we haven't been there in a long time either. We are also home this weekend cause mom has barn duty and mom promised that we can go to the barn sometime on Saturday with her... YEAH!

So I wish I had something exciting to tell you about from my weekend, but unfortunately I don't. I hope my pals had some fun and got to enjoy this beautiful fall weather!


A Happy Birthday and great long weekend!

September 18th 2013 6:48 am
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First I want to thank all my pals for all the birthday wishes. Other than having to come home from the mountains on my birthday, I had a great time. Thank you all again.

Onto my weekend. We left Thursday afternoon and it didn't start out too well. My horse Tequilla was suppose to go to the mountains with us this time cause we were going for 5 days, but when dad went to hook up the trailer, his truck broke. He was really upset cause he really wanted to take Tequilla for mom, but things happen that can't be controlled and mom took it well. I was a little upset myself cause I really wanted to go on trail rides with mom since we don't get to go much at home cause of Jada. Anyway, after taking the truck to the garage we were finally on the road to the cabin. We got there later than we expected so we really didn't do much Thursday night.

Friday mom cut grass while dad weed wacked and then dad cut down the old, huge cedar tree by the patio. I really didn't care either way, but Echo, she was really upset. She watched everything dad did and even followed him when he drug the tree away with the Kubota. I guess she liked it so much cause that was her favorite shady spot to hang out. Yeah, I hung out there too, but the tree had lots of bugs and bees that bothered me so I won't miss it. After mom and dad were finished with their work we went for a Kubota ride and that was fun:)

Saturday was dad's birthday, but he did some fun things for us even though it was his day. We went to the Trappers Swap Meet, but there wasn't much there. Everyone loved us as always:) After we were done at the swap meet, we went to Cheese Nook and had ice cream! It was such a beautiful day so we sat outside and I took my time and actually enjoyed my ice cream instead of eating it really fast like I do sometimes. When we got back to the cabin, dad went ridge running and mom made stuffed shells for dad's birthday dinner. When she had them all prepared us dogs walked with mom to the tree. We walked this time instead of taking the Kubota and I didn't mind much cause it's not really that far if you go up the hollow instead of the trail. We no sooner got to the tree and sat down a big doe came by. Mom told us to stay really still and we did so the doe stood there for a long time since she didn't see us. It was really cool. We stayed there for about an hour then walked back down to the cabin. Dad was back so mom made him dinner and we were just finishing up when Randy and Sharon stopped to visit dad on his birthday. It was nice having company for a little since we haven't had much this weekend.

Sunday we chilled until early afternoon then we went to the Flint Hollow property so Echo could do a search in the cornfield. Mom actually let me go along this time and I made sure I stayed close to mom cause I didn't want to get lost in the cornfield. Echo did really good too cause she found dad and took us right to him. After the search we stopped at Randy and Sharon's house to see the new patio around the pool. It looked really nice, but mom wouldn't let us down by the pool cause she knew we would jump in and unfortunately they don't allow doggies in their pool:( When we got back we relaxed for a while then we took another Kubota ride to the tree with mom. We didn't stay as long this time, but it was nice to go up again. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that earlier in the day Clair, Velma and their granddaughter Trish stopped to see us. She loves dogs and was happy to see us, even though Echo almost knocked her down. And we also walked through the woods with mom when she was marking the property line with paint. Almost forgot those two things.

Monday was my birthday and it was good cause I got some real bacon and a little steak as a treat, but it wasn't so good cause we had to go home:( None of us like to go home anymore and we're all kind of depressed after spending such a nice time in the mountains then back to the rat race at home. I took a nap while mom and dad did their usual things when we get home, but then after mom was done she took us outside to play frisbee and that was fun. Mom said when she gets paid she'll take me to PetSmart and I can pick out a couple toys for my birthday presents...yeah!

All in all I had a great birthday and great long weekend. I don't think we have much going on this week until the weekend, then we're going to see Alison, Jan and Emilie and I'm looking forward to that cause it's been a while. Mom did take us for a walk last night and she said we did really well cause there were a lot of people walking with kids and dogs and we did especially well being off our leashes. And cause we were so good, mom played frisbee with us for a little when we got back. But Echo got in trouble cause one time when I had the frisbee she came after me really mean and pulled some of my hair out so mom made her sit there and watch me play for a while. As much as I don't like Echo being mean to me, it's just not as much fun playing without her.

So that's what I've been up to since my last post. I hope everyone had as good a weekend as I did and also get to enjoy some of this beautiful weather. I love fall!!


I need a specialist

September 11th 2013 10:34 am
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So last night I had my follow up with Dr. Z. My condition is still the same and dad got to see the x-rays and he agrees that I will need a hip replacement, maybe even 2. Dr. Z is sending me to a specialist and possible surgery. I don't know if it will happen in a month or year, but I'm pretty sure it will happen and I'm not looking forward to it. But I guess it is the best thing since I'm only 7. I sure don't want to have pain in my hip and be limited on the things I can do for the rest of my life.


A stressful weekend

September 10th 2013 8:51 am
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As you all know, Alison got married this past weekend so mom, dad and everyone who usually watches us were all at the wedding. That meant that us dogs had to go to a kennel for the first time ever. Let me tell you, I don't like going to the kennel at all cause it stresses me out!

Mom dropped us off Friday morning and at first I didn't think it would be too bad. We got to run around and then the guy took us for a walk on our leashes. I didn't mind then cause I knew mom was at the car. WRONG! When we came around the house back to the kennel mom was gone! I was totally stressing out and that is pretty much how I stayed all weekend. Echo and I shared a kennel and it was a decent size. Mom had both of our beds there and some toys. I saw her pack our bowls, but they didn't put them in the kennel with us. Later on Friday we went out in a play area with other dogs. They took some pictures and mom will post a few, but you will see that I am VERY stressed and didn't play with any of the other dogs. Thank goodness for Echo cause she stayed with me the entire time. I don't know what I would have done if she wasn't there with me.

The weekend consisted of us going on pack walks in the morning and evening and being taken out to potty a few times during Saturday and Sunday. I didn't eat at all, but mom didn't figure I would so she sent extra treats so I would at least get something. The only problem is, they didn't give us any of our treats. I don't know why cause mom had them all in nice bags with our names on them, but they didn't give us any at all. The only thing they gave me was my pill and then that wasn't a pleasant thing cause I wouldn't take it so they shoved it down my throat. As if I wasn't stressed out enough! And we only had one little bowl of water for the two of us and Echo and I both drink a lot of water so we were both hungry and thirsty all weekend.

Mom finally came and picked us up and when I saw her I went crazy! I jumped all over her and I cursed her out doggy-style for a good 15 minutes straight and once I was in the car there was NO WAY I was getting back out while mom brought our stuff out. I was never so happy to see mom in all my life and I hope she NEVER takes us to a kennel again cause I don't like it at all!! I know mom thought she had the best kennel, but if that is the best, then I'd hate to see a bad one. Don't get me wrong they didn't abuse us or anything and I knew we wouldn't get treated the same way mom treats us, but they should have used our bowls so we could have had enough water and there is no reason for us not to get our treats. I know mom wasn't happy when she cleaned out our bags and saw all the treats still in there. She kept hugging us and kissing us and telling us she was so sorry and she promised NEVER to do it again. Even dad said if we couldn't go somewhere with them and there was no one that we knew to watch us, either mom or dad would stay home with us. All that and it cost mom and dad a lot of money too!

When we got home of course mom had to give us a bath cause we smelled like the kennel. I was glad for the bath cause I felt all yucky from being there and the other dogs that slobbered on me a few times during our walks. Needless to say I ate and drank after my bath and both of us dogs laid on the bed with mom all night while she watched TV never so happy to be with her.

Things are finally getting back to normal. I had a couple bowls of food, plenty of water and many treats since we've been home and I'm finally feeling like myself again. Last night mom took us to the barn with her while she packed the trailer. We're going to the mountains for a long weekend and we're taking Tequilla with us. Stevie's dog Zola came and we played with her too. She's a cool dog:) It was nice to run around and play after being cooped up all weekend. Tonight I'll have a little more stress cause I have to go for a re-check at the vet for my hip, but mom promised both she and dad will be with me and they won't leave me there.

So that's what I have been up to. I sure hope everyone had a better weekend than I did!


DDP and a fun weekend

September 2nd 2013 5:47 pm
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Wow, yesterday my sis Echo was DDP and now I'm one today, Thank You Dogster!! What an honor to be picked again:)" I'll try to keep up posting all the fun things I get to do starting with this past weekend.

Mom and us animals headed t the cabin Friday afternoon and let me tell you it was a hot day! Mom made us stay in the cabin while mom cut grass. When she was done it was much cooler cause the sun was down so we hung out on the patio with mom and her friend Sharon. Later on dad, Brett and Poppy Waple all came to the cabin. I was very happy to see Brett cause I knew he would play with us and I was right. Saturday he took us for a Kubota ride and it was so much fun!!!! We rode up but walked down and Brett raced us down Clair and Velma's driveway and we won:). Then we went across the road to the apple orchard and he raced us again and we tied, but I,can't believe I even tied cause I was tired by then and was glad when we took a break. Later on we went for a ride to the property and we ran around for a little. When we got back mom, Brett and us dogs went to the swimmy hole and it was nice. I swam for a while but I was still tired from all the racing so I hung out with mom on the tub. The rest of the evening was nice. We all hung out by the patio and all the hollow boys came and visited. Mom said we did really good at not barking and running out in front of the cars:)

Sunday all our company left and we chilled for a while. Later in the day we went for a ride and when we got back dad went ridge running and us dogs went for a kubota ride with mom to the tree. We sat there for a long time and we saw a momma deer and her baby. Mom said we did really good by not making any noises. When we got back we hung out on the patio and dad and some of his buddies came over for dinner. Mom gave me a hot dog and I loved it! We sat outside for a little then it started to thunder and lightening so we had to go in.

Monday we didn't do anything cause this was the hottest day yet. We hung out in the A/C until we headed home. When we got home mom let us go swimmy and that was good cause it was soooo hot! Now I'm just getting ready to nap cause it has been a busy weekend. I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and have a good week!


Visit to grandma's

August 30th 2013 8:18 am
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Last night we went with mom to visit grandma. She wasn't feeling too good so we had to cheer her up and boy did we ever. We acted like a bunch of nuts playing and grandma loved it. She didn't love the fact that I tried to steal a bite of her sub though...sorry:( We stayed there for a long time and it was a nice visit. Mom tried on some dresses for the wedding next weekend to see which one grandma liked the best and Echo and I took turns checking on her int he bathroom to be sure she didn't go anywhere. The last time I checked, the light was off and I didn't see mom. I went and got Echo and she didn't see mom either. All of a sudden the bedroom door flew open and mom yelled "BOO!" That was so NOT nice cause it scared us and we let her know with some barks. After thinking about it, it was kind of funny:D

Mom was getting stuff ready for our long weekend in the mountains and I can't wait! We're going to have company this weekend too cause Brett, Poppy Waple and Linda (dad's sister) are all going along. Nanny Waple is made at mom so she's not going. Anyway, it will be crowded with 5 people, 2 dogs and a cat in the cabin, but it will be nice to have more people to play with us. Mom said it is suppose to be hot so we may be able to go to the swimmy hole or bridge if the water is deep enough. We haven't had much rain lately so it is possible that there may only be a few inches. I sure hope the hole is still deep so I can cool off!

That's about all for now. If I don't post before I'll be sure to post when I get back from the mountains. Have a safe and great Labor Day Weekend!


Anna is back!

August 28th 2013 5:37 am
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My friend Anna from next door is finally back from vacation! I was so happy to see her Monday that I couldn't stop jumping around. She played with us in the pool and I was loving it. She stayed for a while too and I'm glad mom wasn't in a rush for us to go inside cause I missed my Anna and wanted to spend some time with her:)

Yesterday I didn't so anything. Mom took Echo to the vet and then to Manor Care (it was her turn)so I hung out with dad. My Brett came to visit and I was happy to see him. He and dad both tried to get me to go swimmy, but I just wasn't feeling like it. I like when mom and Echo are there to play with me. Plus my hip was still a little sore from Monday.

That's about all that's been going on around here. Summer is back with high temps again. I can't wait til Fall comes back and stays!



August 26th 2013 6:16 am
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This was about the most boring weekend of my life! Mom was away for the weekend so we were home with dad and did nothing. Dad and Poppy Waple did some stuff outside and we hung out there with them, but other than that, I just laid around. I was hoping dad would let us go swimming Saturday or Sunday, but he didn't:( Mom got home last evening and she was really tired from her busy weekend with Emilie. Boy I wish we could have been there with mom and Emilie cause I love playing with Em. Mom said we'll get to visit with her in September and I'm looking forward to that.

I wish I had more to tell you all, but I don't cause it was a boring weekend. I don't think I have much going on this week either, but I'm sure mom will let us swim if it's nice since we are closing the pool soon:(

Have a great week!

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