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I have a new name...

December 29th 2008 4:13 pm
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Yesterday mom gave me a new name... she called me "Chloe' Move!" She was taking down the Christmas decorations and cleaning the house and I just followed her everywhere. I guess I got in the way a lot and she kept telling me "Chloe' move" so I just figured that was my new name:) I know it's not really, but it was kind of cute. We didn't do anything yesterday because mom did that all day. Today we went for a ride then mom played frisbee with me for a while. It was really nice out. Mom told me that if it's nice tomorrow, we'll go to the barn again and maybe for a trail ride depending on what kind of mood Tequilla is in. Oh yeah, I did get in trouble today and honestly, I deserved it. Mom sat her plate with pizza and boli down on the chair then went in the office to get something, well, that pizza smelled sooooo good I just couldn't help myself so I took a piece. Well, when mom came back she caught me red pawed with the slice on the floor. Needless to day I got in trouble and mom was not happy with me. I tried to make up to her later, but she would have none of it. I know I was wrong and will just have to do my time with mom being mad at me. I can promise you one thing, I will never do that again. I hate when my mom is mad at me. At least she didn't tell dad or I would have been in worse trouble. Didn't know what I was thinking????


Muddy mess:)

December 28th 2008 8:21 am
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Yesterday I was allowed to become a muddy mess:) Mom took me to the barn and it was REALLY muddy! But she didn't yell at me to stay out of the mud at all because she said I was getting a bath today so I should have fun and boy did I ever! I ran really fast and slide right throw a mud puddle and water splashed everywhere. It was so much fun!!!! I tried to play with Tequilla, but she was moody and didn't want any part of it. In fact, she evern charged after me once. Mom said it really wasn't her fault though because she has been stuck in her stall for so long she just wants to get out. Poor Tequilla, I can't imagine being stuck in that stall day after day. Anyway, I chased the cats and mom did throw ball for me. Then, after the barn, I had a playdate with Tanner C! That was a surprise since mom didn't mention it. We ran around his yard and got all wet (it rained in the morning). It was fun, but I was really tired when I got home. I just wanted to lay down and sleep, but mom had other plans for me.... I had to get a bath! Normally I wouldn't mind, but I was sooooooo tired I just wanted to sleep. I kept trying to lay down in the shower, but mom kept making me get up. I was glad when we were done so I could sleep... and sleep I did! So that was my exciting day.


The day after...

December 26th 2008 4:33 pm
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Well, it is the day after Christmas and I finally have a few minutes to tell everyone about all my cool toys that doggie Santa brought me. Let's see... I got a beef knuckle bone (as you can see from one of the photos), a bag of flat peanutbutter flavored rawhides (mom said the vet told her I should have at least one a week), a whole bunch of my favorite vanilla rawhide rings, a stick that floats in the water to play fetch with, squeaky tennis balls (one of my favorites), a stuffed chip that screams really loud when I throw it around and a squeaky pacifier. Oh yeah, I also got two great big containers of treats. Mom said I must have been really good to get all that stuff. Brett helped me open my presents this year. Mom put some pictures on my page, but she has some video to add as soon as she has time to put it together. I hope everyone else got lots of good stuff like I did. I haven't been doing much except chewing on all my bones and playing with my tennis balls. Meggie did come to visit today, but she wasn't feeling well so we didn't play much. Grandma and mom's aunt also came to visit. They all loved me and gave me lots of attention. I did get to go on a ride with mom this evening. She was in search of a Wii and called a store that said they had it, but when she got there, they sold it:( Mom wasn't happy, but I gave her a kiss and it made her smile so I was glad of that. Anyway, that's about it. I'm going back to chewing my knuckle bone. Bark at everyone later in the week. Have a great weekend!



December 25th 2008 2:01 pm
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I just wanted to wish everyone and their families a very Merry Christmas! I hope Santa was good to you all this year. He brought me a lot of really great toys and treats. Brett helped me open them all and I'm sure mom will post photos and video as soon as she can. Well, gotta run and play. Have a great day!


Slip Slidin' Away

December 24th 2008 5:16 am
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I just had to tell everyone about my morning. Mom got up and let me out as normal. Well, it was normal until I hit the porch... my paws went in every direction, I fell on my face and my nose hit the step with a thud! Mom ran out to help me, then she fell too:( It was soooooo icey out this morning that I could barely walk. I did finally make it to the front yard (with mom's help), but I had a hard time standing still to pee because even the grass was icey and I was sliding. I love winter, but not this icey stuff. Mom usually let's me out one more time before she leaves for work, but today I said "NO WAY" and went right back to the bedroom. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow after going spread eagle on the porch. I just hope mom got to work okay because it was really icey. The driveway looked like an ice rink! To everyone out there that is experiencing this ice storm... BE CAREFUL! We don't want anyone getting hurt for the holiday.


No snow:(

December 23rd 2008 12:09 pm
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Well, the snow never came:( It just rained and got a little icey, but none of that fun white stuff. Hopefully we get some again soon. Still not much going on here. Mom held a meltdown Sunday because of grandma (she's still being mean to mom... I should bite her!), so I just cuddled with mom to help her feel better. We haven't been able to play outside because it's been REALLY cold! Yesterday was real windy and even I didn't want to be outside so you know it had to be cold. Mom did play tug with me last night for a little while and that was fun. Mom keeps telling me that Santa is coming soon, but I haven't seen him yet. Hopefully he'll bring me something nice since I've been such a good girl. It's been almost a week since I've been in the crate and I'm loving it! Well, I'm gonna go for now. I just wanted to let everyone know that we didn't get the snow I talked about the other day. BTW, you all better tell your moms and dads that there is only 1 1/2 more days shopping days until Christmas so they better get 'r done!


What's up?

December 20th 2008 2:13 pm
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Hello all! I just thought I would check in to see how everyone is doing? I'm doing okay. I went to the barn with mom and Nance on Thursday. Nance is our friend you lost her husband after Thanksgiving. She seemed a little sad, but I did make her laugh when I was playing tug-of-war with Tequilla's lead rope:) I had fun at the barn running around with Tequilla in the arena. I feel bad for her because she only gets out when mom an get over to see her. The weather as been so bad that the horses stay in all the time. I'm glad I don't get locked up when the weather is bad... I would go crazy! Friday momcame home early and we played tug and watched TV. Then Jen and Ron came to visit and Jen played with me a little. Today Megan came over. I love when Megan comes because she always plays with me:) Mom took me outside to play frisbee later too. It was really cold, but my mom loves me so much that she braves the cold just so I can have fun. She told me that they are calling for snow again and if it snows, she'll play with me in it again. YEA!!!!! Oh yeah, mom and dad left me out of the crate the past couple of days when they were gone and they were so proud of me because I didn't do anything wrong. They gave me big hugs and treats when they got home to show me how proud they were of me. Mom said as long as I don't ever destroy anything, I can continue to stay out. I'm gonna do my best because I do enjoy being out of my crate and sleeping on my ottaman when they are gone. So, that's about it for me. I'll write more if we get snow and mom and I play. I'll tell you all about it!



December 17th 2008 5:15 am
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Last night was s000000000000000 much fun!! Mom came home and there was a lot of snow on the ground so she took me out to play. We wrestled in the snow, she threw me snowballs and frisbee. I loved picking up the frisbee and shaking it like crazy so the snow would fly all over me. I REALLY love the snow:) Then mom laid down and was flapping her arm and legs around in the snow. Not sure what she was doing, but I kept trying to pull her away. She said I messed up her angel... but she wasn't mad at me. We played for about an hour and mom said she was really cold. I didn't want to go in, but I did because mom doesn't have a heavy coat like I do to stay out longer. Shortly after that, dad came home and he went outside to play with me. He was funny. He was trying to hit me with snowballs (not to hurt me just to have fun), so I ran as fast as I could in circles and he couldn't get me! He only played for about ten minutes though because he didn't wear gloves and he said his hands were cold. At leat I got to play in the snow a lot. I hope everyone else who had snow had just as much fun as I did:D


Pet Smart shopping

December 16th 2008 12:28 pm
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Yesterday mom and dad took me to Pet Smart shopping. The only thing I don't get, all the stuff I picked out, I didn't get when we got home????? I saw them put it in the cart and pay for it, but then after that, I didn't see it anymore. What's up with that? Maybe they wanted me to pick out thing so they can give it to some poor doggie that doesn't have much. Oh well, doesn't matter I guess, I have plenty of toys:)

I also went to see grandma yesterday. She came home from the hospital on Thursday and seems to still be having some pain. I laid with her a while, but it was really hot in her house and I don't like it hot. Plus, her roommate was making me nervous walking up and down the stairs and into the kitchen. I don't like when I can keep track of everyone.

Last night, mom and dad were wrapping presents and the empty wrapping paper rolls attacked me... YIKES! I tried to get away, but they kept coming after me so I started to pounce on them and bite them! No, I wasn't really afraid, I was playing with mom:) It was fun, but since I was biting them, they didn't last long. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Today it is snowing! Well sort of. It's really wet and not the nice fluffy snow I like to play in. I'm hoping it changes before mom gets home so we can go play in it. I know she won't play if it's really wet and honestly, I don't want to get that wet either. I just like when it really soft and fluffy and you can run and dive into it and it flies everywhere...that's the funniest snow there is:D

BTW, mom posted my picture swimming from the other night. It's not the best pix since mom took it with her cell phone, but it's better than nothing.


Wow! Lots of fun the past two days!!!

December 13th 2008 5:40 pm
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Boy have I been having a blast the past two days! Last night mom took me for my surprise and I was surprised too... I got to go swimming!!!! It was 36 outside, but nice and toasty inside and the pool was so warm. When we pulled in I thought I was going to class because it was the place I took rally class. But when we went in a different door, I knew something was up. When we got to the top of the steps and I saw the pool, I went crazy!! I was so happy I started pouncing around like a nut. I had to learn though how to get in and out because they use a ramp instead of steps like my pool. Mom didn't get in with me this time because the owner's husband was there to help (needless to say, I wasn't crazy about that since I'm not a guy person), but it didn't matter, I still had fun:) Mom threw the frisbee and ball for me and I was diving and swimming and so happy:D I got to swim for about 40 minutes, but then had to get out because there were more doggies coming to swim too. Mom said I am now an official member of the swim club so I can go as much as I want (or at least as much as mom can afford for me to go). She promised we will go at least once a month in the winter until our pool opens again, but said she'll try to do more if she can. I was pooped last night when we got home so I slept like a log.

Then, today we went to the barn. It was a beautiful day and I played tug of war with Tequilla (although she was winning). While we were out playing, Finn showed up!!!! We ran and ran and ran and had soooooooooooooooooo much fun!! It has been a while since I saw Finn and also a while since I've been allowed outside the barn because it was always raining. But today no rain and it was cold enough that I wouldn't get muddy so mom let me run outside until my heart's content. When we got home, mom Megan and me went for a walk. Now I'm so tired I just want to sleep. It's a good thing mom is tired from cleaning too so we can both cuddle and sleep together.

So, as you can see I had a good two days. I hope everyone else is having as good a weekend as I am. Bark at you all later.

P.S. Mom took a pix of me swimming last night with her cell phone and said she'll add it to my page tomorrow.

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