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Happy Thanksgiving!!

November 27th 2008 3:15 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone had a good turkey day. As you can tell from my pictures, I sure did:) Mom brought me some turkey back from the in-laws and boy was it yummy!! She brought some for Gizmo too, but Gizmo really wasn't interested so mom let me lick her plate clean too. Thanks for sharing Gizzie:) Mom and I also watched the Macy's Day Parade and the Kennel Club dog show. The Aussie won best in class! He should have won best in show too, but the stupid judge gave it to the Pointer...yuck! Oh well, I guess us Aussies can't win everything.

I haven't been doing much the past few days so that's why I haven't written. Just been playing frisbee and chilling. No trips to the barn since I got groomed last week, but mom promises that I will be able to go next week. Mom started decorating so I've been helping with that (or at least I think I'm helping). Mom said she has to work a few hours tomorrow, but after that, she'll be home most of the evening. Hopefully the weather stays nice so we can go outside and play.



November 23rd 2008 4:08 pm
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Hello all! Well, it was another boring weekend. Mom was gone most of it so I hung out at the house. Saturday she was at a photo class all day, but I was happy when I saw her walk in with a cup in her hand. I could smell the vanilla and I knew what was coming! Check out the my pix on my page and see me licking the cup and enjoying my Starbucks skinny vanilla latte. Yes, it's skinny... a girl has to watch her figure you know:) Sunday mom and Megan did a bunch of things, but we played frisbee and played hide and seek. I know they went to the barn because I could smell it on mom when she got back, but since I just got groomed, mom said no barn for a week:( I could smell that Fin and Tanner B. were there too so I missed my friends:( Mean mommy! But she loves me and takes really good care of me so I guess I can forgive her. Oh yeah, it did snow on Friday and when Kelsey came to clean, we played in the snow. Check out my pictures of that too. I love playing in the snow. I just wish we would have gotten more... it barely covered the ground. If I don't bark at you all before Thursday, have a Happy Turkey Day!


It's Snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 21st 2008 5:14 am
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Mom let me out this morning and it was snowing!!!!!! I LOVE THE SNOW!! I wanted to stay out and play, but mom had to go to work so I had to come back in:( She said if there is still snow when she gets home, we'll go play... I can't wait!

Okay, so what have I been doing... last night I went to the groomers. Never my favorite thing, but I must admit, mom was right, I was looking pretty bad. My hair was really long and going in all kind of crazy directions. I looked like something out of Cujo. But now mom says I look beautiful and I smell good too! Guess what else? Last night I had my first Starbucks skinny vanilla latte, well sort of. I LOVE vanilla and when mom picked me up from the groomer, I smelled the vanilla in the car. I kept bugging her for some so when she was finished, she let me lick the cup. It was soooooooooo YUMMY! Other than the groomers, nothing much happening. I'm just really happy the snow is starting because mom and I play in it all the time and it's one of my favorite things to do:)



November 19th 2008 5:36 am
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Yeah, I had my playdate last night with Tanner C.!!! We had so much fun too:) First we played inside a little since it was cold out. But we were really wild so we got kicked outside. Honestly, we didn't mind it at all. I think our moms forget that we have long coats on so the cold doesn't bother us. We like it better outside too because we have much more room to run and play. We love chasing each other and knocking each other down. We were outside for a while then came back in and played a little more in the basement. They have a pool table at their house and Tanner and I chase each other around it seeing who can catch who first. It's a hoot! I was really happy to play with Tanner. His mom said his birthday is next week so we're having another playdate on his birthday and we're having cake too!! (doggie cake of course) Mom has to take me to PetSmart to get him something for his birthday. He'll be 1... and I'm here to tell you, he's a big boy for 1:) When we got home, I crashed for the night. As usual, I was really tired so I curled up on the sofa with mom and dad and slept while they watched TV.


Yeah, we went to the barn!!!

November 18th 2008 5:10 am
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Finally, we went to the barn last night! It wasn't all fun and games in the beginning though. One of the horsies were sick so mom had to walk it around until the vet got there (the owner wasn't there so mom and another girl took turns walking him). He didn't want to walk and just wanted to lay down so I helped mom keep him moving. I would get behind him and bark and he would move. Mom said I did real good:) After the vet came, then Jen and mom rode in the arena and I had fun running around like a nut myself. I even jumped a couple of the horse jumps (the lower ones of course). None of my dogs friends were there... they never come anymore:( But I did get to play with the cats. Lex and Sassy were lots of fun. The kittens really want to play, but they're not allowed out of their crates because they'll hide behind all the stuff in the office and mom will never get them back in. When we got home, mom carried me directly into the shower. I was really dirty. All the stonedust from the area was stuck to me and I looked more like a grey dog then a white one. But mom made me nice and pretty again:) I was really tired and crashed on the bed with mom while she watched TV. I think I heard mom talking on the phone and making a playdate for me with Tanner. Not sure when, but I hope soon because I miss Tanner.


Boring weekend

November 17th 2008 11:18 am
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Well, let me tell you, it was a pretty boring weekend. Friday I just hung out with mom and dad. They did play a little tug with me, but that was about it. It was really cold and rainy outside so we couldn't go out to play. Saturday, they were both gone all day to help Ali move into her new place. Kelsey came over twice to let me out to go to the bathroom, but we couldn't play like normal because it was like a monsoon out there! Sunday it was REALLY cold and even I didn't want to be out much. Mom did play tug and throw my hedgehog in the house for me a little, but for the most part, we just sat around watching football. Mom promised that we will go to the barn tonight so I'll finally have some fun! I guess everyday can't be full of adventure and excitement.


I was chased!!!!

November 14th 2008 5:13 am
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First, I just wanted to let everyone know that mom added my other family pets (current and deceased) last night. She doesn't have everything totally finished yet, but at least she got them on the site.

Okay, now about being chased... Last night was my last rally class. First, the ride to class was scary. It was soooooooooooo foggy, mom could barely see and I could tell she was nervous by the way she was driving and this made me nervous. Fortunately, we got there in one piece. There were only 3 of us there last night (we usually have 10). Because we haven't been there for 2 weeks, mom and me were really confused about some of the signs. Plus, we really didn't practice so I was kind of all over the place and really didn't want to pay attention to mom because I was checking out all I missed while I was gone. Anyway, at one point, mom hooked me on one of the stationary hooks while she worked on her footwork. Let me just say, she thought it was stationary. This is when I was chased! When mom walked away, I wanted to follow her so I went after her. Well, my hook wasn't stationary at all and the hook, basket, balls and everything came after me:O I ran really fast to try to get away, but it kept coming after me. Mom got to me quick, but I was really scared and just didn't know what happened. She got me unhooked and calmed me, but I have to be honest, even though I wasn't hurt at all, I was pretty shaken up. Then it was our turn to do our walkthrough. Needless to say, we didn't do well at all. Mom's footwork was off and all I could think about was being chased by those horrible things. I paid zero attention to her and I was still so nervous that I went poopy during the walkthrough. I know, I know, that is an automatic disqualification, but I was nervous! Mom wasn't upset at all and we finished the walkthrough as soon as mom cleaned it up. Needless to say, my last rally class wasn't good. I'm sure mom won't be taking me to rally again because it's just not my thing, but I really did want to do good my last night. Too bad is just wasn't our night:(



November 13th 2008 11:19 am
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Hello everyone. Guess what? It's raining here again:( That means no fun outside. At least I had fun the last two nights. I got to go to the barn Tuesday and Wednesday with mom. Tuesday she rode with Jen and they drove me crazy because they were on opposite sides of the arena. I tried really hard to keep them together, but they just wouldn't listen. Don't they know they need to stay together!? Last night we went with Megan and she finally rode Tequilla again. Mom walked with her and we played tag while Megan rode. I had a lot of fun. Mom cheats though when she hops up on the barrel so I can't get her! None of my dog friends were there, but I got to play with the cats again. I'm not sure if I told you or not, but they have 5 kittens in the office. They all love me! As soon as I come in they are all meowing and wanting to play. Then Lex and Sassy (two kittens from an earlier litter) come to play too. It's fun to play hide and seek and tag with them. Only problem is, I'm so big they always find me:) Oh yeah, I did go to PetSmart with mom last night too. She bought me a knuckle bone and boy was that GOOD!!! So, that is what I did the past couple of days. Tonight is my last rally class. I really don't feel like going because honestly, it's not my thing, but I'll go because mom wants me to. I just sure hope agility starts soon because I love that!


Veteran's Day

November 11th 2008 11:19 am
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Today is the day we honor those brave men and women that fought for our country's freedoms. Mom told me that her grandfather fought in WWII to help us keep those freedoms. I never got to meet "Pop", but mom said he was a wonderful man, just like "Grandma" who I didn't get to meet either as they both passed away before I was born. My mom has Pop's army jacket, metals and dog tags and she said they are very important to her and she misses Pop and Grandma a lot. She wishes they were both here today so she could thank Pop for his service. Fortunately, he didn't die in the war so mom did get to spend a lot of time with him growing up and that helped her learn to appreciate just what the veterans and troops give up for the USA and she supports them all.

Mom, dad and me just want to take a moment to say "THANK YOU" to all the veterans around the country today. It is because of their courage that we enjoy the freedoms we have today. We would also like to take a moment of silence in honor of those who lost their lives fighting for those freedoms... God bless everyone and keep our troops safe.


Things back to normal...

November 10th 2008 5:17 am
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I'm so happy that things are back to normal. I saw Tequilla on Friday and Saturday and she is looking good. I spent most of the time hanging with mom and Tequilla in the pasture when we went to the barn, but mom and I played ball too. It was funny because the guests at the inn (we keep Tequilla at a farm that has a bed and breakfast) were watching me running after the ball. I have to admit, I did show off a little and ran faster then usual and jumped higher to catch the ball. Yes, I am just a show-off! The family came to play poker again on Saturday. I was pretty tired from playing at the barn so I slept most of the time, but it was good to see everyone again. Sunday I helped mom do a photo stand for Brett and Ali. She had pictures all over the place and I had to watch where I walked. Mom said I did really good about not stepping on them. We did go for a walk and play frisbee on Sunday too. Daddy was back from the mountains when we got back from our walk and I was happy to see him. I wish we could have gone with him, but mom said they were working on the electrical at the cabin and we would just be in the way. It's okay because mom and I got to spend some one on one time together. So as you can see, I didn't have the most exciting weekend, but I am really glad that things are back to normal with Tequilla so no excitement is just fine with me!

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