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I can't believe mom did that!

June 4th 2009 4:59 am
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Last night mom came home from work and shortly after, her and dad were out the door. They didn't take me with them though:( Mom said they had errands to run and it was raining anyway. Well, when they got back a few hours later I just couldn't believe what I found out. When mom walked in the door and I went to greet her, she smelled like the barn! She went to the barn and didn't take me with her! I can't believe mom did that to me! Mom always takes me to the barn, but for some reason she didn't this time. She couldn't deny it because I coule smell it all over her. She said she was sorry, but that they had other places to stop first and I would have been in the car alone for awhile. Plus, it was raining and really ugly outside and dirty in the barn. No reason for me to go. Hah! I disagree! I ALWAYS should go to the barn with mom no matter what! I was mad at mom for a little while because of what she did, but by the end of the night, I forgave her, but told her to never to that again!


Flash! Boom!

June 3rd 2009 4:55 am
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I had agility last night. The instructor said I did awesome and she was really happy with how excited I was during class. The only thing I had a problem with is that stupid teeter. I always try to jump off before the point that the teeter goes down. That's because I don't like the way it bangs under me. Mom said we need to work on that. Other than that, I did good. I did really well on poles. We just started them and are learning to go through 2 first, but mom said I'll pick it up in no time. She said we can practice at home since we have poles there. Oh yeah, Sadie's mom must have had a talk with her since the other week when she came after me because she hasn't bothered me since:)

My big excitement yesterday was all the flashing and booming going on in the middle of the night. I don't know what time it was, but a really bad storm came through and it flashed lightening like crazy and boomed and cracked so loud that it woke mom up. I was glad it did though because Gizmo was in the room and I guess because mom didn't wake up right away, Gizmo jumped down on the floor with me and cuddled against me to hide. I didn't move from her because I knew she was scared and I tried to reassure her that it was okay and the storm wouldn't get her, but she was really upset. Mom finally woke up and took her in bed with her and held her so I knew she was okay then. Poor Giz, she doesn't handle storms well. I must admit though, it was a bad one. And it really poured rain again too. Hopefully not another one like that anytime soon.

One sad note, the Hershey Bears lost last night:( Me and mom listened to the game. The Bears scored first and we were happy, but then Manitoba scored to tie it. There was less than a minute left in the game and it was still tied so we figured that OT was going to happen again. Unfortunately, the Moose scored with 46 seconds left:( Mom wasn't happy at all about this and neither was I. Now they play at home on Saturday and I sure hope they win. I'll keep everyone posted. BTW, check out the new pix mom added. I tried to tell mom that the jersey was too big, but she didn't listen:)


Busy, busy, busy... or not?

June 2nd 2009 5:34 am
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It's been a few days since mom was able to tell you about what I've been going. Things have just been busy around here, sort of. Friday we picked up Megan which made me happy because I haven't seen her in two weeks! That is way too long! Megan's mom had 2 dogs in the car. I didn't get to meet them, but I saw them. One was this little dog, smaller than Gizmo... not sure what that was. The other one was about my size and all white. Looked like it could be someone I'd like to play with:) Anyway, Megan, mom and me all went for a short ride on Tequilla. It rained earlier in the day, but mom said she didn't care, we were riding. It was fun and guests at the inn couldn't believe how well I listened to mom from horseback. What can I say, I like to show off how good I am:D BOL! That was really all we did for the night. Megan did play with me a little when we got home, but everyone settle down to watch a movie.

Saturday mom and Megan left in the morning...without me! What nerve! They were gone all day too. I couldn't believe mom didn't take me with them:) I have no idea where they went, but mom did tell me that they were going someplace I would hate because the rides made a lot of noise and there would be so many people that it would make me crazy trying to herd them. I don't know what "rides" are other than in the car so not sure that they would have bothered me, but that many people, yep, mom is right, I would have went crazy. When mom got home, Megan wasn't with her so I guess she went home. Shortly after mom got home, her and dad were out the door. I heard them talk about playing cards. As you can see, Saturday was boring for me. Yeah, dad took me outside with him, but it's just not the same as when mom is home.

Sunday mom had another one of those migraine things so she didn't do much except lay around. When she felt a little better for a short period, she did throw the ball for me, but for the most part, I just cuddled with her on the sofa to help maker her feel better.

Yesterday was back to work for mom and dad. When mom got home, she was literally back out the door within 5 minutes. Then she came home a little while after that and was getting ready to go again. I couldn't take it. I was on her heels and she was NOT going anywhere without me. Well, my plan worked because she took me with her:) We went to that place where mom and dad roll those balls to the little ball. I don't know, I think it's called bocce or something. I just know that I'm not allowed to chase the balls:( But it is nice to go there and see new people. I did get to play with two little girls which was nice. They were really cut and fun. We played tug and I gave them my paw which just made their day. I did feel bad though because I got a little excited and accidentally knocked the one girl down. She was okay, but I did feel bad:( After bocce we came home and chilled. Mom still wasn't feeling well. I sure hope she feels better soon.

On another note, did you all see my new page? GO BEARS!! Wesley's mom was nice enough to do special pages for me and Gizmo so help cheer on our Bears. They won the first game in Manitoba in OT 5-4. They play tonight again and I'm sure mom will be listening to it (they're in Manitoba again). Thanks to Wesley's mom for the wonderful pages!!!! You're the bestest!!!!


New pictures

May 29th 2009 5:06 am
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Mom put up a couple new pictures from our weekend at the cabin. She said the one of me running is pretty funny because my ears are standing straight up and my tongue is hanging out. She said I look like "Dumbo" with a long tongue... BOL :D The first one is me trying to figure out what mom is doing up in that tree. Remember I told you about her going up in the tree the other week? I still don't know why she did it, but I'm glad she didn't stay there long.

Last night we didn't do anything. We were suppose to go to the barn, but it started to rain... no surprise there. Mom did play frisbee and ball with me for a while. We just watched movies and mom played cards on the computer again. Later at night we got a really bad storm. It rained so hard and thundered and lightening, it was ridiculous. Fortunately, storms don't bother me so I wasn't upset. Gizmo gets really upset though and I tried to let her know that it was okay, but she was plastered tight against mom until if finally stopped. Poor mom, she couldn't sleep because it was so loud. At least it only lasted about an hour. Hopefully the rain stops so we can go back to spending time outside.


Girls night

May 28th 2009 5:19 am
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Last night mom's friend Nancy came over. They had something that smelled really good to eat. I don't know what it was because mom wouldn't give me any:( She said it was too spicy, but it sure did smell yummy to me! After they ate, mom showed her all the pictures from our Gettysburg trip. She loved my pictures:) I was bored while they did that and I tried to get them to play with me. I took all of my toys in the room, but it didn't work:( After they finished looking at the pictures, we all went downstairs and watched "The Bee Movie". It was pretty cool with all those little bees flying around. At least I didn't have to worry about them stinging me! I laid on the sofa between mom and Nancy and laid my head on Nancy's lap. I really like Nancy, she's one of my bestest people friends. I hope she comes again to visit soon. We always have fun!



May 27th 2009 5:23 am
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Last night I had another agility class. Mom said I did really good. We did teeter and I actually stayed on it to the end this time:) Mom was proud of me that I didn't jump off before it went "bang!" I still don't like it when it bangs down, but I'm learning to go a little slower so it doesn't hit so hard. We also worked on the a-frame and tunnels which I have no problem with. Then we did the infamous tire jump and chute. No problem with the chute, in fact, that is my favorite, but the tire jump... well, that's a different story. It took about 5 tries and jumping 16 instead of 20 like I'm suppose to, but I finally did it. Mom said we really have to practice that, but it's hard because we don't have that at home. After that, we did jumps with front crosses and that was not a problem as long as mom gave me enough of a lead out so I knew where to go. We also had to show the teacher our homework which was backing. Well, mom and I did not practice this at all because we have been so busy, BUT, I knew what she wanted when she asked and did really well for her and the teacher was happy with my progress:) Aussies are smart and don't have to do homework... BOL :D Lastly, we started working on poles. We started with just two that were set up like a gate that I had to go through. I wasn't sure what mom wanted at first, but then I figured it out and had no problem. Mom said we can practice this at home since we have poles and she said we will have to practice this for sure. Oh yeah, Sadie was really good last night. She wasn't mean to me or mom or anyone for that matter. She seemed really mellow. Maybe her mom had a talk with her. I sure hope because I don't like her being so mean to me and I would like to be her friend.


My Memorial Day weekend

May 26th 2009 6:00 am
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Okay, now about my Memorial Day weekend. As I predicted, we went to the mountains. We got there Friday evening and didn't do much. We went to get dinner, but took it home since High Knob Inn was so crowded. Later that night we went spotting deer. Surprisingly we didn't see much. We did see Whitey though. Whitey is this skunk that we see in the same field everytime we spot. Mom named him Whitey because he is almost all white with only a little black on his legs and lower part of his body. He was really close to us this night and I was glad I was in the truck because I sure don't want to get sprayed by him!

Saturday morning we had company. One of dad's friends stopped by. I remember him from going to his cabin last year. He has this dog that wouldn't leave me alone. I know you're thinking "why didn't you like him?" Well, let me tell you. This dog only wanted to do that thing, you know, when they are all over you and I don't mean in a playful kind of way. I had to hide behind mom the entire time I was there just so he would leave me alone. I was just really glad that this guy didn't bring him to my house. I would have had to hide somewhere. Anyway, after he finally left, we headed to the property. Mom and dad worked on clearing the driveway for a few hours while I just laid there and watched. Mom did throw frisbee for me when they took a lunch break, but other than that, I really didn't do much except chill. When they were finished, we went over to our neighbors house. When I say "neighbors", they are like 6 acres away, not right against us like back home. So we got to their house and that's when I met my new friend. He is a springer spaniel and his name is Dillon. We ran around and played for a while then sat on the porch with our people. He seems nice, but he did bother me a bit by trying that "thing" just like the other spainel. What is it with spaniels? His mom and dad yelled at him though then he stopped. I sure hope he doesn't try that all the time because it would be nice to have someone to play with up at the mountains. After we visited with them for a while, we went back to the cabin. Dad cut the grass while mom got a shower then got things ready for dinner. Kip and Linda (our neighbors) came down for dinner. Everyone sat outside afterwards and I was there for a while, but started to get upset by the lightning that was going on so mom put me back in the cabin. Thank goodness that mom still puts my crate up for me. I don't use it much, but it is my safe spot and I like to go there when something upsets me. It never did storm, just a bunch of lightning.

Sunday I got to go swimming!! We walked to our spot back the road and mom and I got in the creek. Well, mom got in up to her shorts, but that was it. She said it was cold, but I loved it! She threw the stick for me a bunch of times and I swam and swam and swam. We played there for about an hour. Dad didn't get in, just took pictures from the shore. I'm sure mom will get them on one of these days. After swimming, we then took a ride to explore. Mom and dad want to get to know their way around up there so each time we go they'll take different roads to see where they go. After the ride we went back to the cabin for lunch then back to the property to put the chain up. It was raining by then so I didn't get out. We didn't stay long anyway. On the way back mom stopped and we got ice cream!:D I love ice cream!! They have a "doggie cup" which is vanilla ice cream with a milk bone on top and it was yummy:) The rest of the evening was just relaxing and we didn't go spotting or anything. It was a little foggy from the rain and mom and dad just wanted to chill.

Monday we had to pack up and head home:( I'm always sad when it's time to go home because I just love it in the mountains. As you can expect, I had to get a bath when we got home. Mom said I wasn't allowed in the bed smelling like the creek. But I must admit, it did feel good to be clean. Mom and dad went for a cookout at nan and pop Waple's and mom and I were suppose to go to the barn when she got home, but we didn't. Instead mom cut the grass. She said she was sorry, but saw that it was suppose to rain for the next 4 days and had to get the grass cut. I was a little disappointed, but also didn't mind because I was kind of tired from the weekend and needed to catch up on my sleep. All in all I had a good weekend. Not sure when we're going up again, but I hope it's soon because I love the mountains!

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day and paid homeage to those who died for our freedom and continue to fight to keep that freedom.


Head for the cup!!!

May 26th 2009 5:19 am
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I know I have to tell you about my weekend, but first, I have to tell you the great news. Mom was bouncing off the wall last night when she got home from dinner. I wasn't sure why at first, but then she told me the Hershey Bears won the Eastern Conference and they were going to the Calder Cup Finals!!! She was so happy and so was I:) Mom loves the Bears and she didn't think they would make it passed the Bruins since they struggled their two games in Hershey. But they went to Providence and swept the Bruins in their own building and won the series 4 game to 1. Mom said the Manitoba Moose won in their conference so the Bears will play the Moose for the Calder Cup. Hershey finished second in the entire AHL and the Moore finished 1st so it will be a tough battle, but I know our Bears will win. GO BEARS!!!


We're going away!

May 22nd 2009 6:21 am
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Last night when mom got home she was crazy cleaning the house and when she was done, guess what she did? She started packing... that means we're going away!!! She even packed my towel and life vest so looks like I'll get to go swimming too:) I think we're going to the moutains again because mom always makes me wear my life vest when I swim there. She says the current can sometimes be strong and she doesn't want me to drown. I don't want to drown either! I forgot that she also told me that I'll have a friend to play with this weekend too. I'm so excited I can hardly wait! I'll tell you all about my weekend when we return. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend and bark at you soon :D


Fun playdate with Tanner C.

May 21st 2009 10:27 am
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Last night I had a playdate with Tanner C. It was a long one too because Tanner's mom and my mom talked for a long time. It was a lot of fun to spend that much time playing. We chased each other around a lot and mom brought my new frisbee to play and we took turns playing with that. The only problem was, there are these four sticks standing up in Tanner's yard. Neither one of us knew what they were. I overheard our moms talking about a pool so I think Tanner might be getting his own pool. How exciting for him! He is starting to really enjoy swimming and if they get a pool, he can swim all the time. The only sad part is, he won't want to come swimming with me anymore:'( I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Anyway, we had a really fun time playing and glad we had more time. When we got home, mom used that thing on my nails again... UGH! I don't like that thing. It doesn't hurt, but it tickles and mom doesn't like when I try to pull my paw from her. I can't help it... it tickles!! But I must admit, my nails were really long and it feels better now that they are shorter. Mom always takes care of me:)

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