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Dogster shutting down...NO!!!

January 17th 2014 11:41 am
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Mom just told us the news... Dogster is shutting down! This is absolutely horrible!!! How are we going to share our adventures and talk to our friends? I am so upset by this I could cry:( I ask why but mom doesn't understand it either. It always seemed like there was a lot going on at Dogster and Catster and now it's all going away and that makes us all very sad:( We are just so at a loss. They tell us to save our diaries and photos, but we have no idea how. If anyone knows, please tell mom cause she hates to lose all our adventures. The pix she has somewhere, but this is the only place for our diaries and she doesn't want to loss them. The vids too cause mom doesn't think she has those either. Oh my, I'm just so beside myself with this news. We still have a little time so I ask all my friends who would like to stay in touch to PLEASE email us at Dogster before it shuts down and we can exchange home email addresses and keep in touch. I'm really gonna miss my friends and will be sad if we can't keep in touch.

This is just fitting for a very depressing and boring week I've had. I'm glad we're going to the mountains to take my mind off this. I hope everyone has a good weekend and I'll keep on posting until we no longer can.


Weekend with Emilie

January 13th 2014 6:54 am
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This past weekend we went to Emilie's house. The ride down wasn't too good cause it was rainy and foggy, but we made it. Friday night we didn't do much cause we got there late, but at least we get to sleep in the bedroom now so we weren't away from mom for long.

Saturday it rained ALL day:( Emilie did play with us a few times in the basement, but it's kind of small so it's hard to run and play. But we made the most of it and at least we got to see Emmie and play with her a little.

Sunday it finally stopped raining and dad and Jan (Emmie's dad) were doing some work outside. We got to go out for a little, but it was so wet that we spent most of the time on the porch anyway. But it was nice to be outside and get some fresh air.

Last night when we got home from Emmie's we went with mom to visit Lois. If you remember, Lois is the wife of our dear friend Joe who passed away a month ago. Well Lois had more tragedy it her...her son passed away suddenly last Friday. Poor Lois lost her husband and son in a matter of a month. I couldn't even imagine losing two family members in that amount of time so we went to help take her mind off things and try and cheer her up. Consider her great loss, she is doing well. Mom is so afraid that she won't be able to make it through all this, but we're going to do all we can to help her so she does. We could use your help in prayers for her as well.

When we got home from visiting with Lois last night, mom groomed us doggies. I was none too happy about that, but also will admit that we needed it. My hair was getting really long and starting to look bad and mom said we smelled too much like "wet dog" on Saturday so it was bath time. Now we both look and smell really good. Thanks mom!

As far as what's up for me this week, I don't think much. Mom has some church meeting, is cleaning and also has to attend the memorial service for Jim (Lois' son). We are going to the cabin this weekend so I have that to look forward to. Although it's suppose to get cold again so I don't know how much time we'll spend outside. But I never care about that cause I just like going there and getting away.

BTW, our dear friend Wesley's (RIP) mom told our mom that the reason we lost our cute page graphics is due to something with Dogster. If this happened to you, please write them and let them know how important it is to us all that we want our pages to work. Hopefully that will get them to fix it and we can all get our cool pages back up and running. Thanks for the info Tootie!

Well, I'm kinda tired from the weekend so I'm going to take a doggie nap. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


A new year

January 7th 2014 6:07 am
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Hello everyone! Sorry it's been so long since my last post. We were away at the cabin and mom didn't get on the computer much at all. She was taking the R&R thing to the extremes, but I can't blame her after the weeks before. First I'd like to let everyone know that Poppy Waple is recovering well. He came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve and is getting around much better and his spirits are up:)

Santa Paws was really good to us and brought us lots of toys and a whole bag of Beggin Strips...yummy!! Christmas Day mom took us to Joe's grave. It was very sad to sit and realize that our Joe is truly gone:( But I am glad mom took us so I had a chance to say goodbye.

The past two weeks were relaxing and fun. Although we didn't do anything real exciting, we did spend the time in the mountains. We went for a few kubota rides and saw some deer. The weather was extremely cold with a little snow. Mom did play in the snow with us a little, but like I said, it was really cold so none of us really wanted to spend much time outside. We did go antiquing with mom and dad one day, but Echo got sick on the way back so we weren't allowed to go the second time:( We had lots of company for New Year's Eve and it was a good time. No guns this year which made me extremely happy because I don't like guns!

Our friend Velma at the mountains took a couple falls and is in the hospital. Please say some prayers that she gets better soon. She did not look well last time we saw her and I'm worried for her.

Last night we went to visit our friends at Manor Care with mom and Barb. We had a very nice visit, although we were in the dark for the first half cause they didn't have power. Can you believe those poor people were without heat and lights for 6 hours yesterday? Thank goodness they got it back on before the big freeze today. I know it's a lot colder in other parts of the country, but it's -1 and -20 with the wind chill here and that is too cold for me! Mom makes sure we're only outside long enough to potty and then right back in we go. I pray that all the poor homeless animals out there find someplace to get warm and stay safe.

Sorry, I got a bit off track there. Anyway, we did have a really nice visit and our friend Sara looked a little better this time. The last two times she was in bed and didn't look good. She was in bed this time again, but she did sit up to see us and even ate some dinner while we were there. We were all happy about that:) But our other friend Christine didn't look so good and we're hoping she will be okay. Joe's wife Lois seems to be doing well considering she lost Joe right before the holidays and their anniversary. She said they would have been married 35 years on December 31st. We still miss our Joe so much and mom submitted a really nice story to Kpets for the monthly newsletter and I'm sure she'll attach a link when they post it so everyone can see it.

Oh yeah, my page is still not working so sorry that I don't have any nice design. Mom doesn't know what happened and now Echo's is messed up too. All the stuff that our friend Wesley's (RIP) mom did for us is gone. Mom did contact her to see if she can help fix it. If not, we'll have to see if someone else can help cause our pages are boring now.

On a very sad note, our golden retriever friend Molly will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge today. She has liver cancer and they cannot save her. It was a very hard decision for Matt, Lauren, Linda and Keith to make, but they know it is the right thing so Molly does not suffer anymore. They are all going to be with Molly today and our thoughts are with them during this difficult time. We will miss you sweet Molly:(


Page help please!

December 31st 2013 4:28 pm
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Mom changed my pix for New Year's and changed my page background, but we lost all of my backgrounds! Can someone please help us???? Mom tried to copy and paste from Echo's but that didn't work. If any of my pal's mom's can help, it would be greatly appreciated:)


Christmas visit at Country Meadows

December 24th 2013 6:48 am
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Last night was our last visit for the year and it was a very nice one. Yes, I was tired because this past week is finally catching up to me, but I did have a very good time. I got to see all my friends and they enjoyed seeing us in all our festive headwear too. I really loved Stevie and she petted me for a long time and rubbed my belly too! We gave Gert her calendar and she was beside herself when she looked at all the pictures. We are so glad to be able to bring some joy to people and no matter how tired I may be at times, I am very thankful I am able to visit and make people happy:)

Today is Christmas Eve and I know mom and dad will be busy getting things ready for tomorrow, going to church and getting Poppy Waple home from the hospital. Yep, Poppy Waple is coming home today! We are all very happy about that. He was suppose to come home yesterday, but they had to put a pacemaker in so he had to stay an extra day. But all is good now and we're looking forward to seeing Poppy home again:)

In case I don't get online tomorrow, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! Cherish the moments with your friends and family and I hope Santa Paws is good to everyone!


Emmie went home

December 23rd 2013 5:48 am
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Yesterday was bittersweet because our Emilie went home. I was happy because that means my life will quiet down and I can get some rest. The sad part is that even though she ran me ragged and I will be hearing her calling me in my sleep for weeks, I miss her already:( I really enjoyed our hugs and kisses and her playing with me. She was very good and not mean or rough with me which was a good thing cause my hips have been bothering me, but I never had to worry about her "beating" on me like a drum which was nice. Mom said we'll get to see her in a week when we go to her birthday party and I'm looking forward to seeing her!

Yesterday mom, Barb, Echo and I went to Manor Care. Mom made us wear those stupid Santa and reindeer things on our head, but it did make everyone smile so I guess I could tolerate it for a couple hours. This was another bittersweet time because it was really nice to see everyone and to see how happy the people were to see us and get their little special Christmas treat (our Christmas card and candycane), but it was very sad because our Joe is no longer with us. Poor mom had to stop in the hallway a few doors from where Joe's room was because she started to cry and Echo tried to go into Joe's room which made mom cry more. But I gave her a couple of kisses and that helped her deal with it a little better. We also lost another one of our residents, Virgie. She was really nice and although she couldn't see us too well, she did enjoy us coming to visit with her. We will miss Virgie:(

Needless to say with all the excitement this past week, I will sleep ALL DAY today! Mom and dad are both at work so it's just us doggies and we're both taking advantage of the peace and quiet. Mom said we have a visit at Country Meadows tonight and then in two days we go to the mountains! It seems like furever since we're been there, but we finally get to go and mom said it will be for a nice long stay so I'm sure we'll get a lot of R&R to make up for this past week.

Poppy Waple is doing well from his heart surgery and hopefully is coming home today. After our visit at Manor Care mom and Barb did stop to see Poppy and yes we are therapy dogs, but we need a little more training for hospitals before we can visit in them so we weren't able to go in and see Poppy. But when he comes home we will and I'll give him plenty of kisses!

Well, that's about all I have for now. I'm hitting the sofa and getting some well deserved rest!



December 20th 2013 8:06 am
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Thank you to Dogster for picking me as a Diary Pick today, it is an honor:) I guess you all like my stories so I'll keep them coming starting with this week.

As you all know Emilie is staying with this week and let me tell you, she is like the Energizer bunny! She has been really good, buts he just LOVES us dogs and since I am so good with her, mom lets her hug, kiss and lay on me. I don't mind cause she's always gentle, but boy is it tiring being entertainment for a 2yr old! She plays with us all day and even gives me my medicine in the morning and night. I've learned to come when she calls me too and she just think that's cool. Yesterday we all went for a walk which was really nice. I do crash at the end of each day I can tell you that for sure! Mom said we only have a couple more days then Emilie goes home and that will be bittersweet. It's good cause I'll finally get some rest, but I will miss her:( I am looking forward to Santa Paws and I know I'll get some good stuff cause I have been VERY good, especially this past week. I also can't wait to go to the mountains next week. We get to stay for a while and I hope it snows sometime while we're there cause I love playing in the snow!

On another note, Poppy Waple had his heart surgery yesterday and all went well. It was a long day, but he is resting comfortably and he should be home in time for Christmas. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Mom is also doing better since Joe's funeral. We still miss him, but at least mom doesn't seem as sad. Of course, how can you have time to think about anything with a 2yr old running around so Emmie being here right now is a good thing.

Well, that's about all I have for now. We're getting ready to go for another walk with Emilie and then nap time after lunch. Trust me, us dogs take advantage of nap time too!


Emilie is here

December 16th 2013 7:04 am
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Life as I know it has changed for the week. Emilie is staying with us cause her mommy and daddy are away. I love my Emilie, but boy is she a busy little person. She LOVES us dogs and we always hear, "Echo, Chloe, Echo, Chloe, pet you, pet you". Mom said I am absolutely PAWSOME with her! I let her pet me, hug me, kiss me, play with me, pretty much whatever she wants. She loves when I give her kisses. I don't get stressed out at all except one time she dumped her entire bag of blocks on the floor and it made a loud noise and that kinda freaked me out. But other than that, I'm just making the most of my time with her. I can tell you that by the end of the night all of us are tuckered out!

We did get some snow this weekend and we played with Anna for a while on Saturday and mom played with us a little yesterday while Emilie was napping. I love the snow, but it does take a toll on me cause of my hip. Mom will only let me play for a little then she makes me stop cause she knows I'll pay the price later. I was hoping Emilie would play with us in the snow, but it has been too cold for her to be outside. Maybe next time. Last night we went for a ride to look at Christmas lights and it was nice to get out and about a little.

Mom seems to be doing better about losing Joe. Of course, you don't have time to think of much anything with Emilie around which is a good thing. I know mom is still sad, but at least Joe is resting in peace now and not suffering.

I don't think we're going anywhere this week cause we have Emilie all week, but that's fine cause she keeps me plenty busy!

Well, I'm going to take advantage of Emilie being at Nanny Waple's house and get a nap. I hope everyone has a good week and I'll bark at you all later:)


Thank you

December 13th 2013 8:09 am
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I want to thank all the sympathy wishes all my pals have offered to us. They are greatly appreciated. Mom is doing okay, but I can tell it still bothers her and I'm sure it will for a while. Joe was a great guy that we will all miss.

Also thank you to the congrats on my DDP the other day. With all that is going on, mom hasn't had a chance to post so I am deeply honored by being picked again and thank you Dogster.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that before we got to Manor Care Wednesday night we did stop to see Kay, the lady from mom's church. We can't go in the house too far cause she has a kitty that doesn't like us,but we were able to visit with Kay at the foyer and it was nice to see her again.

Last night we ran along with mom and Barb on some errands, but the fun is about to begin tonight. Emilie is coming to stay with us for an entire week so I will have someone to play with me all I want. She loves us dogs and I'm very excited about her coming. I'm also excited about the snow we are suppose to get. I heard it on the news last night and I just LOVE the snow and having Emilie to play with us in the snow is even better! I hope all my pals can enjoy the snow too and please stay safe!


Very sad news :(

December 11th 2013 6:34 pm
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I am writing tonight with a very sad heart. My good friend Joe at Manor Care passed away today. Mom found out when we first got there and needless to say we were all upset and poor mom was crying. Joe's wife Lois and their son were coming down the hall and we all cried together. God love mom cuz she pulled it together long enough for us to visit Roy but then we headed home and that was understandable. Please say some prayers for Joe's family to make it through this difficult time. And one for mom to help her too, she really does love Joe like a grandfather. We will all miss you Joe.

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