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Not a whole lot happening

November 4th 2013 9:34 am
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I wish I had something exciting to tell you about this past weekend, but truth be told, it was pretty boring and I didn't do much.

Saturday Echo got to go to search training for a couple of hours and when mom got home she cut the grass. We hung outside playing frisbee and just enjoying the nice day. When she was finished, we did go with her to the barn and the store. We didn't get out though cause mom didn't stay at the barn since she was so tired from all the work she did. Oh yeah, we did get a bath. I didn't really need one, but Echo was in some swampy stuff so when I saw mom give her a bath, of course I felt left out and needed to get one too.

Sunday mom and dad were antiquing all day so us dogs just chilled. It was cool to see all the neat stuff they found. Mom found that creepy looking money with the cymbals. He freaked me out!

So as you can see, not much happening and I don't think we have much going on this week either. I'm sure we'll get to play with Anna at some point, but now it gets dark so early it won't be for long when we do play with her:(

Oh yeah, gotta tell you, it's official, the property in Shunk is sold! This is great news cause that means we can start working toward moving to Juniata... 18 months and counting!


Halloween at Manor Care

November 1st 2013 6:52 am
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Last night we went trick or treating at Manor Care and had a great time. We got to see all of our friends and they gave us lots of treats (doggie treats of course). Everyone loved our costumes and mom said I was pawsome because I didn't try to get my hat off at all, unlike Echo who shook her head every time and knocked it off. Joe and his wife were coming out from dinner so mom was able to get our picture with both of them. They are such a cute couple:) Look for mom to post the picture soon. We also visited with all our friends on the third floor and Roy on the first floor. We were there for almost 2 hours which made for a long evening, but I didn't mind cause it made them happy!

Now that all of the excitement of Halloween is over things will go back to normal for a while. I don't think we have much going on the next week or so, but I won't mind that after this past week. I hope everyone had a great Halloween and get to enjoy this weekend. Don't forget to turn your clocks back and get that extra hour of sleep!


Happy Halloween!

October 31st 2013 8:40 am
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Last night we went trick or treating at Country Meadows and boy was it a busy place! Our friend Barb went along with us, she was dressed like a leopard. I was a prisoner, Echo a K-9 cop (of course) and mom was a vamped cowgirl. We got to see some of our friends in the friendship area and you can see the pix mom took of us with Barney. He's a great guy and loves seeing us dogs. Sorry the pix isn't too clear, but Echo kept moving. Anyway, we didn't get too see all of our normal people though cause it was trick or treat for kids of the staff and they were going around getting candy from the residents. It was so crowded that we went upstairs and visited with Redd in his room and then Brett's grandma in her room. It was a nice break from all the craziness. When we had a little break, mom took us back to Connections and it wasn't too bad there cause most of the kids were already done in that area. All the residents loved seeing us in our costumes, but I have to tell you, I hated my hat and kept trying to get it off! But mom said we did really well considering how many people were around.

Tonight we are going to Manor Care and mom doesn't think it will as crowded cause it's trick or treat in the neighborhoods so there shouldn't be kids at the nursing home. I didn't mind, but I did miss not getting to see all of our usual friends last night. If you go out trick or treating because careful and don't eat any chocolate!


Crowded, but fun weekend

October 28th 2013 10:32 am
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First I want to say Congrats to my kitty Gizmo for making DDP today...way to go Giz!

Okay, now onto my weekend. Friday all us animals headed to the cabin with mom, grandma and Aunt Lois. It was a bit crowded in the back seat, but we survived. When we got there our friend Pat from NC was there and it was nice to see him cause it's been so long since the last time he was up. We pretty much hung out inside cause it was cold and windy when we got there and it got dark shortly afterwards too so no time to play:( Daddy came a little after we did so it was pretty crowded in the small cabin with 5 people, 2 dogs and a cat.

Saturday we went out and about for a bit. It was mom, grandma, Aunt Lois, Echo and I. Our first stop for the Old Home Foilage Days at the fairground and it was actually a pretty nice day. A little breezy, but that seemed to die down after a while and it got really nice. Of course everyone had to stop and pet us and tell us how beautiful we were. At first I love all the attention, but after awhile it gets kinda old and I get impatient and don't like to stand as long. But mom said we did really good considering all the people that stopped us. When we were done there we went to another place grandma likes to go, but we had to wait in the car. Mom wasn't long so when she was done she came back out to the car and let us out. We played tag in the field then sat and waited for grandma and Aunt Lois to come out. From there we went to Cheese Nook and that was the best stop yet and you wanna know why? Cause we got ice cream! Yes, it was chilly, but that doesn't mean I don't want ice cream and mom knows it. She said we were so good with everyone that we deserve it and she sat in the back hatch with us and held the bowls while we ate. I know she has a picture of that and she'll post it when she gets a chance. All I have to say is that it was yummy! When we got back Echo kept bugging for a kubota ride so mom finally took us. We couldn't go in the woods cause it is hunting season and the only days in the woods now are Sundays, but she drove us around the field and up and down the road. When she turned around in the field at this one place, branches were hanging down and flipped right in the back of the kubota where us dogs were. Echo bailed, but I just laid down and fortunately they didn't catch me. That was close! After dinner mom smoked a cigar, but it was still breezy and cold so we didn't stay out too long. When mom came out to smoke it, she was calling me, but I didn't come. Well, let me tell you, mom knows me very well. They had chicken for dinner on the grill and sometimes the juices will drip out of the pan onto the ground. Well you know me, I gotta check and when mom came around the corner she caught me red pawed with my head under the grill licking up the juice. She yelled at me, but in a teasing way and laughed when I looked at her like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar. It was kinda funny:)

Sunday we went for a ride with mom and dad for them to look at some antiques. Unfortunately we weren't allowed out of the car, but at least we got to go along for the ride. When we got back we took a Kubota ride with mom and grandma to the tree. It was really windy so we didn't get to stay in the woods long, but it was still fun to ride up and run back down. We left shortly after that and I was none too happy that I didn't get to ride home with mom. Since her and dad drove separately, but were going home at the same time, mom said only one of us could ride with her so there was more room for Aunt Lois. Since I'm the seat hog I had to ride with dad. I love daddy, but you all know I'm a mommy's girl so I like being with her. But it wasn't too bad cause I got to ride up front and have the entire seat to myself:) All in all it was a pretty good weekend, even if we didn't get to do tons of stuff cause it was colder.

This is going to be a busy week cause we have two Halloween visits this week. We don't normally do two in one week, but cause everyone likes to see us in costume we have to do it and I don't mind cause I know how happy it makes the residents:)


Weekend in the mountains

October 21st 2013 7:41 am
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The weekend was pretty good. We got to the cabin around 5pm and dad was already there weedwacking. Mom was unpacking when Brett and his new girlfriend Asia got there. Asia is SUPER nice and I really like her! Us dogs hung out while Brett cut the grass and mom and Asia ran to the store. When they got back, we went for a Bota ride with them. Because of my hip, mom makes us ride up the mountain, but let's us walk/run down cause that doesn't bother me as much. But my hip did bother me Saturday, but not because of running down the mountain, but because when we got back from our ride, I decided to jump out of the Bota even before the tailgate was down. I know, I know, not smart for someone with a bad hip. Believe me I won't do it again cause I paid for it all weekend! Anyway, Friday night we all sat around the fire and it was absolutely beautiful which is good cause Saturday ended up being rainy and dreary.

The only thing we did Saturday was go to the property for about 10 minutes to show Asia since she never saw it before. Brett and Asia left after that and the rest of us just hung out at the cabin watching TV and movies. Mom and dad did put in the new gun cabinet, but that was about all we did. That's good cause I was having a bit of a belly issue. I woke up mom and dad several times during the night cause I felt like I had to potty, but I couldn't go much and when I did it was kind of runny. But I am feeling better now:)

Sunday was nicer and we went with mom for another Bota ride and saw three deer. We sat at the tree for about an hour and I took a nap on mom's leg. She took a pic and I'm sure when she gets a chance, she'll post it. Randy and Shuey stopped by to watch the race with dad and we didn't leave for home until late and it was dark by the time we got home.

I had a really nice weekend and I'm looking forward to going up again this weekend. It will be crowded though cause grandma, Aunt Lois and Pat will all be there, but the more people the more fun we can have!


Visit with Danny

October 16th 2013 5:38 am
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Last night we visited with Danny and I was very happy to see him because it's been so long since the last time we visited. He was a little hesitant at first because it's been so long and also because he still is not too sure of Echo cause this was only her second visit with him. But when he saw my leash he immediately wanted to take me for a walk. We didn't go as long as usual because of my hip, but it was still a really nice walk and I enjoyed it a lot. When we got back to Danny's I went in the car for a little rest while Echo played ball with Danny. I watched for a while and Danny wasn't too keen on playing with Echo, again because he is still just not use to her. After my break, mom let me back out and Danny threw the frisbee for me and I loved it!

Last night was also the first time we met Brett's new girlfriend Asia. I'm not sure if I posted or not, but Brett and Chelsea are getting a divorce because they just can't get along and are not happy together. I'm going to miss Nala cause she loved playing with me, but I want my Brett to be happy and this new girl seems like she makes him happy. I'll give you more of a scoop if she comes around more, but my first impression of her is that she is very nice and down to earth.

I'm gonna go take a nap now cause it's a bit of a dreary day and perfect for napping!


My friend Pearl

October 15th 2013 11:03 am
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We went to Manor Care last night and it was a nice visit. Joe's wife Lois is staying one the same floor as him now and they are both very happy about that. And I must say that although Joe is losing weight and is posture isn't too good anymore (he is 91), his mood and spirit has increased dramatically since he gets to see his wife all day. They get to eat lunch and dinner together and hang out all day watching TV and reading. I've very happy for them both.

But on a sadder note, my friend Pearl passed away on Saturday:( She would always be laying in her bed and when we'd come in her face would just light up and she would get soooo excited. The last time we were in she was actually sleeping, but mom knew she would want to see us so she let me go right up to Pearl and I gave her a kiss. That made Pearl so happy and I'm glad I got to see her like that since it was the last time I would ever see her. I knew something was wrong when we went in her room and visited with Virgie, but mom wouldn't let us go to the next bed (there was no one there)even though I kept pulling. Mom was really upset because we were suppose to visit last week, but the vet appointment was done so late and mom had one of those nasty headaches so we didn't stop. Mom shouldn't feel bad though cause Pearl will always remember us the way we were and especially the way I woke her on our last visit. Pearl was a wonderful person who we all will miss.

Tonight we have a visit with Danny and I'm looking forward to it cause it's so nice out and we walk and play with him outside. I'll be sure to let you know how it went. I hope you are all able to enjoy some of this beautiful fall day!


Fun day after a rainy week

October 14th 2013 7:23 am
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We had some rainy days around our area so we didn't do much last week, but Saturday it finally stopped so mom took us for a walk on Hummel Trail. It was soooo much fun! I was running around like a nut chasing Echo and having a blast:) We got to one area that was flooded, but not too deep that we couldn't walk through it so mom let us play in it. We bobbed for walnuts and chased sticks mom threw. The water was so clear, I never saw anything like it. It was so nice to get out like that after being stuck inside for so many days. Mom played frisbee with us before she started cleaning the house and that was lots of fun. The rest of the day we chilled on the porch on a beautiful day while mom cleaned the house.

Sunday I didn't get to do much. Mom took Echo to search training with grandma and they were gone all day. I was NOT happy that I couldn't go along, but mom is right, I don't have a search/rescue bone in my body so that's why I don't get to do that. I hung with dad all day watching football. He did cuddle with me so that was nice to have some one-on-one daddy time. Now if I could just get that with mom! When they got back from search training I was all amped up so grandma played frisbee with us. Echo wanted to play too, but she was so tired from training that she didn't even try and get the frisbee from me so I took full advantage of her. I know not a nice thing to do, but that just never happens so I had too:) Mom was really tired too and her feet hurt cause of all the hiking she did so I laid with her on the sofa most of the evening.

Mom said we are going to Manor Care tonight with Barb and tomorrow we have a visit with Danny. I'm excited about that because I haven't visited with Danny in a very long time. His schedule is busier than ours so that's why we haven't visited with him. But I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow:)

Well, that's about all I've been up to. Not as much as Echo, but I got to do a few things. I hope everyone had a good weekend and I'll tell you about my visits later in the week. Bark at you later!


Vet visit

October 9th 2013 7:43 am
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Last night mom took us both to the vet for your yearly check up and shots. Echo is so relaxed waiting for the vet, but me, I'm all freaked out and hiding under the bench. I don't know why cause they are always so nice to me and I never had to stay overnight like Echo. The vet was really understanding with me and didn't force me to come to him which made it easier to trust him. He looked me over and gave me my shots and said I looked good. Mom does need to brush my teeth though cause I have some tarter build up cause I keep eating Echo's food which is high in protein and gives us more tarter. I know, I have to stop eating that. Anyway, all went well with my visit and I'm happy about that:)

We didn't stop at Manor Care though cause we got out of the vet too late and mom's headache was still bothering her so we headed home. Mom said next week we have two visits (one with Manor Care and one with Danny) so I'll be plenty busy and should rest up this week. She did promise that we can play outside while she cuts grass tonight. I'm hoping Anna comes to play with us cause I love playing with her!

I forgot to tell you about Monday night. Mom told me that I was having a dream and I was growling, yipping, barking and snoring all at the same time and I was so loud that I woke both her and dad up. Mom said she wishes she knew what I was dreaming about and you know what, I don't remember myself. If I was making all that noise, I must have been chasing someone or something, but who knows?


Nice weekend in the mountains

October 7th 2013 7:47 am
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We headed to the mountains Friday afternoon and we made it in good time too cause there was no traffic. When we got there mom had a headache so she laid down for a while. A bunch of dad's buddies came and they took out the sofa. When mom got up later she cleaned the front part of the cabin and the guys moved furniture around. Now that we don't have a sofa, we have two recliners and a loveseat. Let me tell you I don't like it one bit! Now us dogs can't lay on the sofa:( Mom said that we will bring the ottoman up from the house and we can lay on that. I'm still not happy about that cause I liked cuddling with mom and dad on the sofa. Mom said it was just too crowded with all that furniture in the little cabin. I guess I agree with that, but I'm still not happy about it.

Anyway, Saturday was a beautiful day, but also a day that we didn't do much. Mom and dad power washed the house. Us dogs just hung out and watched. Mom did take us for a kubota ride to the tree and we hung out there for a while. Of course just as we got to the tree it started to rain, but we didn't get too wet cause the leaves were covering us. We did get to run around the woods for a while cause mom rode around in the kubota for a while. We didn't sit out by the fire cause mom and dad were really tired.

Sunday we had to head home a little earlier cause mom and dad had some things to do. Again, not happy, but at least we got away for a while and mom promised that next time we'll get to play more. Mom did clip and bath us and it felt good because it's been a while since she's done that cause of her headaches. I am pretty again!

Tomorrow night we have to go to the vet for our yearly shots and if it's not too late then we're going to Manor Care. Other than that, I don't think we have much going on this week. Right now it's raining buckets, but I'm snug as a bug in a rug on the bed and that's where I plan to stay until mom gets home from work:)

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