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Swimmy time!

June 24th 2013 6:44 am
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It was a great weekend and you know why? Cause I swam ALL weekend! Mom let us swim Friday night when she got home and we were sooo happy! Saturday got even better cause we swam all afternoon:) Mom washed and waxed her car in the morning, but in the afternoon her friend Kathy came over, she's really nice and loved us dogs, and we got to swim with them. Sunday it was really hot so mom and dad hung at the pool and we got to swim again! I was loving every minute of it:) I wasn't thrilled that every time mom or dad threw our ducks Echo went after both of them, but like mom says, I could push her out of the way and fight back too. But you know me, I'm a lover not a fighter so I just let her have them both. Needless to say, after spending the weekend swimming, I was really tired and slept like a rock! Mom said we can swim more this week cause we are getting a heat wave so we can only go outside to potty or swim. Sounds good to me!


Thank you Dogster!

June 19th 2013 7:32 am
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Thank you Dogster for honoring me as a diary pick today! I'm glad people like my stories, even when they are not too exciting. I will try to keep them coming.

I haven't had anything exciting the past couple of days. Monday Anna came over to play with us when the sun went down cause it was too hot to play before that. Last night it was beautiful... in the 70's with a nice breeze so mom took us for a nice long walk and I loved it! Mom said I did really well staying up with her and not lolly gagging like usual. Mom said tonight we can go swimming while she cuts the grass... YIPEE!!


Weekend in the mountains

June 17th 2013 10:44 am
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After what seemed like furever, we finally went to the mountains this past weekend. It was a really nice weekend too. Friday we left earlier than usual, but we did the usual stuff when we got there. Mom cut grass and dad wacked the weeds. Us dogs played in the field for a while, but then Echo found a turtle and refused to leave it so it got pretty boring for me after that.

Saturday morning mom and dad went somewhere dogs weren't allowed so we chilled in the cabin. It wasn't too bad though cause they were only gone a couple hours. When they got back it was beautiful outside so mom played with us outside. Some of dad's ridge running buddies stopped by, but they didn't stay too long. After they left we went to Heritage Days with mom and dad. It's a thing they have once a year where they do tractor and lumberjack stuff and they have lots of vendors. We walked around and of course everyone loved us. My favorite part was getting ice cream! Mom said we were so good that we deserved it:) When we got back, mom took us for a kubota ride to the tree. We hung out there for a while hoping to see some deer, but nothing. Just a bunch of woodpeckers carrying on in the trees. After that, we stopped and visited with Clair and Velma then we walked across the street to the apple tree hollow and sat for a while watching for deer. Again, nothing but it was nice to take a walk and be outside cause it was the most gorgeous day ever!

Sunday wasn't too bad. Dad slept in for Father's Day so I slept in with him. We headed home early afternoon and really didn't do anything when we got home, but I was happy that we finally got to the cabin cause it was so long. We did get company though, (Linda, Lauren, Matter, Brett, Chelsea and Nala) and I was happy to see Nala cause I love to play with her! It's even better cause Echo doesn't like her so I get Nala all to myself:)

Mom said I don't have much going on this week. Maybe a visit with Danny over the weekend, but other than that, she has lots to do so us dogs will just have to entertain ourselves and hang out. She promised that we can go swimming though if the weather is nice.

Well, that's about all for now. I hope everyone had a good weekend and I'll bark at you all later:)


New pix!

June 14th 2013 7:39 am
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Mom finally had a chance to add some pic and a vid so check them out!

Since last time I posted I had a visit with Danny. It was a nice visit, although it was hot. He took me for a walk first and by the time we got back, I really was too hot and tired to play ball or frisbee. Mom didn't push me too much which I was happy for. I lost Danny's attention cause I was too hot to play much and I feel bad about that, but I just couldn't run around cause the walk really wore me out. Hopefully next time it will be cooler. After my visit mom had a church meeting so dad picked me up at the church and took me home. After mom got home from her meeting, she took us dogs for a walk. It had cooled off by then and it was nice to go for a short walk.

Last night us dogs hung outside with dad while he cleaned and shocked the pool. When mom got home she groomed us, put our flea/tick meds on and then took us for a walk. It was really windy and started to rain so unfortunately we only got to walk around one block. After that, we pretty much just chilled the rest of the night.

We were suppose to get a bunch of bad storms, but they seemed to miss us which I'm thankful for. POTP to all those out there that were affected by them though, I heard they were really bad. I hope everyone is okay!

Well, gotta run. Have a great weekend and bark at you all later!!


A busy Tuesday evening

June 12th 2013 8:27 am
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Last night was a busy one. Grandma was suppose to go with mom, Echo and I to Manor Care and to the vet, but as usual, Grandma let us down. Mom was in a really tough spot because she couldn't let either of us in the car at Manor Care cause it was too hot, but we would also be a handful for her to take both of us in at the same time. Dad came to the rescue! He gave up cutting grass to come along with us. It was weird having dad on a visit with us cause he doesn't go much, but it was nice too. Mom and dad took turns handling us both and I was happy that dad didn't lose his patience with either of us. Sometimes when we're overly excited (like we tend to get when we first arrive) or it's really hot, dad doesn't respond too well, but he did pawsome last night! Mom said we did too:) We visited with a lot of people and had a nice time. I would like to ask that all my pals out there put their paws together and say a prayer for Joe's wife. He told us she went into the hospital on Sunday and she wasn't doing to well. POTP to her!

After we finished at Manor Care we went to the vet for our flu boosters. When the tech came out to get Echo, she totally freaked out and hid under the bench. Of course I fed off of her and when it was my turn I freaked too. Not sure why, but we did. The tech ended up giving us our boosters in the lobby, but mom made her still walk each one of us to the back room cause she wanted us to know that it was okay and nothing to fear.

When we got home mom and dad decided to cut the grass after all cause of the pending rain the next couple of days. Us dogs just hung out and played in the yard. It was past dark when they finished (they cut the backyard by a spot light), but at least they got it done.

Tonight I'm suppose to have a visit with Danny when mom gets home. I hope we don't get rained out!


Dreary Monday

June 10th 2013 7:33 am
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Yep, it's raining and making for a dreary Monday, BUT, Emilie is here and playing with us so it makes it a Happy Monday too! She came to visit last night, but us dogs really didn't get to play with her until today. Mom got up with Emilie and it was raining so we stayed inside. Emilie has a "love/hate" relationship with us dogs. She loves to watch us play and loves to pet us, but she hates when we come running up to her or get to close if she's not ready for us. When mom makes us lay down then Emilie will come and pet us and loves it! Emilie is now starting to pick up our toys then hand them to us to play. Mom said we are doing really well with Emilie. She said I just need to be careful cause when I get really excited, I don't look where I'm going and I could knock Emilie down. I would never do that on purpose, but we all know accidents happen.

As far as the rest of my weekend goes, I didn't do anything Friday cause mom went out with some friends for dinner, but Saturday we did a little. We went along with mom to the barn, but we stayed in the car cause Jada was out and mom wasn't staying real long. Plus, it was nice and cool outside so I didn't mind taking a nap. I did peek out the window once in a while though just to be sure Jada wasn't coming. You never know, she just might try to come through the window and get us! After we were done at the barn then mom took us to Hummel Trail for a walk. It was really nice and no one was there so we got to be off leash. The trail is in the woods so there was lots for us to sniff and check out. Mom didn't mind me stopping cause it was a casual walk for us dogs and not an exercise walk for her. Plus, there was no one else around and mom didn't have to worry about cars. After the trail we went home, but the fun still wasn't over. Mom let us go swimming!!! I was SOOOO happy! Dad opened the pool days earlier and we never got to swim, but we did Saturday:) Us dogs were the first ones in the pool again this year. Mom said we use the pool more than anyone...hee hee

Sunday we didn't do much. Mom went to church and came home with a really bad headache. Even though she felt really bad, she still let us swim a little. I thought that was really nice since I could tell she wasn't feeling well. Fortunately though, mom laid down for a couple hours and the headache went away and she was able to go to Hersheypark with Emilie.

I don't know what all I have going on this week. I think I have a visit at Manor Care and with Danny and I get my flu booster at the vet. So looks like I may have a pretty busy week. As always, if anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to let you know.

Have a good week and be safe if you're getting hit by all the extreme weather!


A fun night!

June 6th 2013 6:37 am
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I had a really fun night last night. The couple nights before weren't bad cause mom took us for walks (dad even went once) and the neighbor kids played with us, but last night was the most fun! We got to go to the barn with mom. We haven't been there in like furever and I was so excited when we pulled in and there was no Jada around. Mom got Tequilla ready and then mom's friend Stephanie came to ride Sophie. First they rode in the arena and you know that means a great game of chase for Echo and I. I love running around the arena. I know I run around the yard and stuff, but running around in the arena and making dust fly is just so much better:) After a little warm up, we hit the trail. We only went around the property, but we did it a couple times and it was just so nice to get out and go someplace different. It wasn't too hot or too cold so I was able to really enjoy it. After the ride mom cleaned up the paddock and did a few things so I just followed along making sure mom was doing a good job... BOL:D We got to play at the barn for a couple hours then went home. But my evening wasn't over yet. Mom took us for a nice walk since it was so nice and she said we'll be stuck inside the next couple of days cause of rain. We walked for about half an hour and I must admit that toward the end I was getting tired and lagging a bit. Mom didn't mind that, but I did get put on a leash once cause I kept stopping to smell stuff and would be WAY behind. Mom doesn't mind us stopping to sniff cause she knows that's what us dogs do, but the rule is that we have to be within 2 houses or her or we go on the leash. She gives us 2 strikes before putting us on leash for strike 3. Well, last night mom gave me like 6 strikes and I just wasn't listening so mom made me walk a while on the leash then let me off again and I got the hint and no more sniffing for longer than my time allowed.

When we got home I was beat so I relaxed and watched TV with mom. Close to bedtime mom laid on the sofa and I hopped up with her and we both ended up falling asleep. It was nice to lay there with mom and have her hold me. She likes to do that with me, but most of the time I won't lay still and she kicks me off. But last night I was really tired that I didn't move until dad said it was time for bed.

Tonight mom is going to Country Meadows, but it's Echo's turn so I'll be chilling at home. That's okay though cause it is raining and I'd prefer not to get all wet!


Dad is opening the pool!

June 3rd 2013 8:05 am
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Yahoo!!! Dad is opening the pool today:D It seems like furever since we've been swimming. I know mom tried to get is in at Coleen's to swim over the winter, but whenever mom could take us, the schedule was full at the pool. But we don't have to worry about that now cause we'll be swimming in our own pool by Wednesday!!! I don't like that I have to wait til then, but dad will put a lot of chemicals in the pool today so mom says no swimmy until they dilute. I can understand that I guess. I'm just really happy it's finally open!

Nothing happened this past weekend. Mom and dad went to Ali's. Dad left Friday and mom went down Saturday morning. We didn't go along this time cause mom took the train. We had lots of people come and let us out though. Nancy and Linda tried to play with us, but it was so hot outside we just wanted to come back in the house. Mom and dad did get home last evening and I was SO happy to see them! Mom promised that next time we can go with them. We did get to go to see Poppy last night cause it was his birthday. I was glad mom didn't make us stay home and let us go along cause I really missed her and dad.

I think I have a visit at Country Meadows this week, at least mom thinks it's my turn. Other than that, I don't think we have much going on. Hopefully the temps drop so it's not so hot. Even with the pool open, when its in the 90's, even the water will be warm and no relief.

Well, I'm gonna go help dad with the pool. Have a great week!



May 30th 2013 7:31 am
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Okay now I gotta say, this weather is MESSED UP! Friday we went to the cabin and it was soooo cold that mom had to wear gloves and a heavy coat to cut grass. The entire weekend was cold (temps in the 40-50's) and windy. It was so bad that we didn't get to do much. Tim and Zona came for dinner one night and we did get to go for a Kubota ride and to visit Clair and Velma, but other than that, we pretty much did nothing. Plus poor mom got one of her migraines again on Sunday and it never did go away until Tuesday. The most excitement I had was the ride home. Mom drove by herself since dad had to work later on Friday and we all rode wiht mom up and back from the cabin. Because Gizmo went with us, she rode in her carrier up front and Echo and I rode in the backseat. Some trip home it was. Gizmo cried almost the entire time and we're not sure why cause mom gave her the pill. Then went we got to Carlisle, Echo threw up in the backseat. You all know how I am about stuff like that, it freaks me out! So I crawled down on the back floor. Mom pulled over and cleaned up Echo's mess, put her in the front seat and Gizmo in the back with me. All the while mom was cleaning and moving everyone around, I was trying to hide on the floor. Mom doesn't like when I go on the floor and made me go back on the seat. Needless to say, none of us made a peep after that cause we knew mom was already hurting from her headache and then the stress of all our antics on the ride home. She didn't get mad at any of us which I was glad for.

So as you can see, it wasn't a very exciting weekend and we couldn't really even enjoy being outside much cause of the crappy weather. But now it's like 100 degrees outside and without the pool being open yet, it's unbearable for us to be out more than a few minutes. So again, we are stuck inside:( I really wish this weather would make up it's mind if it wants to be hot, cold or in between and just stay there!

That's about all I have for now. But I do want to wish my Brett a Happy Birthday and Nikki who's over the Rainbow Bridge a Happy Birthday!


Happy Memorial Day!

May 24th 2013 5:31 am
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I just wanted wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and "THANK YOU!" to all those who give their time and risk their lives for our country and our people. Without you we would not have the freedom we enjoy today. Be safe out there!

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