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Mom held strong

April 25th 2013 7:27 am
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Mom held strong to what she said about me being on a leash for a while. We went for a walk last night and yep, I was on a leash. I didn't like it much, but at least I didn't get myself in trouble. Echo actually ended up on the leash near the end of our walk too. She kept walking on mom's right side and would go into the middle of the road which is a no no. So now we're both on leash for a while. I knew mom meant business last night cause she wasn't in a very good mood when she got home. I heard a long message from grandma in the afternoon and it sounds like she is mad a mom. Poor mom, she just can't win. First the issues with Sophie and now grandma. We're going to the cabin this weekend with mom's friend Nancy so hopefully we have a fun girls weekend so mom can decompress! When mom is mellow, we are all much more relaxed and happy:)


Our walk

April 23rd 2013 9:57 am
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Last night mom came home from work. We were in the yard with dad while he was cutting grass. Mom really didn't feel up to it, but she took us for a short walk. All started out okay. Echo and I were off leash and stopped to smell stuff, but never got too far ahead or behind mom. All that changed when we came around the corner. There is this schauzer named Roxie who lives at dad's boss's house. She usually isn't out, but last night she was. When we got close to her house, she came barking at us. She never leaves the yard, just makes a lot of noise. Echo and I immediately ran over to her. Mom immediately grabbed us and took us to the other side of the road, no yelling or scolding because we only did what was natural. So we're walking along and getting ready to cross to the next street when I do something that got me in lots of trouble. I ran back to Roxie. Echo stayed with mom and when mom saw what I did, she was SOOOOOO mad! She came over and grabbed my collar and immediately put me on leash. I was upset, even though I knew I did wrong, and I was trying to hang behind mom, but she kept pulling me in heel position. She said she was disappointed that I would disobey her like that. She was mad cause I ran across the street without looking and could have gotten hit. Then I went into dad's boss's yard again after she told me not too. I know it's a privilege to be able to walk off leash and I know I just blew my chances of being off leash again anytime soon. Heck, she wouldn't even take me off leash when we got to our driveway. She made me walk to the door before she unclipped me. So a piece of advice to all my pals out there, if you're lucky enough to walk off leash, listen to your parents! Don't go running off or you may be back on leash just like me:(


We went to the mountains!

April 23rd 2013 9:48 am
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It seemed like furever since we went to the mountains, but we finally got to go this past weekend. The ride up with a bit hairy. There were bad storms coming through and we hit one about 15 minutes from the cabin. It rained so hard that we were going slower than a snail and daddy had the wipers on hyper speed. Good thing we were on the back roads and the only ones on it cause I don't know how dad could see anything, but we did make it to the cabin safe and sound. Friday evening we didn't do anything cause it was wet outside.

Saturday morning we went with mom and dad to pick up the tractor and bota that went for service. When we got back, of course mom started cutting. I just hung out on the patio or followed the tractor around. Echo and I did play a little bit, but we were both just chilling and enjoying being in the mountains. It wasn't the nicest day either. It was windy and only in the low 50's. This weather is so wacky I tell you that. One day 80 next day barely 50. I sure hope spring soon gets here and stays! Anyway, when mom was done cutting we went for a ride in the woods in the bota. It was lots of fun:) Later dad's friend Dave stopped by, but other than that, we didn't do anything. Mom's stomach was bothering her so she just rested on the sofa. I was glad we were able to be outside when we were. Oh yeah, I did get in trouble for running in front of dad's truck when he pulled in the driveway. He was REALLY mad at me! I know I shouldn't do that cause I could get hit if someone isn't paying attention. Dad said he's gonna get a shock collar for me. YIKES!

Sunday was a little nicer, but still cold. Mom kicked us out while she cleaned the cabin, as usual. We didn't leave until later in the afternoon and when we got home, mom threw the frisbee for us a little, but then we relaxed the rest of the night.

So it was a pretty uneventful weekend, but at least we got to go to the mountains. My cat Gizmo went along too and she was good, but cried halfway home this time. I'm not sure why?

Well, I gotta go for now. I don't think I have anything going on this week, but if I do, I'll tell you all about it. Bark at you later!


Tired me out!

April 18th 2013 11:50 am
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Monday night mom really tired us out! We were outside when mom got home cause dad was cutting grass. At first I thought she was going to go to the barn, but then she said we would go for a walk instead. I was really happy:) That is until we started walking and kept on walking, and walking, and walking. I didn't think we would ever stop. And when we walk with mom, we walk! There is no lolly gagging or stopping to smell everything. If we stop to smell, mom keeps on walking then we run to catch up. Sometimes that's fun though cause Echo and I always race each other and I don't know if I'm just faster or Echo let's me win, but I beat her every time! When we got back from out walk, we hung outside with mom and dad for a while. Then dad left and mom pulled out a chair and did what she loves to do when it's nice in the evening... smoke a cigar. Yep, my mom smokes cigars and I'm proud of it! She's very careful not to blow smoke near us and holds the cigar so we can't bump into it. I like when she has a cigar cause that means time for me to chill, watching all the people walk by and playing with Echo in the yard. No rushing somewhere or having to be stuck inside. I can't wait for more evenings like that!


To the barn I did go!!

April 15th 2013 1:10 pm
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I had a very fun weekend:) We didn't do anything Friday evening, but Saturday was a different story.

Mom had barn duty and as promised, she took us dogs with her. I was SOOO happy to be there! I ran around like a nut. Echo and I played chase and we helped mom take the horses out. Yes, I helped too cause I held the lead line for Sophie and Tequilla. Mom did her barn duty while we played. The horse dentist came to do the horses teeth and mom said she was proud of me cause I didn't bark at him at all. We stayed at the barn for hours, longer that I think I've ever been there. After we left the barn, we stopped at a place mom could get the horses some treats then we headed home and just relaxed. I was okay with that cause I was tired from all the playing I did in the morning. Later in the evening we went back to the barn. Dad went along this time, but it wasn't quite as much fun. It started out great cause mom took us on a trail ride with her and Tequilla. That was a lot of fun and Tequilla seemed to have a good time too. But that was when all the fun ended. Mom was riding Sophie in the arena to show dad the problem Sophie is having with her back end. We were in the arena playing and mom told us to stay away from the horse. Of course we wouldn't listen so dad held us. That didn't go over too well, especially when Echo slipped out of her collar. Boy was dad mad!!!! That made mom upset cause she doesn't like when dad yells at us (even if we do deserve it) so she put us in a down/stay and we actually stayed. Echo did get up once, but she did lay back down when mom told her to. After that, we gave dad a VERY wide berth cause we knew we made him mad.

Sunday morning was fun time for me. Mom took just ME to the barn. Nope, no Echo this time. She said it was only fair cause Echo would be with her in the afternoon at search training. I had a lot of fun with mom, even though all we did was take horses out and do some stall cleaning. Mom let me help take the horses out again. I really enjoy that and it's been a long time since I did it. Mom said she honestly forgot about it, but she promised that from now on, she'll always let me help bring in or take out the horses:)

The rest of my Sunday was boring. Mom, Dad and Echo all went to search training mid-afternoon and didn't get home until like 8pm. Mom was so tired that we didn't do anything and actually went to bed early. I hopped up on the bed with mom and we were both out in no time.

I have no idea what we are doing this week. I know mom is visiting Manor Care, but it's Echo's turn so I won't be going there unless Grandma happens to go. Mom also said we're suppose to have a couple days of rain so I'm not even sure if we'll get to play outside or go for walks much this week. But if I do anything exciting, I'll be sure to tell you all about it. Bark at you later!


Fun time with Nala

April 11th 2013 7:36 am
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Last night we had a nice surprise, Brett stopped by for a visit and brought Nala:) I enjoy playing with Nala and she is getting to be quite the little spitfire too. We played inside for a while, but she kept wanting at Echo who wanted nothing to do with her, so mom took us all outside. That was really nice of her too cause she wasn't feeling too good. Once we were all outside, Echo decided she wanted to play too. We all ran around and had a lot of fun. Mom kept telling us to be gentle though cause we can get a bit rough when we play and Nala is like a quarter of our size. She may be small, but she is fiesty and kept us with us. The one funny thing she did was when Echo and I would be chasing each other, she would run after us, but as soon as we turned and chased her, she would go between mom's legs and then sit there and bark at us. We knew better than to go after her, but after a while, mom caught on to what she was doing and told her she was cheating so mom sat up on the bench that Nala couldn't reach then she had no place to hide. It was funny watching her try to find someplace to go when we turned the table on her:D We all had a good time and after Nala left, we crashed.

It was nice to have this unexpected fun in the middle of the week. Hopefully we get to do other fun stuff this weekend!


Country Meadows visit

April 9th 2013 6:31 am
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Last night I visited my friends at Country Meadows. It was a really nice visit and I saw lots of people. The best part was my visit to Connections (a special area for people who need a little extra care). They were celebrating a birthday and it just happened to be for Marion and she loves dogs! The counselor said all Marion wanted was a dog visit and luck had it that I visited on her birthday! She was very happy to see me and I was happy to see her, although the piano playing was a little loud and bothered me. Anyway, I visited with Marion first then the rest of the residents in the room. After visiting with everyone else, Marion wanted a picture with me so I posed pretty for her. She really wanted a kiss, but I was still rattled from the piano and wasn't into givig kisses. I know, not nice of me since it was her birthday. However, the counselor gave Marion a animal cracker and she held it between her lips and asked me for a kiss. Well you know me and food, how could I resist! So I took the cracker from her lips and gave her a kiss in the process and she loved it:) They did take a picture of it and hopefully they send mom a copy so you all can see. Mom said it was the cutest thing she ever saw me do and it made Marion the happest person in the room!! I'm glad I was able to make her birthday extra special:)

When we got home mom took Echo and I for a walk. Mom walks fast since she's trying to lose weight and to be honest, I need to lose some too. I was all into it and keeping up good until about the last 10 minutes. I got really tired and was really lagging. I know mom cut the walk down cause of me, but she wasn't upset at all. She said we both need to work up to walking longer as we get in better shape.

As you can see, I had a really good evening and can't wait to see what is happening next!


Something different this past weekend

April 8th 2013 5:23 am
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We did something totally different this past weekend... we went to visit Alison, Jan and Emilie. All the other times we had to stay home when mom and dad went, but this time we were allowed to go.

We didn't get there until later Friday evening so we didn't do much Friday. We had to stay in the basement though cause Jan is afraid of dogs and also cause we shed a lot and with Emilie always playing on the floor, they didn't want her getting all full of hair and possibly eating some when it gets on her toys. We totally understood that and were fine in the basement. It is heated and big. Mom brought Echo's crate for her and I had my dog bed. Of course we wanted to be with mom and dad so Echo barked a little, but got the hint really quick when dad came down. After that, we just chilled and mom did come down and play with us for a while. I must admit though, I didn't sleep much Friday night cause every little sound I heard freaked me out. It was just the sounds of the house (it's a old house) and the furnace going on and off, but without mom downstairs with us, it was kind of scary at night. Mom did end up coming down around 6am cause she didn't want Echo barking when Emilie got up. Mom curled up in my dog bed and slept for a little. Echo jumped in there with her first which was soooo unfair! But mom did kick her out then and let me sleep with her for a little. Finally, sleep!

Saturday everyone headed out to some museaum that Emilie could play with things so we chilled in the basement. When they got home, mom played frisbee with us for a while then she took a nap while Emilie took a nap cause mom didn't get much sleep Friday like us cause she was worried about us barking in the night and waking everyone up. Later when everyone woke up from their nap, mom, dad and Emilie went outside for a while and we went too. Emilie watched as dad played frisbee with us. She's still a little too small to through it for us, but she does like to watch us play. We went for a little walk around the area and hung out with them when they were outside. In the eveing, they were cooking on the grill and everyone was outside. Emilie walked around the yard with us and mom was afraid I would knock her down cause I sometimes don't look where I'm running. Lucky for me I didn't! Mom did take a few pix of me with Emilie so I'm sure she'll post them as soon as she gets a chance. After dinner Ali pumped up a air mattress. I thought maybe we would be sleeping in style, but it was for mom. I was soooo happy when mom came down and sleep with us. We all slept like rocks! Mom didn't need to worry about us waking anyone up cause we had no reason to bark since she was with us, plus I didn't worry about all the sounds cause I knew if anything bad was there mom would take care of us. It felt good to sleep all night!

Sunday mom, Echo and I left pretty early in the morning. I didn't know why dad didn't come with us, but I was glad mom didn't leave me behind. After what seemed like the longest ride ever, we finally arrived at this place where everyone was dressed in stuff like mom (bright orange with vests) and lots of dogs. Mom said this is where Echo trains for her search and rescue. Unfortunately for me I didn't do much except chill in the car while mom and Echo did their thing. It wasn't bad though cause mom had all the windows and sunroof open and there was a nice breeze. Mom did take me out from time to time to potty and get a drink. I actually got to watch Echo do a search and I must admit, it was pretty cool:) I guess my sis is a pretty cool kind of dog for doing this. Too bad I don't have a knack for it. When training was finished, we headed home. We still beat dad (he took the train home) and we were all tired, but mom said we needed baths. Well Echo actually was the one cause of the areas she was in for training, but mom didn't want me to feel left out so I got one too. After that, we crashed! Mom has a pix of Echo and I sleeping on the loveseat, you'll have to check it out.

All in all, we had a nice weekend. Something different for a change. Mom said we are allowed back at Alison's cause we behaved and as Emilie gets older, we'll get to play more with her when we're there.

On my agenda for this week is Country Meadows tonight. Other than that, I don't know if I have anything else going on. We are home this weekend and I think the weather is suppose to be nice so maybe lots of walks and a trip to the barn? I hope all my pals had a good weekend and if you're getting this nice weather, get out and enjoy it! If you're unfortunate to be caught in this big storm moving across the country, be careful!

P.S. Don't forget to check back in a few days for some new pix!


My visits

April 4th 2013 9:14 am
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Last night mom took me on two visits. First we visited with Kay from mom's church. She was a really nice lady and her daughter was there too. I pretty much just laid beside mom while they chatted, but Diane (Kay's daughter) did pet me a few times. They both kept saying how beautiful I am and how much they love my markings.

From there we went to Manor Care. We were a little late getting there (usually get there at 6pm didn't get there until 6:30pm), so a lot of the people were already in bed. We did miss a few of our regular people because they were asleep, but even though others were in bed, they were awake so I got to visit with them. I did get to see Sarah and Joe cause they were still awake:) Our friend Marion is in the hospital so say a prayer that she will be okay.

After we were left Manor Care, we had to stop at the vet so mom could pick up all of our flea/tick/heartworm meds. Poor mom, another big bill. I wish we didn't need all this stuff so it didn't cost mom so much money, but I am thankful that my mom cares enough about us to get us what we need so those pesky critters to bother us and make us sick.

The rest of the night we just chilled. Dad was still in the mountains so I got to sleep in bed with mom:) He comes home tonight though then it's back to the floor. But that's okay cause I miss dad.

Well, that's about all for now. I still don't know what's happening this weekend, but mom said it is suppose to be getting nicer so hopefully whatever we do, we get to be outside!


Easter weekend

April 1st 2013 12:39 pm
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I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and got lots of goodies! Mom gave me extra Beggin Strips and a new ball:)

I wish I had some exciting stuff to tell you, but I don't have much. As you all know, dad had his hernia surgery on Thursday. Everything went well and he is recovering. I have been on my best behavior so I don't make him mad (dad is grumpier after surgeries). Needless to say, we didn't do anything Thursday.

Friday mom took Echo to search training in the morning. When they got home, mom took me with her to the barn, just me, no Echo! I was soooo happy!! It was nice to get some "mom" time all to myself. I love my sissy, but I enjoy time away from her too. Mom threw the ball a lot for me, then I hung out with her in the arena and watched one of mom's friends ride Sophie. Mom couldn't ride cause of her back still hurting, but she learned a few things from watching.

Saturday and Sunday we didn't do much. Mom did take us for a walk on Saturday, but the wind was sooo bad that we only got to walk for about 30 minutes. Mom did wash her car so Echo and I hung out while she did that. Sunday was Easter and grandma came for a visit. I was excited to see her, but mom made me stay away from her until they got home from church cause she didn't want us dogs to get grandma all full of hair for church. What can I say, we shed! Grandma did play with us when she got back though:) Oh yeah, mom did brush us and trim our nails last night. I almost hung myself cause I was dancing around on the table and one of my paws went off the side. Thank goodness mom was there to catch me! Needless to say, I won't be doing that again.

I don't know what's on the agenda for this week. I know mom said we are going to Manor Care one evening and it's my turn! I hope we soon get to go to the moutains cause I miss it a lot. I didn't hear mom talking about that at all so who knows when that will happen. But I will post if I do anything worth talking about.

Thanks to all my pals for the Easter gifts you sent, I loved them!!

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