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Catching up on posts 7/28/14

August 22nd 2014 10:33 am
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Ok, now I know Dogster isn’t working cause they named me a DDP 2 days in a row! I saw it was an error cause my life is not that exciting, but I do feel honored (error or not) and I thank Dogster for the double DDP!

I wish I could live up to my two DDPs but posting something exciting about my weekend, but truth is, I didn’t do much. I did get to go swimming every day which was lots of fun and I did get to meet the newest addition to the Waple/Eppley family...Sadie. She’s a Goldendoodle and cute as a button! Very submissive to me and Echo, but after a little while she got use to us and we got to run around the yard and play a while. Mom had to be with us though to be sure we didn’t get too rough cause Echo and I tend to do that. Mom said we were very good with Saide:) She did take some pix, but right now with Dogster not working properly we can’t get any pix to post. As soon as that is all fixed, you can be ready for a flurry of pix cause mom still has some from NC to post.

Other than swimming and playing with Sadie, I didn’t do much. Mom and dad were gone most of the day Saturday and then we did have a little cookout Saturday evening (that’s when we met Sadie). Sunday mom and Echo were gone most of the day for search training so I just hung out in the AC with dad cause it was HOT outside!

I don’t know if I have anything on my calendar this week or not, but I do know something is up. Mom was fitting me with some sort of collar last night and it had this big thing on it with two little prongs that I could feel on my neck....this can’t be good! I did hear dad say that mom better get control of our barking and going in the neighbor’s yard all the time or he will...yikes! I think the collar was a shock collar of some sort, but I did hear mom tell dad he is NOT allowed to touch it and she will take care of getting us to stop. Mom said it has a beep warning, vibration warning and then the shock. She’s pretty confident she won’t ever have to get to the shock part and I hope so too! I know mom is very apprehensive about using it, but to be honest, if she doesn’t and dad does, it will be much worse so I’m glad mom’s on the task. I know, I know, we need to stop barking when were told and we need to stay in our yard, but hey, it’s hard sometimes!

Anyway, that’s about all I have for now. I’ll be sure to let you know if anything exciting happens and I’ll keep you posted on our progress with the collars. Have a great week and bark at you all later!


I got in trouble:(

July 25th 2014 5:37 am
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I got in major trouble last night and it was all my fault too.

Lately I've been taking to leaving the yard and going to the neighbors house. I went to visit Anna grandpa one day while he was sitting on the porch and last night when I saw a car pull up, I went over to say hi even though mom told me to stay. It wasn't just me cause Echo went too, but she only went cause I told her to. But that's not what mom was really mad about. She was furious with me cause when she called me to come back I didn't. I know! I know! I can't do that, I have to always come when mom calls and I don't know why I do the things I do sometimes. Well, I do kinda know why I go over there cause whenever Anna is there she calls us over to play so in my mind I figure I'm allowed over there whenever someone is home, but mom said that is NOT correct and she is going to talk to Anna about calling us over. Anyway, last night cause I didn't come to mom when she called, after she did get me back in the yard she tied me out. Can you believe it?!?! She tied me out like some criminal dog so I couldn't escape. I was so embarrassed and not happy that I had to stay in one place, but I guess that's what happens when I don't listen. I'm gonna try to do better and hopefully I won't get in trouble anymore!


My happenings...

July 25th 2014 5:25 am
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Not a whole lot has been going on around my neck of the woods since my last post. We did go swimming a few days last week which is always fun, but I pay for it later cause my hip hurts. Mom tells me not to jump off the side and to go in the steps, but I don’t listen so it’s no one’s fault but my own. Mom told me if I don’t stop jumping and running like a nut, she’s not gonna let me swim so I better stop cause I love to swim!

We did go to the cabin this past weekend, but we didn’t do anything really exciting. Following mom around on the tractor while she cut grass Friday evening and sitting out by the fire later in the night was fun. Saturday we did go for a couple walks and it was nice sitting in the woods for a while. I did enjoy walking down to the small bridge up from the cabin cause mom let us go in a swimmy for a little. I wish we could have gone to the big swimmy hole in the Bota, but it started to rain so that was a no go cause mom was afraid it would storm and definitely no swimming in storms! We do a lot more walking now since mom and dad have their fitbits and I don’t like that much. First off, cause of my hip I can’t walk that far so they always drop me off and keep on going. Second, because they walk so much it means less time in the Bota:( Mom said they’re trying to wait until we are in the cabin before I get my hip fixed cause of the steps and I’m okay with that cause honestly my hip only hurts from time to time and I don’t want to have that surgery cause it sounds like a very long recovery and you all know I can’t stay still for more than a few minutes when I want to play! Anyway, we did go to the property and mom and dad staked out all the buildings and I was standing inside our barn and house...well what will be our future barn and house that is and let me tell you, the house is huge! It will be sooooo nice to only have one floor and no more steps! Saturday night it rained so we couldn’t be outside and Sunday was the usual with us getting home in the early evening.

This week we had visit at Manor Care and it was really nice to see everyone. A couple of the rooms were really hot and I minded it, but I was sure to still pay attention to the people cause I know seeing me makes them happy:) Mom said we can go swimmy the rest of the week as long as there are no storms cause it’s supposed to be hot all week. I just have to remember not to jump and run like an idiot or mom will make me go in on the leash or worse...stay out all together...YIKES!

Well, that’s about all I have for now. Hopefully Dogster soon gets running smoothly cause I want to see what some of my pals have been up to.

BTW, if anyone knows how to get in touch with Zaidie the Westie, please let us know. Mom lost her info and she’s no longer on Dogster:(


Weekend in the mountains

July 14th 2014 8:40 am
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Thank you Dogster for the honor of being a diary pick! I’m glad you like my entries and I will continue to post as long as the site allows and mom has time. One of these days I’m gonna learn how to type so I can do it all by myself:)

This past weekend was pretty good, but HOT! We went to the cabin and most of the weekend was spent either inside the AC cause it was so hot outside or hanging in the shade while mom and dad cut grass. The grass was really high cause we were gone for 2 weeks and mom also cut some at Clair and Velma’s since Velma was in the hospital and Clair spent all his time with her there. We hung with mom for a while on Saturday while she cut their field, but then took a ride with dad in the AC to the property. Boy you should see it is totally flat on the top! I mean so flat you could use it as a football field! Dad said the pole building will be going up soon. We’re all getting excited cause as things progress, it means we get closer to finally moving. Dad said about 18 months and it can’t get her soon enough for me! The only bad part is, I heard mom saying that once we are in a single level home she wants to get my hip fixed. That does not sound like fun to mean even though I know it needs done. I guess I’ll just deal with it when it happens. Anyway, we did get to go to the swimmy hole for about an hour after the cutting was done and I really enjoyed that:)

Sunday we went for a walk through the woods in the AM before it got too hot and I enjoyed that. But it got hot so we pretty much just relaxed in the AC then headed home early evening and didn’t do anything except relax.

I don’t think I have anything going on this week. Mom promised swimmy time when it’s hot and not storming so I’m looking forward to that. No visits as far as I know, but we are headed back to the cabin for the weekend and hopefully not quite as hot so we can be outside a little more.

Well, that’s about all I have for now. I hope everyone is doing well and also hope Dogster soon gets things fixed so I can post pix from our trip!


North Carolina

July 10th 2014 1:15 pm
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Last week was my second trip to NC, but this time instead of being on the beach and in one place for a week, we started in the mountains and worked our way to the coast. I did enjoy my trip, but I will say, I’d prefer to stay in one place for the entire time cause we spent A LOT of time traveling. Thank goodness mom had our beds in the backseat and Echo wasn’t being a bully on the trip! I’m going to summarize our trip or my post would be a gazillon pages long! I’m sure it will be long enough even with a summary. Okay, here we go!

We left at 3 in the morning on June 28. It was a VERY long drive, but like my last trip to NC we had a lot of breaks along the way to potty and stretch our legs. I was really happy in West Virginia when we stopped at a rest stop and they had a big area that mom could let us off our leashes and run for a bit:) We arrived in Hendersonville around 2pm and we had a really nice place. It was the downstairs of a house and it had a few rooms, two decks, a yard, a gazebo and a swim spa. I really liked the place, but wish I could have went swimmy in the swim spa, but no doggies allowed:( Anyway, later that evening we went to visit with Joann and Pratt. They are really nice people and loved us dogs. They had an Aussie once and now that we spent some time with them, they are thinking about getting another one. We have a way of making people fall in love with Aussies! They have a really nice place with a few acres and some horses so we felt right at home. They had a nice vineyard right next door and we went for a walk there too. Mom took pix which I’m sure she’ll post. The next day we pretty much spent at Joann and Pratt’s again and we got to meet the rest of the family. Everyone was really nice, but there were twin boys who kind of were upsetting me after a while. They started off fine and I had a good time playing, but then when I would want a break, the one twin, Josh, wouldn’t let me alone. He would grab me by the collar and drag me around or if I was laying down, he would come over and lay with me, but grab my head and pull me on his lap. Needless to say, mom had to keep telling him not to do those things, especially cause of my hip. Boys! Other than that, I had a really nice time. I also was “big dog” for a little bit while in Hendersonville. We went to visit dad’s cousin Doug’s house and they have a big German Shepherd named Mojo. Well, you all know how I feel about Shepherds so right from the beginning I was going to let him know how I felt about him. When he tried to say Hi to me, I totally went all “Linda Blair” on him (that’s what mom called me). I was snarling, growling and barking at him and you know what? He took off running! I couldn’t believe it cause no dog has ever taken my threats seriously but he did and I loved it! I took advantage of the situation too and I messed with him. I would act like I wanted to play with him and then when he’d engage to play, I would go all crazy on him again and chase him. Mom wasn’t happy with me and said I was being mean cause he wasn’t hurting me at all. Yeah, I know she’s right cause once I knew he didn’t want to eat me, I should have just acted like a normal dog and played, but I just couldn’t help myself. I was really enjoying being the one in control cause that NEVER happens! Okay, off of that now. One day we did go down Main Street and that was really nice cause all the shops are dog friendly. We got to get ice cream, go into a pet shop and pick out our own treats. I loved the smoke turkey sausage and grabbed myself 4 of those:) We even got to go into an antique store, can you believe it? Mom was worried that we would break something, but we were on our best behavior and I really enjoyed going places I was never allowed to at home. I wish PA would be more dog friendly like NC! We also went to the Hendersonville train station and mom took a bunch of pictures there cause that’s where Nanny Waple use to play when she was a kid. We were out for a little, but spent most of the time in the truck in the AC cause it was so hot! All in all, we had a nice time in Hendersonville and I wouldn’t mind going back again. Especially to spend time with my new friends Joann and Pratt:)

Tuesday we made our way to Mocksville to see Micah, Amber and their 4 kids. Micah and dad use to work together at TMI and since they were on the way to Pat’s house, dad wanted to visit. It was SOOOO HOT on Tuesday and Micah doesn’t usually let their dogs in the house. Now you have to remember that I am a VERY spoiled dog who is use to laying around the AC all day and not outside in the scorching heat. Yes, we were on the porch in the shade and yes there was a breeze blowing, but it was a breeze of about 98 degrees and both Echo and I were minding the heat a lot. I felt bad too cause Micah’s kids are really good kids and they wanted to play with us (but never once pested), but it was just too hot to play:( Fortunately mom could see we were stressing and got Micah and Amber to let us in the house where it was cool...thank goodness! We had to stay right inside the door and no wandering around the house, but I was totally fine with that cause I was once again in the AC:)

Wednesday we headed to Belvidere where Pat lives and it seemed like it took just as long to get to his house from the center of the state as it did to get from PA to southern NC...go figure. We arrived there early evening and it was really nice to see Pat. I miss not seeing him a couple times a year when he comes to visit us at the cabin and I stayed with Pat a lot during our stay. Mom even has a pix of me lying beside his chair which I’m sure she’ll post. We were at Pat’s until Saturday and we pretty much just relaxed and enjoyed visiting. Mom and dad didn’t drag us around when they went picking., but I didn’t mind cause it was really hot and getting in and out of the truck a lot is sometimes hard for me and my hip. We did get to play in the evenings when it cooled off a little and I had fun chasing the frisbee and trying to steal the ball from Echo:) We did have a little excitement Thursday evening though. The hurricane was coming up the coast and even though we were pretty far inland, we were still getting rain and wind. Well, let me tell you, about 10am all *e*l broke loose! Everyone’s cell phone sent out a warning that there were was a tornado in the area and mom had a meltdown of epic proportions! Mom has been in two tornados and us dogs were in one of them with her so I can understand why she was so upset. Not to mention we had no basement to hide in and we were in a completely flat (and I mean flat!) area of land. We went into the bathroom with mom and I didn’t get too worked up cause I knew mom wouldn’t let anything happen to me. I just wish I could have calmed her down more cause she was hyperventilating and everything...not good. At one point dad said something that freaked mom out even more and we ended up getting into the bathtub. Not that it really would have helped cause we were in a modular home and a tornado could have just picked us right up and carried us away. Fortunately the tornado didn’t touch down in our area, although I’m pretty sure it was right above us at one point. Cause of the hurricane there were no fireworks on the 4th, but that didn’t bother me none cause I don’t like them anyway.

We headed back home on Saturday and it was another long ride and as much as I like going on vacations, I always love getting back home even more. Not being allowed on any furniture during our trip really stank and the first thing I did when we got home was hop up on my loveseat and stretch out...ahhh I love my loveseat! And I also slept in bed that night too...I missed my Temperpedic!

Sunday was a full day again cause Jan’s family was in from Germany and everyone came to the house for a picnic and to use the pool. We did get to swim for a while, but then Echo ruined it cause she kept jumping on people and trying to take Emmie’s ball. Leave it to Echo to ruin it for the rest of us:(

Monday was Echo’s birthday (Happy Birthday Echo!) so I was nice to her, of course I’m always nice to her. She’s the one that’s not always nice to me. Anyway, mom and dad went back to work so we were back in our routine. We had another bad storm that evening and yep, we were back in the bathroom with mom again. No tornado in our area, but there was a touchdown in our county this time. I’m about tired of this weather I can tell you that!

Tuesday we didn’t do anything, but last night we went to see our friends at Manor Care and it was a nice visit. We told them all about our trip and mom showed them some pix too. Hopefully Dogster gets fixed so mom can post pix for our pals to see.

This weekend we’re heading to the cabin and I can’t wait! While our trip to NC was nice, I love the mountains and at least there if it’s really hot we have our swimmy hole to cool off in:)

Now you’re all caught up on what I’ve been up to. I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July and made it through the hurricane and all this rough weather we’ve been having. Try to stay cool and I’ll be sure to bark at you all again soon!


Firecracker weekend

June 26th 2014 6:14 am
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Just as I thought, we did not do much last week. Mom did take us for walks almost every evening and we finally got to swim in the pool a few times, but other than that, it was a quiet week. The weekend...not so much.
Friday we headed to the cabin. We made a pit stop at the bank cause mom and dad had to sign some paperwork and us animals all waited in the car. Don't worry, they left the car on and the AC running for us so we were nice and cool. They could see us and we could see them so there was no worrying about Echo driving us off somewhere BOL:D When we finally got to the cabin, Nanny and Poppy Waple where there. Since it was later than usual, dad cut the front yard and mom helped Nanny get dinner ready. After dinner we all relaxed on the patio cause it was a beautiful evening.
Saturday was dreary and rainy in the morning. We did go for a visit to Clair and Velma's and cause mom walks everywhere now (she's trying to lose weight and get in shape) we walked to the tree to take up the flowers mom got for Father's Day. While we were sitting there this really, really, really big possum started coming our way. I wasn't sure what it was at first, but when it got too close for comfort, mom grabbed us both by the collars and we hightailed it out of there. We have no clue why it was out during the day, but at least this one did not seem sick like the other one did. Daddy said it probably came out after the rain looking for food. When we got back to the cabin, everyone went to Heritage Days, but we didn't go cause mom said it would be too muddy. I didn't mind cause I was ready for a break after our walk through the woods. When they got back we all went to the property. Mom is going to post a pix of us standing on the exact spot where our house will be. We are all so excited and can't wait to move...too bad it's not for another 2 years:( Anyway, when we got back it was dinnertime and then the fun started. Pam and Dave came to visit and we were all chilling on the patio when the caravan arrived. It was all of dad's ridge running buddies and a new guy we never met before, his name was Pip. Well let me tell you about Pip...he is the funniest man I ever met and had everyone laughing so hard that I had to go around checking on everyone to be sure they were okay cause they were all crying. But mom said it wasn't sad crying, it was funny crying and she never laughed so hard in a very long time. I liked Pip cause he pet me, but then he got out the firecrackers and I was outta there! These were no little firecrackers either, they were the huge professional kind that you see on the holidays. I hightailed it to the bedroom while all this was going on while Echo was acting like a wild animal trying to get outside to check it out. Mom made her stay inside too cause she didn't want it to hurt our ears, but Echo stayed at the door and watched...not me! When the fireworks were finally over, I went back outside and enjoyed the rest of the night.
Sunday after breakfast we went for a nice walk with Nanny and mom and got to go swimming down by this small bridge. Not as nice as the swimmy hole, but still deep enough to cool off. We stopped and visited with Sharon for a while then went back to the cabin. After the walk then we got to go for a really long Kubota ride down the next hollow and I was loving every minute of it! Unfortunately when we got back it was time to pack up and head home. Needless to say, I slept the entire way and it was nice cause our dog beds were in the backseat and it was very comfy:) After we got home, mom cut the grass and when she was finished she went swimmy with us! This was the first time this year that mom swam with us and I loved every minute of it! And dad even got in a little bit which he never does. After my busy day, when we all finally sat down for the night I crashed hard!

Monday I played catch up from my weekend and when mom got home she played a little frisbee with us. Not real long though cause it was really hot and humid. We were going to jump in the pool, but mom was tired from work and then scouting out some park for an upcoming search & rescue training. I would have liked to swim, but I understand mom gets tired too.
Tonight we're going with mom to grandma's while she cuts grandma's grass then Brett and Aysha are coming for a visit. Tomorrow we have our visit to Manor Care so my next couple of days are pretty busy. We're gearing up for our trip to NC this weekend and I'm looking forward to going. It's been a long time since we've been on a vacation and this is actually the first one I'm having with Echo so we'll see how that goes.
Well, that catches you up. I hope everyone is having a great summer and be sure to check out some of the new pix mom posted and check back for more updates. Bark at you all later!


Summertime Fun!

June 16th 2014 6:18 am
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This past weekend was a fun one and we didn't even go to the mountains. It started out Saturday morning with a trip to the barn. It was such a beautiful day, not hot or humid, just absolutely gorgeous! Because it was so nice mom decided that she was going to ride Tequilla. I was all excited cause it's been a long time since mom rode when we were with her at the barn. First we started off in the riding arena and I like it in there cause Echo and I play chase and the ground is nice and soft (it's stonedust) so if we roll each other, it doesn't hurt much. After mom was done in there we took a little trail ride around the property and I loved it! There were so many scents and I was hot the trail of something, but couldn't find what it was. I think it may have been a deer that went through the area earlier. Anyway, we rode for about half an hour then headed back to the barn. We hung out in the barn with mom while she cleaned Tequilla off then she put her back out in the pasture and we headed out to our next stop... grandma's house.

I was happy to see grandma up and about. Uncle Carl was there too and it's been a long time since I've seen him so that was a nice surprise too. Mom cut grandma's grass and we just hung out with grandma and checked on mom from time to time. After grass we all went to the pizza place for lunch. Unfortunately they didn't have outside seating so we had to stay in the car, but I didn't mind cause mom opened all the windows and they sat in the booth right beside where mom parked the car so we could see them the entire time. After lunch mom helped move some dirt around while us dogs supervised...of course! When we were done at grandma's we stopped at some auto place for mom to get stuff to clean her car then finally headed back home. Mom cut our grass and while she did that we went swimming!!! Yep, we were the first ones in the pool with the new liner and I loved it:) It was so much fun to swim with Echo and as you can see by the pictures, our pool has a nice new liner and is full of water. I swam off and on most of the afternoon while mom did the grass and dug out the roses. She hated to do it, but they were all viney and didn't smell good anymore and half of them were dead so she figured take them out and eventually plant new ones. I was glad they were gone cause whenever I would run by them the stupid things would get caught in my fur and jag me:( After the roses were out then mom cleaned out the inside of her car and washed the outside. Us dogs just hung out and Anna did come over later in the evening and played with us and I enjoyed it, but to be honest, by that time I was pretty pooped from my busy day. Needless to say, when we finally went inside after dark, I crashed and crashed hard! Mom said I was even snoring...sorry mom.

Sunday wasn't quite as busy. Mom and dad went to church and when they got home we did get to go swimming again for a little. Mom said she felt bad cause they were going on the river, but couldn't take us since Brett didn't invite us in his boat. But I didn't mind cause it was pretty hot on Sunday and I'm sure Brett's boat goes much too fast for me. So us dogs did some napping while they were gone. When they got back, Echo and I walked down to Linda's house for a cookout. Mom said we were very good dogs and we had fun playing ball with everyone. It's not often that we get to go to the family gatherings so I enjoyed it a lot. When we left I rode home with dad and mom and Echo walked. I know mom feels really bad about not taking me and I gotta admit I get a little upset cause mom spends that time with Echo, but I know it's cause of my hips and mom doesn't want to hurt me by making me walk that far. They finally got home a little while later and we all just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

I'm not sure what's on tap for this week, but I'm sure if it is hot, mom will let us swim and hopefully even swim with us. We are going to the cabin this weekend cause it's Heritage Days and I'm sure we'll get to go along if it's not too hot there either. Other than that, not a whole lot going on.

I hope all my pals are enjoying their summer and get to go to some fun places as well. Have a great week!


Fun weekend!

June 10th 2014 7:51 am
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This past weekend we went to the mountains and I had a really fun time. Friday was grass cutting as usual and fortunately it wasn't too hot so we got to hang outside. Of course I followed mom all around while she was on the tractor so that tired me out til she was done since it takes about 3 hours to cut the yard and field.

Saturday was the best day. First we went for a ride and stopped by the property. We walked to the top and WOW was it different! They finally "broke ground" as mom and dad call it. Anyway, all the crops were gone and the dirt was moved around and rolled out flat. It is actually starting to look like the buildings will be going up and that makes me very excited cause that means we are actually getting closer to moving and living there...YIPEE! I was so happy that I ran from one end to the other and Echo joined me. We both can't wait to move and have all this room to run, run, run!!!! After we were done there we took a little ride around then went back to the cabin. Mom took Echo for a walk and I was sad until a little while later dad loaded me up in the Kubota and off we went. We ended up catching up with mom and Echo and mom put Echo in the Kubota with me and dad and we headed to the swimmy hole. Mom finished her walk and when she finally got to us, we all went down to the swimmy hole and had a great time. Dad didn't want to get in, but mom got in and sat in the stream with us. We had such a good time and guess what? Mom almost caught a 12" trout with her hands! Yep, you heard me right. I guess us dogs chased it from the deep hole and it went to the shallow water near mom. She saw it go under a rock and us dogs stood by very quietly and watched mom sneak up on it. I couldn't believe that she actually got her hands under it, but when she when to close on the trout, the rock was too low and she couldn't so the trout swam away. Echo and I tried to catch it for mom, but it was too fast for us. But it was really cool to watch mom do that and next time, I'll stand guard a little closer so it cant' scoot away:) When we were done at the swimmy hole, we went back to the cabin and took a little nap. When we got up we went for a walk through the woods. It was a nice slow walk up the mountain which was good cause I couldn't have gone too fast. Then we hung at the tree for a while and I watched as Echo tried to catch the chipmunks. Silly dog thinks she can catch them, but it will NEVER happen cause she is way too slow. Heck, I'm faster than she is and mom will tell you that too. Anyway, we continued our walk and saw a mom and baby fawn. It was so cute with it's little spots. Mom said we were very good dogs cause we didn't even consider chasing them. When we finally got back to the cabin, it was nap time again until our friends Dave and Pam came to visit. We had a nice visit with them while we hung by the fire.

Sunday was a dreary day. It rained off and on all day so we pretty much just hung inside. We headed home around 5pm and again I napped on the drive home and then after we got home too.

Yesterday was pretty good too. The pool guys came back and we finally have water in our pool, but unfortunately we aren't allowed to swim in it until Wednesday. Mom said she wants the chemicals to settle down before we go in. Needless to say I wasn't happy about that, but mom makes the rules and at least I'll be swimming soon! We did have a visit with Danny last night, but not as long as usual. We did go for our walk then played a little frisbee and ball, but it was so hot and humid that mom didn't want us getting sick so we only stayed for about 45 minutes instead of our usually hour. We did take plenty of breaks on our walk and mom had water for us too:)

Today we go to the vet for some vaccinations and then to Manor Care for our visit. We're home this weekend so hopefully that means a trip to the barn and lots of swimming too:)

Have a good week and hope you have good weather coming your way too!


Let's play catch up...

June 6th 2014 6:03 am
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Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but mom has been busy and honestly, I haven't had a whole lot going on. However, Dogster still gave me the honor today of being a Daily Diary Pick and I'd like to say Thank you Dogster! and I am greatly honored:)

Okay, now to get you caught up...let's see what did I do... Thursday, May 29th we had our visit to Manor Care and it was a good one. Mom only took me and it was really nice to have some "mommy and me" time. She said she left Echo at home cause Echo will be with her for training on Saturday night. I'm glad mom did cause I really enjoyed the time with her, and she even got me a burger afterwards:) We saw all of our friends and they were all doing well which we were happy about.

Friday was Brett's birthday and Nikki's birthday (she crossed the Rainbow Bridge before I was born) so Happy belated Birthday to both of them! Saturday we didn't do much, or at least I didn't do much. Mom was running around all day and we did go to visit grandma for a little which was nice. She's been kinda in a funk so hopefully we cheered her up! Saturday night mom and Echo went to SAR training and I hung out at home with dad. Sunday we went for a walk and played Frisbee, but that was about all.

Monday the pool guys came and destroyed our pool!! At least that's how I see it cause they took out all the water, the liner, everything and now we just have a huge concrete hole:( We were all excited thinking we would be swimming this week, but the pool guys messed up and didn't have all the parts so dad wouldn't let them do anything til they got them. Very sad for us dogs cause that means no swimmy and I was really, really looking forward to it. Check out our pick in the deep end, the one and only time I'd ever be able to touch bottom. I have to admit that it was kinda fun running around the pool even without water in it, a little strange, but fun.

Grandma had surgery all day on Monday so mom was gone all day. Grandma is ok thank goodness! The rest of the week we pretty much just either went for walks or played Frisbee and ball.

Today we are going to the cabin...yippee!! I'm really hoping the weather is nice so we can go swimming too. I know mom wants to go tubing, but I don't know if she'll be able to talk dad into that or not. Dad always says the water is too cold...duh dad, it is mountain water! If not, I think she will at least float in the swimmy hole with us cause she says after the first few minutes she gets use to the cold and she's okay. Regardless, we'll be in the mountains and I always have fun there!

Well that about catches you up for now. It looks like a beautiful weekend weather wise in our neck of the woods so I plan on enjoying it and I hope all my pals enjoy your weekend too! Bark at you next week...TTFN!


Memorial Day weekend

May 27th 2014 8:06 am
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I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day and gave thanks to those past and present who fight for our freedom. We too a moment to remember mom's grandfather who fought in WWII and to our dear friend Joe who was in many wars, both of whom are no longer with us. We miss them both.

Now, about my weekend. Us animals and mom arrived to the cabin around 4pm cause mom got out of work early. Of course mom had to cut grass cause it was very high and the field was that high that mom wouldn't even let us out with her while she cut it cause it was passed our bellies. Plus, she didn't want us in the high grass to get ticks! After she was done, we did sit out on the patio with her and then dad finally arrived around 9pm. It was a nice evening and we enjoyed it a lot.

Saturday is when the fun started. Emilie, Jan and his friend Reno who came from Germany to visit, all arrived around 12pm. I was happy to see Emilie cause I haven't seen her in a long time and she was happy to see us too:) We got to play with Emilie all weekend long and did lots of fun things with her. She really enjoyed being in the Kubota which made me happy cause I like the Kubota too and whenever Emilie wanted to go for a ride, us dogs got to go too! At one point on Saturday, the guys wanted to shoot guns so mom loaded up Emilie and us dogs and we rode all over the place. We went way out Rhine Hollow, then to the big swimmy hole which was A LOT of fun and Emilie loved watching us swim and threw sticks for us. We were running around in the Kubota for over an hour, but then finally went back to the cabin and thankfully the guys were done shooting. Honestly, I was pretty tuckered out and didn't mind that we just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Sunday was another fun packed day. We went to the property and it was a little warm so I didn't care much for us walking to the top, but I took my time and did it cause Emilie wanted me with her. After we were done at the property we went to the covered bridge and had even more fun then the day before. We got to swim again and Emilie came in and played with us. She was throwing rocks for us and Echo and I would both stick our noses under the water looking for them. Emilie thought that was the funniest thing ever and mom has some pix I'm sure she'll post. When we were done at the bridge we went pack and had a little break. Emilie was suppose to take a nap and us dogs even jumped in bed with her hoping for a nap ourselves, but Emilie was having no part of it so we ended up going out for another Kubota ride cause the guys were shooting more. This time we visited with Sharon and then Clair and Velma. When we returned it was dinner time and then Emilie, Jan and Reno all headed out. I loved having them visit, but I was totally wore out and crashed like you wouldn't believe after they left. Mom and dad were really tired too so we just relaxed the rest of the night.

Monday was the holiday, but we used it as an R&R day and I didn't mind at all. Later in the afternoon we did take a Kubota ride with mom to the tree then we went to the swimmy hole again which was nice cause it was really hot outside, hotter than Sunday and the cold water felt good:) We never did leave the cabin until like 8pm and that's the latest we ever left, but none of us wanted to leave. Since we got home so late mom said we didn't have to get a bath, but we would Tuesday night cause we smelled like the creek and aren't allowed in bed til we smell better. I'm glad we didn't get bathed cause I was still really tired. So tired that mom thought something was wrong with me cause I stayed upstairs while they unpacked and showered. I was fine, just was trying to hint for us to go to bed!

Today mom said just baths then relax rest of evening. We have a visit at Manor Care this week on Thursday and then we'll go visit grandma this weekend. Other than that, not much going on. Well, that about catches you up on my weekend so now back to napping:)

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