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Fun Weekend

April 14th 2014 11:05 am
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First I want to thank Dogster for the honor of being DDP. It is an honor to be picked and I'm glad they like my adventures so much that they pick me!

We went to visit Emmie, Ali and Jan this weekend and it was a really nice weekend:)

We got there late on Friday so we just hung out downstairs til bedtime then we headed upstairs with mom and dad for bed. Saturday morning Emmie had her first soccer practice and I would have loved to see her, but it was indoors and no dogs allowed:( But when they got back Emmie played with us for a long time outside and it was so much fun! Then after she woke up from her nap we went for a walk on the trail near her house. Mom said I did very well listening to Emmie and walking nice on the leash:) Sunday we had more fun cause mom and dad hid Easter eggs for Emmie and we had an Easter egg hunt! Echo and I helped Emmie find all her eggs and then we played frisbee and ball and just had sooooo much fun! Needless to say I was very tired after my weekend with Emmie and I slept the entire way home and then dozed while we were watching TV. I was glad that it was finally a nice weekend and we got to spend a lot of the time outside having fun:D

Mom said this week the temps are suppose to drop back down again and I don't like that cause it makes my hip hurt more, but hopefully this nutty weather soon straightens out and we have warm weather all the time. As far as my plans for the week, we are going to the cabin later in the week and of course it's Easter so hopefully we get an Easter egg (don't worry not chocolate!). As always, if I have any fun adventures I'll be sure to tell you all about it. In case I don't get a chance to post before, me and my family want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and hope you get to spend some time with your friends and family too!


My friends

April 10th 2014 6:53 am
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We went for our visit at Manor Care the other night and everyone was doing very well. We were happy to see Sarah was up and about and even had a new hairdo:) Barb wasn't able to go with us and mom didn't feel right leaving one of us at home so we were doing our best to behave for her and she said we did very well. But because mom was on her own, we only visited with the 2nd floor and Roy and she said we'll start with the 3rd floor next time. The 3rd floor doesn't always have the same people all the time cause it's rehab floor so hopefully no one missed us! After we were done with our visit we went to the barn with mom and it was nice to be there. Echo and I played while mom cleaned T's stall and cleaned her shoulder where Sophie bit her, but with due cause because T was being mean to Sophie. Horses!

The weather is getting nicer so yesterday mom took us for a walk then played with us in the yard. We played frisbee and then mom and I tag team to get the frisbee from Echo and I love when we play that game! Needless to say, I'm paying for all my activity yesterday cause my hip is a little sore. Not to worry, mom takes good care of me:)

Well, that's about all I have for now. It sounds like a beautiful weekend is on the way so I hope all my pals can get out and enjoy it!


Chaotic weekend

April 7th 2014 11:36 am
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Well, the weekend was not quite what I expected. I so forgot how much in disarray the cabin was when we left and it was even worse when we got back. The work Randy did looked beautiful, but all the furniture was stacked up and there was dust just everywhere from the sanding he did. It was raining when we first got there so mom had no choice but to let us in the cabin. I immediately found my way through all the mess to the bedroom and that's where I stayed except the one time when Echo got me to come out and then we both got in trouble for spilling the cat food. We finally did get to go outside once the rain stopped and I'm here to tell you, every one of dad's buddies was at the cabin and it was just total craziness. One guy brought his dog, Wolf, with him and that was nice cause Echo and I got to play with him. Mom was slowly getting the cabin put back together and it was like 11pm until everyone was finally gone and the cabin back to normal except for a little dust and dirt here and there and I was very happy to have things back and because of all the chaos I slept like a rock!

Saturday we went to visit with Clair and Velma for a couple of hours. Well, mom and dad visited with them and we hung outside on the porch. It wasn't a very nice day, in 50's and windy, but it was nice to be outside instead of stuck in the cabin. When we got back mom took us for a Kubota ride and we played in the woods for a little until mom got too cold. When we got back to the cabin a couple of dad's friends were there and we pretty much had someone at the cabin until about 1030pm that night. Our friend Pam came with her husband Dave and I always like seeing her cause she is very much an animal lover and gives us lots of attention:)

Sunday we kept the blinds pulled and that meant we finally had some peace and quiet. Don't get me wrong we like the company, but this weekend was just too much with the cabin being messed up and then a constant flow of people. Anyway, in the afternoon cause it was so nice, mom took us for another Kubota ride and we hung out in the woods for a while. It was so peaceful and the sun felt so warm while I was laying there watching the squirrels, it seemed to wash away the craziness of the last few days. When we went back to the cabin we had to pack up and head home. I'm really hoping the next trip is a little less hectic and less people!

Today I'm just relaxing and recovering from my romps through the woods. With my hips I get stiff and a little sore, but I can't help but want to run and play. Fortunately mom knows we well and after I play she gives me a pill to help me feel better:)

This week we have our visit at Manor Care and then we're going to see Emilie this weekend which I'm looking forward to so I'll be sure to tell you all about that.

Well, it's nap time. I hope everyone had a good weekend and can enjoy some of the nice weather I hear is coming our way!


No big adventure

April 3rd 2014 7:11 am
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Since my last post, I haven't done anything major. Our neighbor Anna has started to come over to play with us now that the weather is getting warmer and that is fun:)

Last night we went to visit Robert and Dolores, Theresa's mom and dad. We visited with them before and it's always nice to see them. Mom said we weren't being too social though and wasn't too happy with us. I got tangled in Robert's air line a couple times and he didn't mind, but mom was not happy cause I do know better. I guess it's cause the weather was so nice outside we hated to be indoors, but I do know that people like Robert and Dolores look forward to our visits so I tried to do better. I was happy though when mom took us outside to play. Dolores came out to watch, but Robert didn't feel up to it so he watched us from inside. I showed off my frisbee catching skills and they both enjoyed it:)

We are finally headed back to the cabin this weekend. Mom said Friday we will have to chill and be patient because they have to put the cabin back in order. If you remember, our last visit didn't end too well cause the washer overflowed everywhere making a real mess. Since we left Randy tore up all the flooring and put new stuff down. I'm looking forward to going and seeing what it looks like now. Mom said it should only take Friday to get everything back to normal so we still have Saturday and Sunday to play and enjoy the mountains and the weather is suppose to be nice so you better believe I WILL enjoy myself!!


Nice visit

March 26th 2014 7:45 am
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Last night we had our visit at Manor Care and it was very nice. We spent a little while with Roy and Lois and they enjoyed that a lot. Sara was sleeping so we didn't get to visit with her for the second time and that makes us sad:( We're hoping she feels better soon and is up and about next time we visit. Doris was feeling much better and heading to the rec hall for bingo! We also met some new people on the 3rd floor who really liked us and we liked them too. Mom said we did very well and we got some goodies when we got back in the car.

As far as the rest of my week goes, I don't think we have much going on. It would be a cabin weekend, but that's torn up right now since the washer incident so we're hoping Randy gets all the work done so we can go up the following weekend. Paws crossed!


Thanks Dogster!

March 24th 2014 11:35 am
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Mom just saw that I was picked for DDP the other day and I wanted to say "Thank You Dogster" for picking me and giving me this great honor. I know I don't lead the most exciting life, but it's nice to know that Dogster thinks it's good enough to be a DDP and I'll do my best to keep the stories coming. Thank you again!


Opps, I did it again...

March 24th 2014 11:09 am
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No, it's not the Brittany Spears song, but you could say I messed up again just like Brittany sings about.

My weekend wasn't too exciting to say the least. Friday mom didn't get home until later, but Kelsey did come to visit and it was nice to see her. It's been a long time since she hung out at our house.

Saturday mom and Echo were gone most of the day. Echo had search and rescue training at TMI. She did play frisbee with me a little when she got home, but she was tired and they had to get cleaned up to go to the banquet that night. She felt bad cause it was a nice day (a little windy though) and she didn't get to do much with me, but promises that as soon as this weather finally warms up, we'll be outside all the time.

Sunday it got cold again and other than going to church, mom and dad stayed inside. It was later in the afternoon that I got in trouble. Mom was watching a movie upstairs and dad was watching racing downstairs. Echo and Gizmo were on the bed with mom and I could have been too but I stayed downstairs. I did get mad that Echo was with mom again today so I pottied on the kitchen floor. Yes, I know I shouldn't do that, but I was mad and it was really uncalled for cause mom did call me on the bed a couple times, but I didn't want to be there. I know I have to get over this jealousy thing and mom did tell me if I do it again, I'll be wearing a diaper for a week...OH NO!! I really don't like those diapers so I guess I better get over it and behave. Mom did hold me on the sofa for a while which was nice and she threw the toys for me a little too.

This week we have a visit to Manor Care, but other than that, I don't think we have much going on. It's suppose to be really cold again and I hope this winter soon ends cause it stinks!!!


Something in the dark...

March 19th 2014 7:31 am
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Monday when mom got home it was cold, but she still threw the frisbee for us. That is until Echo hit me so hard in my hindquarter that it hurt my hips. Game over for us then, but don't worry, I'm okay now and sissy didn't mean to hit me that hard. Not like Saturday night when we were playing in the cabin with our toys and Echo bit me really hard and made me yelp. Boy was mom made at her! I don't know why Echo has to be so mean to me sometimes cause I'm never mean to her:(

Tuesday after mom came home from work yesterday she brushed us then her and dad took us for a walk cause it was pretty nice outside. I really enjoyed it and my hip didn't bother me much either which was good so I could actually enjoy myself:) That night when mom let us out to potty before bed there was something in the dark outside. Echo snarled and I ran for the garage. Mom heard Echo and came out right away to find me running toward her. Echo wouldn't leave the front porch and only came step by step when mom told her to, never taking her eye off the direction of the neighbors house. Mom checked us both out to be sure we were okay then we all went back inside so mom could get a flashlight and jacket on. We went back out and mom said we were acting really "weird". I ran around the yard in circles a few times, but not to play. I smelled something and I was trying to find what it was. Echo was sniffing a lot too and kept looking at the neighbor's yard. Mom doesn't know what upset us so bad, but whatever it was scared us and even made Echo potty herself a little and mom had to clean her up. That's cause she was my defending and chased away whatever it was. Yes, us dogs know what was out there, but we have no way of telling mom, but I hope whatever it was never comes back!!


Cabin trip

March 17th 2014 1:20 pm
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Well we finally made it to the cabin Friday evening and it was about time! Being away for 7 weeks just doesn't work for me so I sure hope that doesn't happen again. The bad thing about being away so long is things can happen and you don't know about it til you get there and that one thing was that the phone didn't work. It looks like from all the ice on the line it made it bad so no phone for the weekend which didn't bother me at all.

Shortly after we arrived, us dogs went with mom on a Kubota ride to investigate some tired tracks that were in the field. There shouldn't have been anyone there since we have fence and gates, but mom thought maybe they came over the mountain so we took a little ride. We went up to the top and across as far as we could both ways and down to the tree. We didn't see anything amiss so we stopped at Clair and Velma's for a few minutes to let them know we didn't have phone and we found out it was Clair in the field which made mom feel much better knowing it wasn't strangers:)

Saturday mom took us for another ride in the Kubota and we hung out by the tree for a while. It was really windy, but not very cold and I was having a good time. When we got back mom and dad went somewhere so we hung out at the cabin. Again, I didn't mind cause I just took a nap while they were gone. A few hours later mom and her friend Pam (she loves us animals) came back and then we went for another ride in the Kubota. Before we left I got sick on the patio and there was blood flecks in it. Mom was kind of worried and wasn't going to take me, but there was no way she was letting me behind. Besides, I felt fine and it didn't bother me as much as it did her. She did give me one of Echo's pills that she takes when she gets sick like that. Mom is afraid my belly might be bleeding a little from the new treats that one of the residence bought for us. She's not going to give them to me anymore and see what happens. That is the only thing she can think of that is different. Anyway, even after being sick, I had a great time in the Kubota and playing in the woods:)

Sunday was not such a good day. All started out as usual with us just relaxing before packing up and heading out for home, except this time, when mom did the wash, something very bad happened. Apparently some cellinoid something or other in the washer didn't flip in the rinse/spin cycle and the water didn't drain out. Yep, I'm sure you guessed what happened...water was all over the bathroom and the carpet in the dining area and back bedroom where we sleep got soaked! As soon as it was discovered us dogs were made to stay outside and I know why cause I was watching through the door. Mom and dad had to move all the furniture, run the shop vac and cut and rip up flooring in the bathroom and carpet in dining room and bedroom, needless to say we would have been in the way if we stayed inside. Fortunately the weather was decent so being outside wasn't a problem. Poor mom and dad spent over 4 hours cleaning up the mess and we never left until after 5pm which is late for us. It was an exhausting day for all of us so we just relaxed and watched TV when we got home.

I wish I could say our first weekend back went off without a hitch, but as you can see, it didn't. However, it could have been worse and we made the best of the situation. Now we're just keeping our paws crossed that everything is cleaned up and new flooring down by the next time we went to go to cabin which is in three weeks. Keep your paws crossed!!


New friends

March 14th 2014 9:18 am
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First I'd like to thank Dogster for the honor of DDP the other day. Sorry mom missed it, but she's been really busy with work and getting stuff ready for next weekends search training with Echo. It is always an honor and greatly appreciated to be picked!

Last night we went for a visit at Theresa's house to see her mom and dad. Her dad has stage 4 lung cancer and her mom has really bad arthritis so Theresa thought we might be able to help cheer them up. At first when I got out of the car I heard Jada barking like crazy and I was afraid to go in the house. But mom assured me that Jada wouldn't come and get me so I settled down after the first few minutes. Theresa's parents' names are Robert and Deloris and they are both very nice. They enjoyed petting us and were impressed at how well behaved we are. Of course we have to be when we are visiting, but they should see us when we're outside carrying on! Anyway, we stayed for about an hour and had a really nice visit and I think we did help make them feel a little better, if only for a short time. Mom said we did great and we will be going back to visit again soon. She took some pix of us with Robert and Deloris so check them out. Sorry about the red eyes on the pix with her mom.

Today I'm really excited cause we're going to the mountains when mom and dad get off work... YIPEE!!! It has been a very long time since we've been there cause of the weather, then mom was sick and in NY. We are ALL excited and it sounds like good weather tomorrow so we can enjoy some time outside too. Mom already promised a Kubota ride:) We don't know if there is still snow there or not, but if not I think we're going to the property too and that will be fun. I was worried cause mom just bathed us and usually she won't let us do anything for a few weeks so we don't get dirty, but mom promises that she doesn't care how dirty we get just so we have fun! She knows we've been having the winter blues just like everyone else so we can pretty much do whatever we want this weekend (within reason of course... no chasing cars, deer, etc.)

I'll be sure to tell you all about my weekend when we get back and I hope you all get to enjoy the nice weather too!

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