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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

Part Chi part mountain goat?

October 14th 2008 6:58 am
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Mom thinks she knows what kind of mix I am. She’s now believes I am part mountain goat. She also says I am having something called a set back, but let me explain. Mommy tells me all the time that kibble doesn’t grow on trees and she has to go to work so she can buy me all my food, toys, and pay for Doggie school. Now I would be happy to skip dog school if it would help, but I not so willing to give up the other two. When I first got here she use put up a couple of small obstacle to block of the rest of the house and leave me with just the hallway and bathroom to play in while she was gone by; but I’m a smart little doggie and it did not take me long to figure out a way to penetrate these barriers. Soon I was lounging on the couch by the time she returned from work, sometimes leaving little present for her because it was too much effort to rescale the barriers to reach my papers in the bathroom. As a result she started leaving me access to the kitchen as well so I could lounge in my window while home alone and I was fine with that until the weather started getting cold. Then she had to shut the window before she left, which left me with no chose but to infiltrate the living room again.

Though I enjoyed this daily exercise mommy clearly did not. So my mommy thought she would put and end to my fun by buying two extra high gates (33 inches high) and once again try to keep me in just the kitchen and bathroom while she was gone. For a while it worked, and I would stay were I was placed, but as the days went on, about a week to be exact, I would once again great mommy at the door when she returned. As good matured as mommy is she was not looking forward to her daily dance with the rug cleaner so she thought she would outwit me again with these dreaded gates. This time she wasn’t playing around and she started leaving me in just the bathroom with one gate on top of the other. Clever mommy and at first it worked but me not being a Doggie to take things lying down I spent the next couple of day planning my next great escape.

Mommy figure it wouldn’t take me long and it didn’t. Though she expected me to use my mountain goat skills and climb over I tried a new means of attack. You should have seen moms face the first day she came home and I met her tail wagging at the door. I had worked at the gate till I pushed open the bottom gate. Boy did I give that gate a thrashing; it looked like a grate dame had pressed through it. Mom thought maybe she didn’t set it well and tried again the next day. She tried hard and I felt so bad for mommy that the next day I pulled the bottom gate into the bathroom so I could escape. That way right after I greeted mommy at the door I could ran back into the bathroom and lay down on my pillow like a good little doggie. That made her feel much better and we both had a good laugh over how thoughtful I was.

So as things stand now mom and I have reached a compromise. She knows I recognize what the gates are for because when she’s home I will not got over, under or though a gate when they are up, even if she leave them open a little on one side to test me. Mom now leaves me with the kitchen, bathroom and hallway so I can investigate any noises I hear, and be at the door a pond her return. So far so good, but the weathers been nice and my window has been open. Time will tell diary, time will tell.


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